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Home Sweet ADU

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Illustration for a feature article on "Accessory Dwelling Units" or ADUs, which are separate dwellings built on an existing property.

Rocco Baviera

Rocco Baviera

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Mendola Artists
41 N Main St.
Norwalk , CT 06854
United States

illustration of Cover for Trends Quarterly's Research Edition on Fundraising. research, love, heart, valentine, potion, molecules, chart, globe, graph, formula editorial, digital,
illustration of Theme art for the International Conference of Frontotemporal Dementia 2020. head, brain, research, medicine, test tube, scientist, researcher, lab, coat, dna, molecules, beakers, landscape,  editorial, digital,
illustration of Cover illustration for American Gas magazine on the greening of the gas industry. leaf, green, environment, gas, pipeline, rural, barn, urban, house, apartment, building, underground, mining
illustration of Chef with cast iron fring pan and vegetables all around farmland and barn. barn, farm, chef, food, table, slow food, tomato, veggies, vegetables, carrot, beet, eggs, frying pan, cast iron, furrows, farmland, cook, cookbook, publishing, digital,
illustration of Scientist/Researcher standing on globe analyzing test tube with bee and molecules. scientist, earth, bee, research, global, molecules, science, medicine, editorial, digital,
illustration of 2020 Calendar Cover for Mendola Artists.
flowers, garden, bugs, animals, flora, fauna, spring, summer, seasons, sunrise
illustration of Cover for Bellwether, the magazine of  the U of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine to accompany a feature on Stewardship Agriculture and Food Security amid a global climate crisis. Weather patterns, soil health, water management, and pollinator populations—all are crucial elements to the success of a farm through a holistic approach to regenerative agriculture.
cow, veterinary, farmer, girl, pig, cattle, swine, one health, global warming, climate crisis, pollinators, farm, animals,
illustration of Spot for Bellwether, the magazine of  the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine to accompany a feature on Stewardship Agriculture and Food Security amid a global climate crisis. cow, veterinarian, chicken, hen, pig, cattle, swine, one health, global warming, climate crisis, flood, flooding, sea, levels, rising, icon, earth, eco, world
illustration of Opening spread for Bellwether, the magazine of  the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine to accompany a feature on Stewardship Agriculture and Food Security amid a global climate crisis. Farmers have long understood that their livelihoods are tied to the health of the environment.  cow, veterinarian, farmer, pig, cattle, swine, one health, global warming, climate crisis, pollinators, eco system, barn, farming, stewardship, watershed, wetlands, environment,
illustration of Research Scientist analyzing large bee in an outdoor setting.
scientist, bee, insect, fauna, science, medicine, landscape, digital,
illustration of Highlights Hello Magazine
illustration of Clarks Fist Shoes Growth Chart
illustration of Travel Poster
giraffe, Africa, elephant, safari, travel, eco-tourism, landscape, poster, digital,
illustration of Gardener watering plant/leaf on top of the earth.
watering, can, earth, global, globe, gardening, gardener, farmer, earth-friendly, eco, ecosystem, environment, environmentally friendly, poster, digital, organic,
illustration of UW Medicine Ad Campaign.
medicine, specialties, patient, healthcare, advertising, billboard,
illustration of Targeting the multiple factors that drive obesity.
obesity, weight management, gut, microbiome, hunger, patient, doctor, diet, digital, editorial,
illustration of Illustration promoting Mayo Clinic's Individualizing Medicine Conference 2018: Advancing Care Through Genomics. genomics, dna, head, patient, medicine, clouds, diagnostics, doctor, healthcare, health, diagnosis, silhouette, signage, poster, theme art, institutional, digital,
illustration of Cover for FIU Business Now, the magazine of Florida International University's College of Business. Feature on How Covid-19 Changed the Landscape.
patient, doctor, bedside, coronary, virus, covid-19, hospital, business, healthcare, care, health provider, editorial, digital,
illustration of Cover illustration for NU Property & Casualty magazine highlighting the 2022 Luminaries of the industry. lighthouse, sea, safe, harbour, waves, light, night, sky, stars, constellations, eye. vision, editorial, digital,
illustration of Alumni Magazine
illustration of Spot illustration for Keystone Alumni Magazine
Oyster farming and how it gives
illustration of Trends Quarterly: Cover for The Mass Giving Issue.
digital, editorial, healthcare, workers, frontline staff, community, doctors, patients, unity,
illustration of Illustration appearing in Harvard Magazine for a story on the ethics of gene editing.
digital, editorial, gene editing, dna, research, ethics, ethical, medicine, harvard, magazine, splicing, editing, science, scientists, researchers,
illustration of Striving to become more patient centric in the life sciences.
health, healthcare, patient, centric, telehealth, virtual, prescription, digital, editorial, financial,
