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Daniel Kisner

illustration of Singer Debbie Harry red dress
illustration of Evansville Mayor Indiana Lloyd Winnecke seeking reelection cleaning the city
illustration of Mayoral candidate of Evansville, Indiana
illustration of Creator of Facebook
illustration of Singer Elvis Presley with microphone
illustration of North Korean President on a rocket like a cowboy with a yellow cowboy hat
illustration of Robert Mueller presented as the grim reaper as he investigates President Trump and Russia
illustration of William Shakespeare thinking about Hamlet and the skull of Hamlet's father
illustration of Presidents Trump USA XI china Un North Korea and Putin Russia throwing dice shooting craps world decisions
illustration of Socialism Communism Alexandria Occasion Cortez Chairman Moa Valdimir Lenin Karl Marx Leon Trotsky Che Guevara
illustration of President Trump Head Shot
illustration of Congress Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Smiles and Determination
illustration of Adam Schiff California Congressman impeachment
illustration of Head Bernie Sanders confused that he is not President now. Vermont Senator Candidate
illustration of Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Delaware Number one to be President
illustration of Doctor Anthony Fauci Coronavirus virus investigation medicine vaccine pandemic
illustration of Family traveling driving caricature neighborhood
illustration of China President XI Manadarin Bib
illustration of Dr. Oz with nature friendly to bird and eating healthy  yoga
illustration of Grinch Cat in the hat Dr. Suess
illustration of President Abraham Lincoln Illinois Assassination 1865
illustration of Barack Obama smoking Jimmy Dean Rebellion
illustration of President Barack Obama  Big smile Blue suit
illustration of Prince Charles relaxed  sitting and thinking about the crown
illustration of Comedian Jerry Seinfeld
illustration of Friendly John Boehner and Benjamin Netanyahu
illustration of Congressman John Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnel trying to keep the GOP together


Professional Caricature Artist. Graphic art background in advertising. My art is rendered in pen and ink with and w/out watercolor. My work has been published in these publications: National Review, Chicago Tribune, Evansville Living Magazine, Evansville Business Magazine, Chess Life Magazine, Earthwatch Magazine and Today's Women Magazine(Zion Publications).


Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Concept Art


Humor, Celebrities, Children's Books, Computers, Editorial, Family, Health, Historical, Icons, Medical, Music, People, Political, Portrait, Religious, Lifestyle, Ethnic, Edgy, Financial