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Maureen Edgecomb

illustration of Poodle, Bulldog, Cafe, Eiffel Tower, Paris, Dog, French, France, Sacre Coeur, Cafe, Bistro, Moulin Rouge, Montmartre, Champs Ulysses, Gigi, Jacques, Cobbled Street, Arc de Triomphe
illustration of Paris, Cafe, Montmartre, Bistro, French, France, Sacre Coeur, Table and Chairs, Scroll, Balcony, Terrace, City, Buildings, Morning, Breakfast, hang tags
illustration of Bliss, Dancer, Ballet, Tutu, Happy, Character, Red Hair, Leap, Dance, ballerina, ballet shoes
illustration of English Cottage, England, Countryside, Thatched Roof, Garden, Roses, cottage pathway, stone, pathway, walkway, picket fence, chimney, cottage, France, French, stamps, hang tags
illustration of Countryside, Provence, Animals, Dog, Cat, Man on bicycle, baguette, bicycle, French, France, Hills, Pastoral, Horse,
illustration of Paris, Wedding, Dogs, Dog, Poodle, Bulldog, Love, Paris Skyline, Marriage, Cake, birthday, eiffel tower, dog biscuits, France, French, romance
illustration of French, Poodle, beret, France, Paris, Girl Walking Poodle, Poodle on  leash, Paris Chic, Pink, high heels, fashion, hang tags
illustration of Paris, Cafe, Bistro, Eiffel Tower, Paris Street, Friends, Best Friends, French, France, Cat, Balcony, Artist, Parisian
illustration of Pika, Travel, Character, Wildlife, Character Development
illustration of Penguin, Character Development, Travel, Happy, Party, Maracas, Sombrero, Mexican, Dance, Mexico, fiesta
illustration of Dogs, Poodle, Bulldog, French, France, Window, Shutters, Provence, Window Box, Love
illustration of Shopping, Shopper, Fashion, Stylized, Happy, handbag, pearls, boots, hang tags, boots, gift wrap, necklace,
illustration of Poodle, Bulldog, France, Paris, Provence, Children's Books, Picnic, Food, Lavender, Lavender Field, Countryside, Dogs, wine and cheese, french bread, baguette, pastry, food, basket
illustration of Ballet, Pink, Dancer, Bird, Flamingo, Character Development, Dance
illustration of Penguin, Summer, Hawaii, Beach, Beach Umbrella, Cold Drink, Hawaiian Shirt, Vacation, Sun, lemonade, iced tea, sand, starfish, Bahamas, tropical, surf, seashore,
illustration of Dog, Puppy, Dream, Clouds, Heart, Love, Happy
illustration of Boulangerie, Bread, Me, Friends, Coffee, Cafe, Patisserie, Dogs, Bulldog, Dachshund, Terrier, Friendship, Paris, France, French, Morning, Bistro
illustration of Rabbit, Bunny, Swing, Sunshine, Tree, Leaves, Happy, Spring,
illustration of Chickadee, Bird, hang tags


Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Gouache, Line, Line with Color, Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Floral, Whimsical, Concept Art


Humor, Animals, Book Covers, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Family, Greeting Cards, Holidays, Licensing, Nature, People, Product, Travel, Wildlife, Feminine, Ethnic