illustration of Spread for Rutgers University Magazine's Health Matters section. digital, editorial, bench to bedside, patent, healthcare, research, clinical, trials, prescription, scientists, researchers, covid-19, coronavirus,
illustration of Cover illustration for Deloitte Insights magazine for an article on supply chain collaboration in the oil and gas industry across the UK Continental Shelf.
Also adapted for web banner as a wide panoramic image.
digital, editorial, global, hydrocarbons, oil, industry, supply chain,
illustration of Ad campaign for UW Medicine.
advertising, transit shelter, 3D, heart, hands, gloves,
illustration of Unpublished test cover for The Lancet Oncology.
oncology, breast, cancer, lotus, female, diagnostics, diagnosis, dna, rainbow, hope, research,
illustration of Illustration for Atlantic Health System's
Neuroscience Department.
neuroscience, medicine, brain, dna, patient, care, doctor, healthcare, provider, cerebral,
illustration of Spots for Experience Life magazine: the holistic approaches to treating auto-immunity.
integrative, medicine, leaky, gut, microbiome, inflammation, lyme, gut, barrier, editorial, tap, stomach, ibs, symptoms, health, healthcare, digital,
illustration of Ad campaign for KeyBank 
wheel, fortune, teller, archer, navigator, periscope, gatherer, apple, arrow,
illustration of male and female in business attire with a NY skyline in the distance.
urban, manhattan, sun, moon, fashion, NYC, fashion, business, male, female, silhouettes, retro, mid-century, madmen, style, lifestyle,
illustration of Cover illustration for The Rotarian magazine of Rotary International for a feature on Membership recruitment.
barker, game, chance, spinning, wheel, carnival, silhouettes, heads, profiles, male, female, gender, graphic, digital, rotarian, winning, membership, members,
illustration of Thrivent Magazine editorial
illustration of Cover illustration for article about
illustration of Trends Quarterly: Changing the lens in which you view things.
vision, telescope, stars, sky, clouds, ladder, nightsky, man, hat, suit, business, financial, philanthropy,
illustration of Alumni Magazine Cover: The Importance of having a plan.
ladder, saw, tree, landscape, planning,
illustration of BizEd Magazine
plug, cords, electrical, executives, bridging, connections, career,
illustration of businessman looking thru frame at road converging to the horizon . 
executives, businessman, man, woman, vision, frame, road, horizon, digital, editorial,
illustration of Cover story on Corn Seed Technology for Syngenta
corn, ethanol, scientist, test tube, farm, farming, editorial, seed, molecules, research,
illustration of Article on how your analytics report may not be what it appears
illustration of Data Mining in the Future of Fundraising
data, giving, mining, drilling, digging, deep, editorial, digital,
illustration of Gardener/Farmer watering group of employees 
executives, watering, nurturing, growth, grooming, staff, editorial, management, digital, greenhouse,
illustration of Editorial illustration for KCI
Philanthropic Trends Quarterly
staff, editorial, digital, financial, philanthropy, teamwork, support, giving, executives,
illustration of Burden of being head of Condo Board
illustration of woman catching heart shaped butterflies.
giving, digital, editorial, chasing, dreams, love, philanthropy,
illustration of Experience Life Magazine
Less Chasing, More Living: how adopting a
illustration of Series for Experience Life on developing a
illustration of Series for Experience Life on developing a
illustration of Illustration for Common Ground magazine for a feature article on Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs, which are separate dwellings built on an existing property.
house, purse, accessory, unit, dwelling, ADU, backyard, white, picket, fence, butterfly, editorial, digital,
illustration of Trends Quarterly: Cover image depicting the theme of innovation in a harsh economic climate.
gardener, ideas, innovation, watering, can, light, bulb, plant, growth, digital, editorial,
illustration of Trends Quarterly: navigating thru the uncertain economic times in the fundraising sector
crows nest, periscope, navigating, navigator, sailing, constellations, stars, night, sky, sailor, perch


Rocco Baviera's organic, digital illustrations combine a stylish, retro aesthetic with a modern, sophisticated flair. Clients: World Wildlife Fund Ontario Parks Publix Deloitte KeyBank Wall Street Journal Asia Washington Post Grammy Awards Playboy Jazz Festival Clarks Shoes Up with Paper American Banker Ketchum Canada Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Two Peas in a Bucket Highlights Hello Hi-Five M.A.D.D. Awards include The Society of Illustrators in New York, Communication Arts, Applied Arts, Child Magazine, the Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington and the American Library Association.


Cartoon, Conceptual, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Montage, Silhouette, Stylized, Texture, Whimsical, Concept Art, Vector


Adventure, Animals, Annual Report, Architecture, Book Covers, Botanical, Charts, Children's Products, Computers, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Icons, Industrial, Information Graphics, Landscape, Leisure, Maps, Medical, Nature, People, Posters, Product, Science, Scientific, Still Life, Technology, Transportation, Travel, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Youth, Environmental, Financial, Urban, Branding