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Yellowstone John Dutton Game Art 

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Silent Night Fox Illustration

illustration of John Dutton Color Study #1  for
Next illustration of The First Day of Summer is a digital painting of Kneeland Walker Carriage House in Wauwatosa Wisconsin and is part of a travel series of Procreate paintings recording historical places and sites along the west coast of Lake Michigan.  I tried to capture the feeling of that first day that feels like summer with the deep shadows in the afternoon and everything a lush green under the deep shadow of a sugar maple tree.

First Day of Summer

John Dutton Color Study #1 for "Yellowstone." This rugged fictional television character is played by Kevin Kostner. This was a loose initial exploration designed to establish the gritty look of the portrait series for the board game. The western American landscape of mountains, meadows, pine forests, and big sky country is a prominent feature behind the fictional Yellowstone Ranch scenes.

Keywords: Figurative, Painterly, Pastel, Watercolor, Adventure, Landscape, Nature, Portrait, Toys & Games, Masculine

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