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Elizabeth Rosen

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Morgan Gaynin
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9 Cheviot Rd.
Germantown,, NY 12526
United States

illustration of Hammock, Beach, Home, Relax, Relaxed, Rest. Interior, Beach, Vacation, Sea, Ocean, Living Room, Furniture, Getaway, Travel, Holiday, Summer.
illustration of mother, mom, baby, parent, parenting, nurture, love, family, blanket, quilt, sleep, rest, sleeping
illustration of Statue of liberty, New York, NYC, city, Lady Liberty, skyline, manhattan, freedom, America, sculpture, wood, ruler, found objects
illustration of women, woman, community, collaboration, spiritual, balanced, balance, cooperation, cooperate, hands, wave, empowerment, education, positivity
illustration of book, reading, writer, reader, library, study, studying, learning, poet, poetry, philosophy, philosopher, invisible, knowledge, words, novel, novelist, homework, college, school, work, paperwork, research, collage, textured, creativity, literature
illustration of ladder, star, stars, progress, teamwork, team, night, dreams, achievement, success, climb, climbing, reach, dream, goal, cooperation, help, cooperate
illustration of owl, bird, forest, tree, nature, lake, avian, wings, animal, beach, colorful, village
illustration of laptop, computer, education, university, learning, writing, inspiration, book, knowledge, park, intellect, intelectual
illustration of playful, child, childlike, wood, found objects, colorful
illustration of fish, fishing, boat, plentiful, abundance, water, sea, ocean, profit, colorful, food, nurture, compassion, sharing
illustration of farm, barn, outdoors, horse, horses, grass, landscape, sunset
illustration of 3-D, collage, wood, found objects, surreal, surrealism, eyes, night, moon, stars, sky, face
illustration of Buddha, religion, religious, spiritual, birds, meditation, relaxing, mindfulness, Buddhism, wisdom, Asia, peaceful, yoga, meditate, soul
illustration of collage, icons, icon, culture, cultural, celebration, religion, religious, belief, judaism, jewish, tradition.
illustration of Israel, Jewish, Judaism, parade, garden, cultural, flag, Middle East, Middle Eastern, Jerusalem, Mediterranean, Holy Land, Religion, field, celebration


Elizabeth Rosen is an amazingly prolific artist who simultaneously manages a bustling home life with her wonderful husband, son, and family dog while also contributing an abundance of graphic design and mom-time to the local PTA. Here is how Elizabeth describes it all: "I used to confound my wonderful agents, Vicki and Gail because of the various styles and mediums I work with. (They are pretty much used to it now, almost 12 years later!) My degree is from Parsons school of Design (ok, with honors) in Communication Design. I came into illustration by illustrating my own design pieces. As with design- I like to communicate the essence of a project with art that seems like a good fit. A CD portrait I did of Notorious B.I.G. was created in rough collage and spray paint. A piece about Levi Strauss was sewn and painted on denim. Regardless of medium, my work is almost always graphic, energetic, and colorful!


Acrylic, Collage, Conceptual, Cut Paper, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Mixed Media, Oil, Painterly, Texture, 3-D Collage, Woodcut, Whimsical


Animals, Architecture, Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Historical, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Mystery, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Religious, Travel, Wildlife, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Spiritual, Ethnic