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Homage to Elvis Presley's "Viva Las Vegas" 

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Red Rover open wheeled racer

illustration of This car is inspired by Elvis Presley's movie
Next illustration of A robot's hand colors in a drawing of a vintage Morgan three wheeler.  The visual contrast of a highly advanced machine ( with electronics and carbon fibre) drawing what was a relatively low tech machine ( 1930's Morgan Super Sport Three Wheeler).  #morgan #morgantrike #morgan3wheeler #robotics #robot #prosthetics

Creative Robot

This car is inspired by Elvis Presley's movie "Viva Las Vegas". The '7' is similar to the one used in the movie, but stylized to look like Elvis' hair. The metallic silver with blue windscreen match that of the movie car, while "Lucky's" is a nod to Elvis' onscreen character, Lucky Jackson. Ann Margret (acting opposite Elvis in this film) appears as a sponsor logo on the aerodynamic vane behind the front wheel. #lasvegas #elvis #Vegas #gambling #dice #gaming #casino #monaco #indy500 #racecar

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