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Old Farmer's Almanac 2021 Garden Calendar

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almanac calendar yellow sunflower seeds passionflower buds blooms red finch bird florals persimmons fruit orange shiny smooth edible delicious lifestyle botanical product cover educational feminine science agriculture

2021 Yankee Publishing/ Kristin Kest

DI #32

Page 402

illustration of edible, mushroom, Chanterelle, orange, paw paw, fruit, Asimina, ferns, fiddleheads, green, moss, slug, snail, ring, gold, boggart, furry, creature, tongue, teeth, eye, leaves, acorns, hickory, nuts, bedstraw, forest, woodland, Cicada, hollow tree, cutout, breakout, bumpout, design, millipede, earthworm, roots, cutaway, earth, soil, leaf litter, fly, colorful, curious, lost, wandering, precise, make-believe, accurate, detailed
illustration of Oil on treated paper; 36
illustration of grapes, purple, red, white, juicy, dry skin, edible, vines, culinary, delicious, wine, labels, winery, fermentation, vintner, orchard, Sonoma, Napa, Valley, Italian, Chilean, green, climbing, trellis, grapevine
illustration of Yankee Publishing's
illustration of Strawberry, edible, berries, red, shiny, juicy, delicious, green, leaves, sleepy, gnome, hat, bare feet, beard, old, garden, ceramic, pot, terra cotta, moss, leisure, naptime, colorful, funny, elegant, happy, precise, accurate, detailed
illustration of Label, tomato, sauce, Roma, tomatoes, red, vines, juicy, fragrant, gardening, Italian, green, leaves, tasty, tangy, salty, umami, spices, smooth, oblate, oblong, colorful, happy, gustatory, edible, delicious, experience, cooking, culinary, food, canning, jars
illustration of Yankee Publishing Co., garden, calendar, clematis, purple, blue, Monarch, butterfly, vines, climbing, cover, blooms, blooming, floral, fragrant, elegant, conservation, environment, tips, trellis, plants, botany, detailed, precise, accurate
illustration of Calendar, Yankee Publishing Co., Old Farmer's Almanac, persimmons, shiny, smooth, round, fruit tree, orange, leaves, yellow, fruit, delicious,market, cooking, eating, juicy, produce, blue sky, spring, happy, colorful, cuisine, gustatory, tangy, sweet, sensory, detailed, precise, accurate
illustration of Sanitizer, sanitary, hand wipes, packaging, product, advertisement, label, design, graphic, Eucalyptus, Mint, Grapefruit, Lavender, fragrance-free, water, droplets, splash, fresh, blue, mint, minty, eucalyptus, citrus, grapefruit, orange, red, juicy, tangy, bubbles, sanitary, lavender, purple, fragrant, floral, flowers, garden, sweet, clean
illustration of Old Farmer's Almanac, Garden, Calendar, digital art, orange, yellow, striped, tiger, tomatoes, graphic, design, leaves, green, cooking, produce, cuisine, gustatory, tangy, edible, delicious, fruit, vegetable, shiny, smooth, round, vines, climbing, trellis,
illustration of Lupine, bluebonnnets, garden, calendar, purple, blue, green, vegetation, leaves, palmate, floral, flowers, blooms, blooming, colorful, fragrant, pollinators, pollinations, mid-west US, prairie, bees, conservation, propagation, species
illustration of Picture-Window Books, salamander, eft, red, black, shiny, spotted, soft, moist, science, educational, book, world, amphibians, mushrooms, grey, white, leaves, yellow, leaf litter, moss, forest, vegetation, water, land, accurate, precise, detailed
illustration of Digital, Life cycle, Periodical Cicada,
egg, laying, larva, sucking, piercing, white, pupa, emerging, hatching, adult, red, black, wings, roots, feeding, flying, Ash, tree, leaves, stems, bark, ground, cutaway, cyclical, schematic, scientific, explanatory, sky, grass, nutrients, colorful, educational, detailed, precise, accurate
illustration of bumblebee, pollinator, environment, hive, nest, queens, drones, Astilbe, Bombus, Smithsonian, backyard, garden, flowers, floral, columbine, petals, daylily, echinacea, purple, pink, yellow, green, bee, pollen, nectar, daisy, leaves, vegetation, yard, sky, colorful, happy, detailed, precise, accurate
illustration of toad, orange, scared, running, moonlight, white, owl, barn owl, snail, slug, creatures, leaves, forest, leaf litter, spider, mushrooms, fungi, bark, trees, bat, brown bat, night, ferns, moss, story, whimsical, colorful, curious, detailed
illustration of Butterfly bush, Buddleia, Monarch butterflies, pollinators, pollinate, pollination, conservation, environment, garden, calendar, purple, orange, plants, vegetation, spotted, summer, bright, happy, colorful, detailed, accurate, precise
illustration of jackrabbit, startled, desert, badger, stirring, alerted, evening, Smithsonian, blue, sagebrush, moon, night, rabbit, ears, paws, feet, jumping, fur, sky, green, ocher
