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Sam Kennedy

Represented by

Shannon Associates
333 West 57th
Suite 809
New York, NY 10019
United States

illustration of Digital, Sci-Fi


Sam has 12 years of experience doing a wide variety of art jobs in the game business and freelance illustration market. Most of the time it has been conceptual or highly polished key illustration, but he has also done storyboards, character animation, and cinematics. Sam likes to work hard and be prolific. He loves the entertainment industry because of the loud dramatic pictures it allows him to draw. He particularly enjoys working in a variety of styles with different approaches. Some of his best work is photo realistic illustration. Sam uses the latest technologies to create bold, eye popping 3D images for video games. He is also strong in the area of drawing and painting things in a comic style. In his spare time you will find Sam drawing comics, dhildren’s art, fantasy, and sci-fi art for freelance assignments.