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Dave Bardin

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Born and raised in the surf side city of Huntington Beach, California, Dave Bardin spent most of his days reading and drawing comic books. His love of comics, art, and everything pop culture led him down the path of pursuing a career in illustration. In his early adult years, Dave became an art instructor at a non-public school in Long Beach, while simultaneously working as a freelance illustrator and attending Cal State University Fullerton. After studying illustration for a while, Dave quit teaching and moved to Los Angeles to be a freelance illustrator, full-time. He is currently working as a concept artist in animation while also fulfilling his life-long dream of professionally penciling and inking comic books such as “Stan Lee’s Chakra the Invincible” for Graphic India and Liquid Comics. Dave has storyboarded commercials (Esurance, Google Play) and music videos (Empire of the Sun) for Kelvin Optical, a production arm of Bad Robot. He has also been featured as a contributing artist to numerous publications such as ImagineFX, Masters of Anatomy, 21 Draw, and various comic and pop culture web sites