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Gail Armstrong

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IllustrationX (USA)
70A Greenwich Ave #278
New York, NY 10011
United States


Paper sculpture, sometimes referred to as origami or decoupage, is a highly versatile and adaptive medium. It is very satisfying to take a flat piece of paper and, with a simple cut or fold, transform it into 3D illustrations of people, animals, buildings, landscapes or even graphs and diagrams. My style of paper sculpture is totally unique, so that, over the years, I have applied my paper engineering skills to a wide variety of projects for a diverse range of clients. I enjoy working closely with clients through the creative process, beginning with pencil roughs, through to making the 3D model, ready for photography or digital collage as appropriate to the job. Clients * National Geographic, * Wausau Paper, CHI & Partners * Rotary Watches, * Which?, Anchor Butter, * Enfield Social Services, * Woolwich, * Milkybar, * Dorling Kindersley,