illustration of April, spring, Clematis, garden, calendar, purple, blue, pink, floral, blooming, blooms, flowers, botanical, colorful, clean, happy, leaves, green, vine, climbing, trellis, support, iron, fragrant, detailed, accurate, precise
illustration of summer, season, American Bullfrog, bullfrog, croaking, jumping, swamp, bayou, green, olive, brown, ochre, spots, water, lily, purple, sky, red, clay, earth, Magnolia, southern US, southern, colorful, science, story, happy, Smithsonian, backyard, detailed, accurate, precise
illustration of Lemons, fruit, tree, garden, calendar, Old Farmer's Almanac, yellow, green, shiny, oblate, tasty, sour, citrus, shiny, textured, leaves, growing, cultivation, delicious, tangy, culinary, produce, market, colorful, happy, fragrant, Mediterranean, diet,
illustration of Old Farmer's Almanac, Astrology Garden, Ipomoea, white, moonflower, Datura, orange, day lily, yellow, sunny lemon star, Echinacea, sunflower, pink, Cosmos, cream Iris, sundial, vegetation, plants, leaves, green, floral, buds, blooming, blossoms, flowering, flowers, colorful, happy, fragrant, summer, pollinators, pollinations, bees, butterflies
illustration of Jungle, green, children's, school, science, book cover, orange, black, spotted, leopard, yellow, bill, toucan, monkey, blue, Morpho, butterfly, flying, red, spotted, poisonous, dart frog, pink, epiphytes, epiphytic, orchids, landscape, aerial, aerial view, leaves, moutain, South America, valley, river, vegetation, monstera, vines, climbing, ferns, moss, fucus, tree, palms, forest, happy, colorful, detailed, accurate, precise
illustration of Cicada, tree, black, wings, shiny, translucent, transparent, bark, red, eyes, insects, jointed legs, arthropods, flying, winged, sap-sucking, periodical, egg-laying, antenna, noisy, Tibicen
illustration of Smithsonian, nature, conservation, migration, story, journey, birds, falcon, spotted, striped, beak, predator, incubation, hatching, feathers, wings, peregrine, Alaska, blue, grey, glacier, mountains, flight, Utah, desert, butte, plateau, columns, rock, canyon, orange, sky, clouds, Argentina, green, jungle, vegetation, monstera, vines, stream, drinking, colorful, book, pages, preservation, science, curiosity, learning, detailed, accurate, precise
illustration of wraparound, cover, science, educational, sea turtles, turtles, ocean, kelp, swimming, blue, teal, green, orange, coral, pink, anemone, island, water surface, sky, children, middle school, carapace, scutes, beaks, flippers, reptile, endangered, aquatic, oceanic, conservation, environmental, detailed, accurate, precise
illustration of Smithsonian, nature, conservation, migration, story, journey, bird, falcon, spotted, striped, beak, feathers, wings, peregrine, Alaska, blue, grey, glacier, mountains, flight, Utah, desert, butte, South America, plateau, columns, rock, canyon, orange, sky, clouds, Argentina, green, jungle, vegetation, monstera, vines, climbing, stream, drinking, colorful, book, pages, preservation, science, environment, curiosity, learning, detailed, accurate, precise
illustration of nuthatch, winter, seeds, suet, pine cone, pine, grey, black, white, striped, feather, wings, beak, feeding, bird, Old Farmer's Almanac, calendar, blue, sky, happy, colorful, pine tree, detailed, accurate, precise
illustration of scorpionfish, ocean, oceanics, currents, waves, water, coral, underwater, anemone, deep sea, sea, marine, fish, stripes, orange, blue, teal, pop-ups, detailed, accurate, precise, happy, colorful
illustration of family, troop, lemur, Madagascar, dry forest, forest, gathering, adventures, fur, striped, tails, face mask, trees, attached, young, tamarind, fruit, legume, simian, monkey, primate, landscape, aerial, aerial view, sky, clouds, green, blue, detailed, accurate, precise, happy, colorful
illustration of Gnome, frolic, hidden, make-believe, forest, flowers, Kalmia, pink, mountain, laurel, ferns, green, plants, vegetation, magic, myth, fantasy, storytelling, moss, garden, Maidenhair, leaves, pipe, moustache, cane, curmudgeon, grumpy, sandals, mysterious
illustration of Botanicals, flowers, faeries, fantasy, whimsical, Echinacea, garden, forest, hidden, elf, elves, headdress, red, yellow, sleeping, sleepy, butterfly, wings, magic, miniature, little folk, wee folk, foot, detailed, happy, colorful, sunny, summertime
illustration of garden, gnome, elf, fairy, guard, boy, hibiscus, camouflage, calendar, pink, red, fuschia, green, leaves, humor, scowl, belt, hat, grumpy, protective, floral, flowers, blooms, blooming
