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Emergency Vential - Mask vs Endotracheal tube 

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Eye Surgery

illustration of Comparison of 2
Next illustration of Courtroom exhibit showing infection of surgical site from previous abdominal hernia repaired with mesh. The infection did not spread to level of mesh; Mesh was intact, and wound was packed.

KEYWORDS: surgery, abdomen, belly, hernia, mesh, stables, sutures, stitches, finger, palpating, small bowel

Ventral Hernia Treatment with Mesh

Comparison of 2 "bag" ventilation methods. Both send air down to the lungs. Originally created for medical mapractice courtroom trial. Keywords: Color, Education, Medical Malpractice, Patient Education, Publishing, Medical-Legal, Personal Injury, Anatomy, Disease Management, Emergency Medicine, General Medicine, Medical Devices, Ornithology, Respiratory, Legal Exhibits

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