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Abdomen Tummy Tuck with Mesh 

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Implanting Allergan's Xen® Gel GlaucomaStent

Next illustration of Legal exhibit for medical malpractice defense. Teaching normal anatomy of the diaphragm and esophageal hiatus, to use in comparison to hiatal hernia exhibit. Obese female. Liver. Stomach. Esophagus. Diaphragm. Esophageal hiatus.

Normal Anatomy of the Diaphragm

Animated series of medical illustrations showing before and after and surgical steps for tummy tuck for sagging belly; abdominal wall reconstruction. Inserting abdominal mesh. Biotechnology; General surgery; plastic surgery; maternal/child; reconstructive surgery; SERI mesh; product demonstruation; patient education; aesthetics.

Keywords: Animation, Painterly, e-Learning, Education, Health, Medical, Product, Science, Scientific, Feminine

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