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fireplace frieze installation

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Terra cotta, bas relief tiles, 12" on a side. Handmade, original designs, crow theme. Contact for more info. or for questions about licensing designs.

Kristin Kest

DI #32

Page 402

illustration of Terra cotta tiles, 12
illustration of Oil paint and digital collage.
illustration of Sanitizer hand wipes in Eucalyptus Mint, Grapefruit, Lavender, and fragrance Free.
illustration of Terra cotta clay, bas relief tile, 7
illustration of Toad is scared and running through the forest and all the night animals are wondering what is the fuss.
illustration of A sleepy gnome under a strawberry pot. Originally an oil painting commissioned by a garden calendar company and the gnome was painted in after.
illustration of August spread for a 2020 Garden Calendar. Digital.
illustration of A day in the life of a bumblebee. Smithsonian Backyard Books/ Soundprints.
illustration of Label design for tomato Sauce.
illustration of Terra cotta, bas relief tile, 12
illustration of A jackrabbit is startled in the desert when the badgers begin to stir for the evening.
 Soundprints/ Smithsonian.
illustration of Lemons, tree, spread for a 2018 garden calendar.
illustration of Slight variation on the Grimm Brothers' tale of four domestic animals that escape their farm and go on an adventure as musicians. Terra cotta clay. 14
illustration of Lupines, bluebonnnets spread  for a  2018 garden calendar,
illustration of Butterfly bush and monarch butterflies spread for a garden calendar 2017.
illustration of April Clematis spread for a garden calendar 2016,
illustration of December Orchid spread for a 2016 garden calendar.
illustration of Tomatoes and hawk moth spread for a 2018 garden calendar,
illustration of Digital, 2018. Lifecycle of the Periodical Cicada.
illustration of December spread-- nuthatch and pine --for a 2017 garden calendar.
illustration of Sample art montage of digital and analog paint.
illustration of  Science and educational book about various amphibians around the world.
illustration of Oil paint on paper, 22
illustration of A story of the migration of the peregrine falcon that takes us on her journey from Alaska to the southern region of Argentina.
illustration of The story of the migration of the Peregrine Falcon, which takes her from Alaska to Argentina, a journey of over 2000 miles.

Oil paintings on canvas, 10
illustration of Gnomes frolic and hide in amongst the forest flowers and plants. Magic, myth, fantasy, and storytelling in realistic natural setting.

Original botanical done for a garden calendar and turned into fantasy by adding gnome.
illustration of A gnome trekking in the snow, hellebore flowers blooming early.
illustration of Botanicals, flowers, faeries, fantasy, whimsical
illustration of A garden gnome guards his home in the hibiscus and is slightly camouflaged.

Painting originally executed for a garden calendar and the gnome was painted in later.
illustration of Jack London's Call of The Wild. Book cover done for Barnes & Noble. Wolves at night.
illustration of Oil on paper, each apprx 10
illustration of Jungle spread for a children's school science book. Leopard, toucan, monkey, blue Morpho butterfly, poisonous dart frog, epiphytes, and orchids.
illustration of  Poster of a bear hibernating in a tree hollow den in winter.
illustration of The Russian folk story of Baba Yaga riding her chicken house through the forest. 30
illustration of A portrait of a young woman on Mars conducting a census of the Native residents. Book cover.
illustration of
illustration of Terra cotta tile, bas relief, 12
illustration of A dragon is with her girl having a pleasant time reading lots and lots of books.
illustration of What any 19th century naturalist might have had sitting on her shelf.
illustration of What any good witch might keep on her shelf or windowsill. Maybe not a very neat and orderly witch. 
illustration of Small nude female figure leaping into space in a forested region. 
illustration of 22
illustration of Frog-like creatures that inhabit a pond environment.Water lilies, amphibians, mayflies, tadpoles, dobsonfly, horsetails water snail.
illustration of Earth Day Poster for the US State Department 2005. 22
illustration of Aesop's fables re-imagined in graphic novel form.
illustration of Terra cotta, bas relief tile (detail), 12
illustration of New Worlds Comics
Page 32 of a graphic novel about a girl who has adventures in the world of Dreams (Book 1).

I did all the pencils, design, inks, color, and text placement for this 100 page project.
illustration of A little girl is lost in the in-between world of dreams and her father is trying to find her. Each night he dreams of her and tries to reach her before he becomes awake again and forgets her entirely.
illustration of Graphite drawings of seashells from direct observation.
illustration of Graphite drawing of a closeup of a Dobsonfly head with labels. (Made from direct observation using a stereomicroscope.)
illustration of Inked page 88 of Lost In Dreams, 2014
illustration of Page 86 of
illustration of A season in the life of the American Bullfrog.
illustration of A family troop of lemurs moves through the forest gathering food and having adventures along the way.


For nearly 3 decades, Kristin Kest has been an illustrator and has created over 30 books, 15 years of calendars, numerous magazines and publications, including a 100-page graphic novel. Kest has additional experience in creating imagery for manufactured products such as wallpaper, greeting cards, labels, and more. Kest's work spans markets as well as genres, and her work is as fluid in the educational and technical sciences, as it is in historical fiction or science-fiction. She is fluent in 2-D and 3-D media. Currently, Kest is looking to have her tile/ bas relief work repped by someone in the ceramic tile manufacturing industry. Kest's portfolio shows that she is specifically fascinated with the intersection between hard science and the Fantastic and the storytelling opportunities that exist in that space. Kest has her MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), and taught Illustration and Drawing at York College of PA for a number of years. In addition to her freelance art career, Kest also enjoys playing keyboards in a rock band.


Black & White, Clay Sculpture, Design, Digital, Fine Art, Graphic, Mixed Media, Oil, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Realism, Storyboards, Stylized, Floral, Whimsical


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Education, Fantasy, Food, Futuristic, Greeting Cards, Health, Landscape, Licensing, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, People, Portrait, Posters, Product, Science, Sci-Fi, Still Life, Textiles, Wildlife, Americana, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Youth, Environmental, Branding