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Dan Nelson

illustration of Blended view infographic concept for the eMu-Vers autonomous ride sharing service.  The vehicle is electric, an
illustration of Giving another livery and branding example of the Mars Rally three wheeler.  Being made of foam, the tires can be customized to accent the livery.  Vehicle and sponsors all built in Adobe Illustrator, final piece finished in Affinity Designer.   #advertising #branding #mars #racing #racecar #futuristic #food #design #engineering #space
illustration of Profile view of the Mars Rally three wheeler with technical information overlaid over the image.  Built from a pencil sketch in Adobe Illustrator with the Mars reflections painted in Clip Studio Paint. 
racing, rally, mars, space, beverages, food, drink, science, hydrogen, futuristic
illustration of A three wheeled racer speeds though one of the floodplains on Mars, raising a large dust cloud. Vehicle body and scene drawn and colored (with virtual oils) entirely in Clip Studio Paint. Logos were built in Adobe Illustrator and imported into the drawing.
illustration of Autonomous surfboard carrier - idea for when one person has multiple surfboards they want to carry to the beach!  Concept started as a pen sketch and was scanned into and built entirely with Adobe Illustrator.  surfing, beach, vacation, autonomous vehicle, robot, lifestyle, sand, ocean, waves, surf
illustration of Inspired by the latest Winter Olympics, I sketched out a design for a bobsled and its livery and then built the entire thing in Adobe Illustrator.  Entire piece came about from the thought,
illustration of A 1960's Lotus 49 Grand Prix racer on a vintage toned Union Jack backdrop advertises the British Grand Prix.  This piece was an exercise in attention grabbing simplicity. Done in Adobe Illustrator.  #british #britain #racecar #grandprix #racing #flag
illustration of As the race was in Valencia, Spain, this poster was done as an homage to Pablo Picasso.  It was a challenge to incorporate aspects of Cubism into a Grand Prix car, yet keeping it recognizable enough  at a glance.  Text is white to emulate the markings painted onto the street for everyday traffic.  Built in Adobe Illustrator #spain #europe #picasso #cubist #cubisim #racecar #racing
illustration of Part of the Great Mars Rally personal project, this oil painting is 48
illustration of Autonomous vehicle designed to look like a modern interpretation of the taxi Harold Lloyd drives in his 1928 film,
illustration of Transformed from pencil drawing to digital artwork, this infographic shows a possible use for autonomous cars. If one needed a vehicle for a few hours, or a day, this car could be rented and take its passengers to their destination as well as returning them to the hotel afterwards. Digital artwork done in Clip Studio Paint (Formerly Manga Studio 5) and
illustration of This piece is one of several commissioned by Bostec Engineering. The CF Gaskets are drawn to scale, and the lady in the chair enables the viewer to compare gasket sizes with their own knees. Lady, chair, and measurements done in Clip Studio Paint, gaskets built in Adobe Illustrator. Bostec Engineering is based in Hermosa Beach, California. See for more illustration examples.   CERN, supercollider, physics, atoms, aerospace, science, elements, chemistry, rockets
illustration of Built entirely in Adobe Illustrator, this racecar started as a sketchbook design study. The car has large underbody tunnels (ground effects) to create downforce from the air that moves under the car, thus creating less of an aerodynamic wake for the cars following. Windscreen with reinforcement bars provides driver protection from debris and trackside objects.  #kangaroo #australia #gps  #spottersguide
illustration of This car is inspired by Elvis Presley's movie
illustration of A robot's hand colors in a drawing of a vintage Morgan three wheeler.  The visual contrast of a highly advanced machine ( with electronics and carbon fibre) drawing what was a relatively low tech machine ( 1930's Morgan Super Sport Three Wheeler).  #morgan #morgantrike #morgan3wheeler #robotics #robot #prosthetics
illustration of A vintage Art Deco inspired poster for the Australian Formula One Grand Prix. The green and gold represent Australia's sporting colors. The car is a Repco Brabham, driven by the late Sir Jack Brabham, Australia's first F1 champion. Part of a larger series, race date is from the 2011 season. Piece done entirely in Adobe Illustrator.  #grandprix #tourd'elegance #monaco #melbourne #australia
illustration of This piece shows a modern yet realistic take on Speed Racer, edging out Racer X to take the win.  Printed digitally on canvas, this piece was sold by the Maximillian Gallery at the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood.  This illustration was part of the gallery's
illustration of This illustration was an exercise in combining shape and form and using color to create a visually interesting livery. Simple enough to be memorable, but also not overwrought.  Drawing started as a pencil sketch and then was built in Photoshop.  #racing #racecar #


My artistic style focuses mainly on mechanical objects (especially cars) and logo design. Both involve using colors and shapes to create memorable and attractive designs.


Abstract, Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Graphic, Impressionistic, Logo Design, Oil, Stylized, Technical, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment, Vector


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