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DI #32

Page 517

Daniel Kisner

illustration of President Trump, Former Vice President Joe Biden, GOP Elephant, Democratic Donkey, Covid-19 mask, The challenge for the Presidency, 2020, November 3rd,   Trump carrying the GOP to victory, VP Biden riding the party all the way to the election. POTUS, VPOTUS,
illustration of Nancy Pelosi, Congressional Speaker, California, Political, Democratic Leader, Woman, Elderly, Powerful,
illustration of President Trump, American Eagle, Chinese President XI, Chinese Dragon, Battle, Conflict, China, Tariffs, Taxes, attacks,
illustration of Former Vice President, Joe Biden, Former Senator, Delaware, Number One Democratic Presidential, Pennsylvania, White Man, Old, Puzzled, Politician
illustration of President Donald Trump, Head Shot, Aggressive, Positive, Arrogant, Rich, Strong, Make America Great Again, New York, Billionaire, Builder, No. 45, Abrasive, Vindictive, Famous, Leader, Competitive, White Man, Accomplished, Politician
illustration of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez New York City Green New Deal Cows Painting Green Intensity
illustration of China President XI, Mandarin, America, Eating America for Lunch, Virus, Lying, Communist, Power Hungry, Manipulator, Deception,
illustration of Joe Biden Jill Biden Senator Vermont Vice President Hobby Singing Music Presidential Candidate
illustration of California Congressman Adam Schiff Chasing 'Trump' Windmills Rocking Horse
illustration of Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez New York City New Green Deal Returning Oil Earth
illustration of Doctor Anthony Fauci, Coronavirus, Virus, Investigation, Medicine, Vaccine, Pandemic, Cure, Leader, White Man, Explanation, Discussion, Panel, Team Member,
illustration of Andrew Cuomo, Governor, New York State, Corona Virus, Control, Rich, White Man, Power, Control,  Democratic Candidate, Leader, Politician
illustration of Socialism, Pennies, Begging, Poor, Crazy Bernie, Vermont Senate, Presidential, Wealthy White Man, Sharing, Nanny State, Minimal Help, Governmental Control, Handouts, Politician
illustration of President Donald Trump, Angry, Pensive, Patient, Deliberate, Doubtful, Alone, Politician
illustration of Adam Schiff California Congressman, impeachment, Leader, Democrat, 'Bug-Eyed', Shifty-Schiff, Leader, Power-Hungry, Politician
illustration of North Korean President Kim Jong Un, Rocket Man, Cowboy, Yellow Hat, Riding Rocket, Communist Supreme Leader, Power, Nuclear Bomb, Riding High, Scary, World Power Hungry, Murderer, Attack,
illustration of Bernie Sanders, Socialist, White Man, Old Man, Vermont, Politics, Crazy, Senate, Millionaire, Leader, Aggressive, Progressive, Determined, Second Run for President, Confused, Argumentative, Impatient, Power Hungry, Politician
illustration of Congress Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Smiles, Anger, Determination, Old, First Woman Speaker, California, San Francisco, Gavel, Power, Progressive, Two Faced, Deception, Millionaire, Politician
illustration of Barack Obama, Smoking, Jimmy Dean, Rebellious, Cool, Calm, Collected, 44th President, United States America, Chicago, IL, 1st Bi-Racial President, Millionaire,
illustration of Facebook, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, American,I internet Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Co-founded Solar Sail Spacecraft, Breakthrough Starshot, Billionaire, Entrepreneur, Developer,
illustration of Socialism, Pennies, Begging, Poor, Crazy Bernie, Vermont Senate, Presidential, Wealthy White Man, Sharing, Nanny State, Minimal Help, Governmental Control, Handouts, Politician
illustration of Talk show host Jimmy Fallon comedian attitude funny SNL cutesy NBC
illustration of Evansville Indiana Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, City Cleaning, Vote For Me, Blight Removal, Commission for Evansville Living Magazine, Gathering Trash, City Beautiful Project, Re-Election Campaign, Politician
illustration of Prince Charles, England, UK, Charles, Prince of Wales, British Throne Eldest Son of Elizabeth II. Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Rothesay since 1952, He is the oldest and longest-serving heir apparent in British History. longest-serving Prince of Wales, 1958, Waiting for the Crown,
illustration of President Abraham Lincoln, Illinois ,Assassination 1865, First Republican President, Slavery, Emancipation, 16th President, Favorite President,
illustration of Dr. Oz, Living Naturally, Healthy, Nature, Eating Healthy, Loving, Caring,
illustration of Robert Mueller, Grim Reaper, Investigation of  President Trump, Russia Robert Swan Mueller,  Law, Republican, Washington, D.C., Congress,
illustration of William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Skull, Hamlet, English Poet, Playwright, Actor, Dramatist.
illustration of Singer Elvis Elvis Aaron Presley, American Singer, Actor, Cultural Icon, 20th Century,
illustration of Presidents Trump USA, America, President XI China, President Kim Jong Un, North Korea, President Vladimirovich Putin, Russia, Throwing Dice, World Powers,
illustration of Mayoral Candidate for Evansville, Indiana, Swimmer, Shriner, Hadi Temple, Commission for Evansville Living Magazine
illustration of Theodor Seuss
illustration of President Barack Obama, Barack Hussein Obama, American Politician, 44th President, Democratic Party, United States, U.S. Senator, Illinois from 2005 to 2008 and an Illinois state senator from 1997 to 2004
illustration of Comedian Jerome Allen Seinfeld, American Comedian, Actor, Writer, Producer, Director. Sitcom Seinfeld, Stand-up, White Man, Jewish, Funny, Creative, Satirical, Rich, Popular, Famous, Television,
illustration of Socialism, Communism, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Mount Rushmore Rock Foundation,  China, Chairman Mao, Russia, Nikolai Lenin, German, Karl Marx, Soviet, Leon Trotsky, Ernesto
illustration of American Congressman, John Boehner, Prime Minister, Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Friendly, Visiting Congress,
illustration of Congressman John Boehner, Senator Mitch McConnel, Holding Republican Party Together, GOP, American Politician, Struggle,
illustration of Family, Travel, Bon Voyage, New Orleans, Louisiana, Neighborhood,
illustration of President Donald Trump Stern Look Contemplating Thoughtful


Professional Caricature Artist. Graphic art background in advertising. My art is rendered in pen and ink with and w/out watercolor. My work has been published in these publications: National Review, Chicago Tribune, Evansville Living Magazine, Evansville Business Magazine, Chess Life Magazine, Earthwatch Magazine and Today's Women Magazine(Zion Publications).


Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Conceptual, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Floral, Concept Art


Humor, Action, Animals, Celebrities, Children's Books, Computers, Editorial, Family, Health, Historical, Icons, Medical, Music, People, Political, Portrait, Religious, Lifestyle, Masculine, Ethnic, Edgy, Environmental, Financial