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Parody of famous portrait of Napoleon, riding a cow instead of a horse.

© René Milot

Divided We Stand

Flag, Patriotism, Patriotic, Nationalism, Obama, George Washington, D.C., America, Boat, Ice, Crowd, Politics, Political, Politician, Argument, Fight, Travel, Soldier, War, Working Class, Jobs, Ideology, Opinion, Narrative, Chaos.

© René Milot

© René Milot


Portrait, Tattoo, Piercing, Mohawk, Thorns, Roses, Rose, Punk, Style, Fashion, Beauty.

© René Milot

Urban Angel

Portrait of a woman standing against a wall with graffiti.

© René Milot

Look Away

The matriarch of a family keeps secrets to preserve the family name.

© René Milot


Medieval warrior on a horse.

© René Milot

© René Milot

Daniel Deronda

George Eliot, Novel, Victorian, Gwendolen, Katherine Arrowpoint, Heroine, Brave, Courage, Bow and Arrow, Landscape, Fashion, Costume, Historical, Period Piece.

© René Milot

Gilded Cage

Royalty, Royal, Queen, Princess, Portrait, Fashion, Mysterious.

© René Milot


raven, crow, bird, feathers, claw, claws, pet, disguise, hide, hiding, camouflage, dark, darkness, light, back, shoulder, shoulders

© René Milot


Icarus falling from the sky.

© René Milot


Fantasy, surreal, braid, woman, horns, goat, hair, style, mysterious, woman, devil, daemon, evil, fashion, captivating, alluring, temptation, tempt

© René Milot

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René Milot

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René Milot brings his boundless energy and years of communications to solving visual problems with elegant, realistic oil painting. Working in oils or digitally, both mediums have garnered him an impressive list of international honors. As both an instructor and illustrator, René addresses work with humor and pragmatism. His college illustration courses and lectures are touted as ‘Everything you’ve always wanted to know about illustration and your other teachers were afraid to tell you.’ Clients appreciate his creativity coupled with straight forward professionalism. René approaches every project with the same dedication: as an image-maker his aim is always to respect the essence of the message and convey a visual solution that engages the viewer.


Acrylic, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Mixed Media, Oil, Realism, Whimsical


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Editorial, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Historical, Mystery, People, Political, Portrait, Transportation, Travel, Youth, Edgy, Urban