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Emma. Is this the new face of America?

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Portrait of Emma Gonzalez, activist and Douglas High School shooting survivor.

Dave Cutler

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illustration of Illustration for institutional client about using innovation to handle complex or time consuming projects.
illustration of For article about figuring out how to correctly incorporate smart connected tech into products
illustration of Illustration about amazing growth and how to manage it properly.
illustration of For article about pharmaceutical companies entering the cannabis market.
illustration of For fictional short story about a man who burns all his belongings and disappears into the desert.
illustration of For article about how pain feeds on depression which feeds on pain, and so on.
illustration of For article about insurance risk around the home including those pesky deer.
animation of Animation created for Boston Consulting Group website showing the roller coaster conditions of the market and corporate environment.
animation of Whimsical and simple animation created for Boston Consulting Group holiday email greeting card.
animation of Animation created for Boston Consulting Group for website section on providing incentives and enabling clients and employees to rise successfully.
animation of Animation created for Comply Enterprises Inc. to show clients and the company successfully soaring to success.
illustration of Illustration for cover article about the growth of digital payments for businesses and corporations.
illustration of Cover illustration for California Management Review for a series of articles about the psychology of successful business management.
illustration of Illustration for the cover of California Management Review about the challenges of leadership, that is leading teams that don't necessarily want to be led.
illustration of Cover for Investment Business Advisor for ways to give the slow U.S. economy a boost.
illustration of Created for First Republic Bank brochure, digital signage about successful retirement planning.
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illustration of Created for article about changing direction by changing your mind.
illustration of Created for First Republic Bank for newsletter article on parents financial planning for college expenses.
illustration of For article on hidden risk, that is, risk that is hard to see on the surface, and investigating further and deeper to learn the truth before investing.
illustration of Man knits a bright glowing star, turning a concept or dream into a reality. Realization, innovation, creativity, motivation, star, solutions, self motivation,
illustration of For BCG report cover on innovative corporate planning and strategies to discover new opportunities and choices that aren't always visible.
illustration of Created for series about research into recycling innovation and methods to renew existing or past successes into new successes.
illustration of For BCG report cover about discovering new opportunities where none appear to exist.
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illustration of Whimsical piece about people's strange nightmares and how to beat them. Psychology, sleep, dreams
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illustration of Thief stealing data
illustration of Man looking at puzzle pieces
illustration of Man looking under question mark (research)
illustration of Businessman stepping over the line for article about business ethics.
illustration of man looking at small tree growing in giant forest
illustration of Tax advisor leading man through tax maze
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illustration of China flag and Roosevelt U flag shaking hands
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illustration of ceo-type sailing boat on financial waters
illustration of Created for an article on the severity of back pain, how it impacts the economy, and how it can be dealt with through the healthcare system.
illustration of woman being followed by
illustration of man jogging out of laptop computer
illustration of Owner showing his dog where to pee.


Dave is a graduate with honors from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. He is a proud member of the Society of Illustrators (when inducted into SOI, the usual juried vote was waived). Over the years, he's been commissioned by publications, corporations and organizations throughout the world. Dave's originals and prints are in the private collections of corporations such as MERCEDES-BENZ, IBM, SAS, ADP, and the UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO HOSPITALS among others. His work has been featured in SBS DIGITAL DESIGN and AMERICAN ARTIST and he was interviewed by NPR, NBC, among others about his work. Dave has won several awards for his clients from the industry's leading organizations. To learn much more about the artist please visit


Animation, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Graphic, Impressionistic, Painterly, Stylized, Whimsical, Concept Art


Humor, Annual Report, Book Covers, Character Development, Charts, Children's Books, Computers, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Holidays, Information Graphics, Leisure, Maps, Medical, Mystery, Nature, People, Political, Posters, Science, Scientific, Technology, Travel, Web Illustration, Lifestyle, Feminine, Spiritual, Edgy, Financial, Branding