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Molinito User Manual Illustrations

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Technical illustrations created for Masienda's "Molinito" user manual. All the illustrations have a clean technical look with a bit of a vintage feel as shown in this "exploded parts diagram".

Aaron Ashley Illustration

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Aaron Ashley Illustration

illustration of Realistic automotive illustration. vector, chevrolet, chevy, automotive illustrations, automobile, automotives, SUV, truck, trucks, car, cars, motor, vehicle, sport utility vehicles, tires.
illustration of Black and white isometric parts diagram for Molinito user manual. technical illustration, product illustration, vintage, electric, motor, grinding, grains, spices, corn, masa, nixtamal, molino, stone mill, tortilla, food, cooking, kitchen, tools, machine, machinery, Masienda.
illustration of Running shoe line art. run, jogging, shoe, shoes, sport, sports, rec, recreational, tread, grey, grid, laces, blueprint, reebok, nike, adidas, new balance, asics, fila, puma
illustration of Automotive technical line art in various shades of color. vector, black, white, blue, green, tires, wheels, auto body. acura, alfa romeo, audi, bmw, bentley, buick, cadillac, chevrolet, chevy, chrysler, dodge, fiat, ford, gmc, genesis, honda, hyundai, infiniti, jaguar, jeep, kia, land rover, lexus, lincoln, lotus, maserati, mazda, mercedes-benz, mini, mitsubishi, nissan, porsche, ram, rolls-royce, saab, suburu, tesla, toyota, volkswagen, volvo.
illustration of A realistic vector illustration blending with blue wireframe line art. vector, technical, automotive, illustration, water craft, jet ski, wave runner, boat.
illustration of An illustration showing a 3D printer creating a tortoise shell to fix the broken shell of a live tortoise. The shell is then painted to match the tortoise's natural environment. future, animal prosthetics, technologies.
illustration of A scientific illustration created for Argonne National Laboratory used in an article highlighting Argonne's research and findings on superconductor vortices. superconductivity, electricity, electrical, power, energy, department of energy
illustration of Isometric technical illustration created from on-angle CAD reference, supplied by the client, that I used as a template to create the line work and color detail. manufacturing, automotive, laser system, factory, die cutting, metal, machinery, machine, machines, systems
illustration of Technical cutaway illustration of a turbine and generator. turbines, generators, water, energy, power, electricity, electrical, green, technology, technologies.
illustration of Black and white product line art for consumer hangtag. water, hydrate, hydration, gear, biking, hiking, running, skiing, snowboarding, military equipment, outdoor, outdoors, adventure, camping.
illustration of Exploded view illustration used for a New Balance informational product tear sheet. shoe, shoes, basketball, sport, sports, athletic, shoe design, shoe cushion, cushioning.
illustration of B/W product line art for CamelBak Snow Protector Vest hangtag. Hydration, backpack, water, bottle, buckle, straps.
illustration of Realistic technical illustration of a DeWatering bag for BagCorp. product, vector, color, water, pulley, crane, lift, bag, sack, hook, drip, dripping, puddle.
illustration of B/W line exercise illustration showing the
illustration of A stylized vector illustration of water used as a vehicle wrap for Culligan International's fleet trucks. water, waves, bubbles, splash, splashes, blue, van, automotive, decals
illustration of An instructional illustration showing a visualization technique for Golf Magazine. golfing, golfer, golf club, sand, sand trap, bunker, golf course, wine, wine glass, glass, pants
illustration of B/W line art showing a kettlebell exercise for Maxim Magazine. Vector, fitness, ball, toss, hold, red arrow, blue outline.
illustration of Product illustration for Copco, Inc. water, bottle, plastic, beverage, cap, drink, instructional
illustration of camelbak sternum protector, sternum protection, protection, camera, product, line, line art, illustration, camelbak
illustration of Realistic vector product illustration. Technical illustration, electronics, home theater, audio, stereo, surround sound, video, AV
illustration of Technical line illustration showing various coffee/beverage bar setups for Starbucks Display Merchandising Guide.
illustration of Cutaway illustration of a boiling water reactor for Argonne National Laboratory. vector, digital, nuclear reactor, nuclear, reactors, water, tube, pipe, control rods, vessel, steel, fuel rods, concrete, pressure suppression torus, uranium fuel pellets, metal cladding, argonne, argonne national laboratory, laboratories, science, scientific, energy, energies, power, heat, electricity
illustration of B/W product line art used for consumer hangtag. CamelBak, water, hydrate, hydration, valve, pack, tube, bite valve, reservoir