illustration of gnome, trekking, snow, snowshoes, hellebore, flowers, floral, blooming, blooms, spring, winter, striped, hat, moustache, mittens, red nose, blue, sky, green, leaves, vegetation, garden, Old Farmer's Almanac, shadow, purple, scarf, ears, elf, wee folk, fairy, magic, make-believe, detailed, accurate, precise
illustration of December, Orchid, Christmas, gift, garden, calendar, floral, blooms, flowers, blooming, Cattleya, Phalaeonopsis, white, fuschia, pink, green, gold, buds, colorful, happy, fragrant, detailed, accurate, precise, pretty, feminine
illustration of Bear, hibernation, sleep, forest, Marshall Cavendish, brown, blue, night, animals, sleeping, sleepy, den, nap time, colorful, happy, detailed, accurate, precise
illustration of rabbit, Lagomorph, creature, ears, woodland, woods, mushrooms, leaves, moss, forest, leaf litter, stag beetle, beetle, jack-in-the-pulpit, berries, seeds, oak, acorns, ferns, snail, shell, winter aconite, aconite, Erantis hyemalis, ranuncula, green, gold, red, colorful, curious, make-believe, detailed, accurate, precise, relaxed, leisurely, boy, masculine
illustration of make-believe, magic, creatures, pond, environment, water, lilies, amphibians, mayflies, tadpoles, dobsonfly, horsetails, snail, shell, lily pad, Arum, dancing, ephemeral, yellow, green, frog, spots, young, fairy, duckweed, surface, floral, flowers, Spring, blooms, sisters, happy, muted, quiet, contemplative, celebration, curious
illustration of skull, falcon, kestrel, bird, taxidermy, orchid, white, Phalaeonopsis, seashells, shells, magnifying lens, Murex, butterfly, Morpho, Swallowtail, Cecropia, moth, formaldehyde, preserved, animal, tank, snake, reptile, pinecone, scorpion, 19th century, naturalist, pin board, window, shelf, still life, books, field natural history, detailed, accurate, precise, scientific
illustration of Graphite, drawing, silver, seashell, shell, snails, mollusc, observation, Murex, Conch, triton's helmet, spindle shell, delicate, precise, clean, graphic, seashore, ocean, beach, beach combing, treasure, sea, relax, vacation, leisure, natural, natural history, New England
illustration of cat, black, goth, moon, witch, Borage, Bloodroot, herbs, book, bell, knife, athame, candle, spells, potions, incantations, feather, ink, pen, marble, mortar, pestle, jars, powder, Tarot, cards, blue, night, shadows, old, mysterious, familiar, curious, excitement, quiet, detailed, precise, candlelight, midnight, witching hour, spooky, magic, magical, hidden, practice, candlesticks, fire, flame, knowledge, tradition, nontraditional, Wicca, Wiccan, Celtic, messy, secret
illustration of dragon, girl, pleasant, reading, books, tomes, volumes, red, orange, claws, teeth, tail, scales, belly, sword, shield, helmet, resting, relaxed, friends, happy
illustration of Komodo, dragon, creatures, creepy, tongue, scales, reptile, lizard, book cover, detailed, accurate, precise, colorful, scary, realistic, funny
illustration of Sampler, montage, tomatoes, red, poppies, flowers, blooms, blue, Monarch, butterfly, orange, larva, leaves, hummingbirds, coral bell, honeysuckle, trumpet creeper, vines, climbing, mouse, face, portrait, cute, clean, precise, detailed, colorful, happy, positive, scientific, designed
illustration of collage, honeysuckle, roses, flowers, yellow, pink, red, roses, rose hips, Japanese beetle, beetle, dobsonfly, bug, poppy, spotted, green, frog, face, portrait, woman, fur, warm, brown, collar, gold, leaves, floral, blooms, vine, sparrow, smile, eyes, enigmatic, Slavic, detailed, accurate, precise


For nearly 3 decades, Kristin Kest has been an illustrator and has created over 30 books, 15 years of calendars, numerous magazines and publications, including a 100-page graphic novel. Kest has additional experience in creating imagery for manufactured products such as wallpaper, greeting cards, labels, and more. Kest's work spans markets as well as genres, and her work is as fluid in the educational and technical sciences, as it is in historical fiction or science-fiction. She is fluent in 2-D and 3-D media. Kest's portfolio also shows that she is specifically fascinated with the intersection between hard science and the Fantastic and the storytelling opportunities that exist in that space. Kest has her MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), and taught Illustration and Drawing at York College of PA for a number of years. In addition to her freelance art career, Kest also enjoys playing keyboards in a rock band.


Black & White, Design, Digital, Mixed Media, Oil, Pencil, Realism, Floral, Whimsical


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Education, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, Portrait, Posters, Product, Science, Still Life, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Masculine, Youth, Ethnic, Environmental