illustration of Vector golf ball cutaway illustrations for Golf magazine. Titleist, TaylorMade, Top-Flight, Bridgestone, Maxfli, Callaway, Slazenger, Srixon, Volvik, Wilson, Wilson Staff
illustration of B/W line exercise illustration showing a variation of the Downward Facing Dog exercise for Diabetes Self-Management Magazine. Blue outline, red arrow, stretch, stretching, fitness, fit, exercises, workout, workouts, weight loss
illustration of Automotive illustration for Argonne National Laboratory's
illustration of Bottle cap product line art. camelbak, vector, spout, twist, open cap, closed cap, liquid, drink, hydration, thirst, hydrate, black and white
illustration of Instructional exercise illustrations for National Geographic Adventure Magazine. Fitness, fit, workout, heel drop, toe raise, outdoors, trees, green, brown, earth tones, active, activity, hiking, hiker, hike, vector
illustration of A technical infographic illustration showing the advantage of the Kool Run Ultra Connect System versus a typical industry connection system. Robotic welding torch illustration. pipe, fitting, liquid, clamp, screw, manufacturing, industry
illustration of Instructional illustration for
illustration of Instructional illustration for
illustration of An illustration showing how to install a blue stone paver patio for This Old House magazine. Garden, gardening, landscape, lawn, gravel, block, mulch, plants, diagram, level
illustration of Instructional line illustration on how to apply and remove a Starbucks Shuttle Wrap. Coffee, dispenser, arrows
illustration of Realistic product illustration of a gas-powered generator. vector, tools, hardware, electric, electrical, power, outlet, outlets, motor, gas, fuel
illustration of Black and white line art blending with a full-color rendering to create the feel of a hand-crafted technical illustration. Pump, hydraulic pump, arrow. Bosch, Denso, Continental, Autozone, Napa, O'Reilly's Auto, Advance Auto, AC Delco
illustration of Product line art. Vector, case, electronic, electronics, connection, connector, connectors, sensor, component, hand held device, adapter, adapters, cable, cables, manufacturing
illustration of Concept vehicle illustration for a story on
illustration of green tree frog, tree frog, frog, frogs, web feet, eyes, pest, pest control, science, scientific, technical, realistic, illustration
illustration of Technical illustration of various cranes used in skyscraper construction for the book titled, The Heights: Anatomy of a Skyscraper. building, buildings, worker, vehicles, large equipment, beam, beams
illustration of cutaway illustration, product illustration, vector, digital, realism, water treatment system, culligan water, culligan international, tank, tanks, pipe, pipes, piping, tubing, tubes, valves
illustration of Line/Halftone vector product illustration of a Honda walk-behind mower. Lawn mower, engine, lawn care, manual
illustration of Product illustrations of various Labotix laboratory modules, technical, product, isometric, vector, scientific, science, lab, equipment
illustration of Technical illustrations of various types of hearing aids for Consumer Reports Magazine. Ear, device, hearing, hear, medical
illustration of Technical illustration showing various elevator safety features for the book titled, The Heights: Anatomy of a Skyscraper. Elevator, elevator doors, cables, pulley, pulleys, sensor, sensors, laser, lasers
illustration of Line/Halftone product illustrations. Logitech, game, gaming, video game, racing, steering wheel, pedal, brake pedal, gas pedal, controller, controllers, joystick, joysticks, manual, manuals, electronic, electronics, computer, computers, hardware, grayscale, vector
illustration of Realistic vector illustration for product literature. Haskris, chiller, cooling, refrigeration, stainless steel, refrigerator, fridge, freezer, ac, air conditioning, air conditioner, furnace, heater, heating,
illustration of Line/color fitness illustration for a YouFit Health Club direct mail piece. Fit, fitness, exercise, exercises, workout, workouts, dumbbell, dumbbells, weights, weight loss, exercising, vector, instructional, instruction, informational, how to, movement
illustration of Illustration of a small packaging line for Heat And Control, Inc. manufacturing, factory, production, equipment, corn, corn chip, tortilla chip, snacks, , chips, machines, machinery, machine operator, worker, automation
illustration of Instructional illustration for Ski Magazine. Skiing, goggle, goggles, helmet, helmets, jacket, coat, ski pants, ski boots, gloves, vector, line, line art, halftone
illustration of Technical Illustrations of various types of drones for Washington State University Magazine. Drone, aircraft, airplane, helicopter, helicopters, planes, airplanes, flying, toy, toys, technology, future, military, science, scientific, remote controlled
illustration of Hotel/hospital/office building cutaway showing different applications for water treatment systems. The illustration was used for Culligan International's interactive iPad app. Filtration, laundry room, laundry machines, cafeteria, kitchen, drink machines, soda, juice, salon, beauty salon, barber shop, sink, restaurant, pool, hot tub, gym, locker room
illustration of grub, insect, insects, pest, pests, pest control, exterminator, illustration, technical, science, scientific, lawn, lawn care, worm, grub ex, Scotts, ortho, bayer advanced, Orkin, terminix, sevin, garden, lawn and garden, gardening, bug, bugs
illustration of Cutaway of a food/beverage plant for Culligan International's interactive iPad app.
illustration of Technical cutaway illustration of a fire hydrant created for the book titled, The Works: Anatomy of a City. fire, hydrant, water, steel, chain, vector, orange, new york city
illustration of An illustration of a poultry manufacturing setup for Heat and Control, Inc. food, frozen, chicken, packaging, conveyor, silo, breaded, breading, stainless steel, equipment, processing
illustration of B/W product line art for consumer hangtag. Camelback, Delaney, belt, water, hydration, hydrate, bottle, water bottle, zipper, pocket, mesh, buckle, waist, hiking, biking, climbing, equipment, gear
illustration of Enlarged portion of a factory workflow illustration for Aegis Industrial Software. automation, barcode, scanning, computer, computers, warehouse, screen, shipping, truck, trucks, laptop, laptops, microscope, circuit board, storage, management, conveyor
illustration of Technical illustration showing bad ski boot fit for Ski Magazine. skiing, boots, buckle, buckles, strap, straps, equipment, gear, feet, toes, line art, grid, cutaway
illustration of Scientific illustrations for a story on various insects from Guatemala that are becoming extinct - Washington State University Magazine. Science, nature, insects, bugs, butterfly, beatle, beatles, butterflies, spider, spiders, moth, rain forest
illustration of Technical diagram of the Routemax III system for International Truck. Refrigeration, power, trucks, delivery truck, chassis, illustration
illustration of Product line art for a story on gearing up for winter biking - 5280 Magazine. Glove, gloves, mitten, mittens, hat, hats, coat, coats, bike, tire, tread, spokes, lights, reflector, reflectors, adventure, gear, blue, clothing, accessories
illustration of line art, line illustration, instructional, information, informational, infographics, hand, hands, finger, fingers, pointing, holding, wiping, cleaning, swiping, swipe, pressing, press, push, pushing
illustration of B/W exercise illustrations to strengthen your golf game for 5280 Magazine. Fitness, fit, exercise mat, blue outline, red arrows, hat, female, workout, workouts, strength, training, flexibility, flexible, stretch, stretching
illustration of B/W instructional exercise illustrations for 5280 Magazine. Deadlift, single leg squat, squat, squats, weights, weight training, strength, strength training, workout, workouts, fit, fitness, gym, training, free weight, free weights, motion, line art
illustration of Inside cover illustration for GOLF magazine. golf, golfer, golf course, golf club, golf ball, green, yellow, blue
illustration of Black and white exercise illustrations for National Geographic Adventure Magazine. Stationary bike, twist, weights, stretch, stretching, workout, workouts, fitness, fit, gym, athletic, clothing, shorts, tank top, blue outline, red arrow.
illustration of Instructional illustration for Golf Magazine. Golfing, golfer, golf ball, golf club, golf tee, swing, swinging, golf swing, sport, sports, leisure, recreational, training
illustration of Infographic for the My Ford iPad app. hands, hand, finger, fingers, point, pointing, press, pressing, swipe, swiping, screen, screens, device, devices, software, computer, computers
illustration of Instructional/how-to illustration on building a bluebird house for DIY Network. wood, screw, screws, exploded view, bird, wood working, wood grain, cotter pin
illustration of yellow jacket wasp, wasp, insect, pest, pest control, bug, bugs, science, scientific, technical, illustration, wings, winged
illustration of Infographic illustration created for an article highlighting the research and development in 3-D bio printing at the University of Virginia. The article was published by the University of Virginia Alumni Magazine.
illustration of instructional illustration, hand, hands, finger, fingers, amphora, yassiada amphora, pot, pots, vase, clay, sculpting, sculpture


A freelance Illustrator specializing in technical, product and informational illustration. I create highly detailed digital illustrations that visually communicate complex information for clients in advertising, publishing, science and engineering. My passion ranges from clean vector line art to full-color renderings and cutaways.


Black & White, Digital, Line, Line with Color, Realism, Stylized, Technical, 3-D Rendering, Installations, Vector


Action, Adventure, Architecture, Computers, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Health, Historical, Industrial, Information Graphics, Landscape, Leisure, Medical, Nature, Packaging, People, Product, Science, Scientific, Sports, Technology, Toys & Games, Transportation, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Game