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illustration of An illustration in a style and mood influenced by the work of Eyvind Earl. I am following through with a winter series.
illustration of This design was meant to communicate what the Painted Desert in Arizona felt like just before a blood red sun set in the west as we drove home to our hotel.
illustration of Garth Glazier JEEP Cherokee Cover Illustration
illustration of America's Best Full Size Trucks 

These are concepts for the automotive industry utilizing metal textures to create a gritty industrial manufacturing look for the RAM Brand. The ultimate usage was as logos and large scale graphics.
illustration of Concepts for Road to Glory

These are concepts for the automotive industry utilizing metal textures to create a gritty industrial manufacturing look for the RAM Brand. The ultimate usage was as logos and large scale graphics.
illustration of 1964 Short Bed Custom Half-Ton Pickup

Poster number two in this series. This cream colored pickup featured red accents and those fantastic spherical wheels. These illustrations are part of my fine art collection available at FineArtAmerica.
illustration of Number three in this Chevy Truck Series. This is a model I remember from my childhood. Love that classic 1970's styling. These poster illustrations are created entirely in Adobe Illustrator-no touch up in Photoshop, so all the depth has to be created in vector.
illustration of Moving on to the 1980's with this model, I treated it as a study in blue. I try to explore a different color palette with each artwork using the body color of the model for inspiration. This is a completely vector illustration created in Adobe Illustrator.
illustration of These are the first twelve of 24 illustrations designed and illustrated to commemorate the Chevrolet Truck Centennial in summer of 2017 for General Motors. Art was used across web/print in GM advertising.
illustration of These are the second twelve of 24 illustrations designed and illustrated to commemorate the Chevrolet Truck Centennial in summer of 2017 for General Motors. Art was used across web/print in GM advertising.
illustration of For the Chevrolet Centennial, this is my latest in my landscape series I started in 2016 in the style of Eyvind Earle. Shifting my focus to cars again combining the new style with car rendering. I think the marriage worked fairly well between this 1957 Chevy 3100 and the stylized landscape approach.
illustration of This series for Game of Thrones combines my vector style with textural elements to create a new look. Each portrait will be rendered first in vector as a complete portrait and then re-worked in Photoshop to become a hybrid illustration.
illustration of The third in this series created as vector and enhanced with textures in Photoshop. It's all about the hair with these characters.
illustration of Freehand Linear Paintings
The idea occurred to me to loosen up my vector style by switching from the pen tool in illustrator to the lasso tool in Photoshop. I wanted the random quality that comes from brushwork in a flat color style. The Matterhorn rendering is based on a photo. The colors are intuitive.
illustration of Subcommander Faora is a very
illustration of Henry Cavill portrait as
illustration of This is the first section of a poster I am painting for the The Man of Steel. This portrait series is part of a final poster illustration I am creating for
illustration of David Bowie transformed himself into many characters over his long career. I wanted to capture the other worldly quality of his on stage personas in these portraits.
illustration of A young Russell Crowe. He is an easy subject for a portrait because of his distinctive features.
illustration of An imagined western landscape inspired by Pike's Peak is my first posting of the year. A warm up for a series in 2018 that may be marketed through the National Parks and Monuments system.
illustration of It's all about the mood. This art is loosely based on an unusual place where the high plateaus are topped with black stone. I find it liberating to create my own unique landforms, although this pinnacle does roughly follow the form of an actual landmark.
illustration of A different take on my vector style, these portraits and landscapes are drawn freehand in Photoshop using layer blending modes to simulate the effect of transparent watercolor. The idea is to enhance the emotional impact of my work using more intuitive color choices and a spontaneous gesterual approach to painting. The variety of blending modes creates unusual colors that are manipulated with successive transparent color layers.
illustration of Clint makes craggy look good. The older he gets the more fearsome his face gets.
illustration of My recent artwork SEDONA WINTER has been featured in the Free For All 2017 Online Exhibition at Exhibitions Without Walls. My first finished art of 2017, Sedona is a meditation on winter in this spectacular landscape. Each illustration is based on a combination of memory and reference images I have taken.
illustration of MYSTIC MOUNTAIN is a book cover concept for Earth Fires Press.
illustration of Book Cover illustration. There is nothing like the quiet of an early morning snowfall in the forest. Moving forward with my own company this year.
illustration of An illustration for Lincoln Center, Ella was a great subject for this style of vector illustration and was featured on the Lincoln Center website
illustration of This one says
illustration of I am doing a series of book cover portraits of the Wyeths starting with Andrew. Andrew Wyeth is a major reason I chose to go into art. His spare style and powerful compositional sense is without peer in representational art.
illustration of Jamie is a close second to his father as a source of inspiration to me. I felt that I should do  a set of portraits so this is the result.
illustration of 2011 DODGE CHALLENGER poster for the Woodward Dream Cruise. This design feature flat color only and are meant to evoke a bit of a retro feel while creating an overall clean modern look.
illustration of I completed a spread illustration for DBusiness Magazine's April issue which just came to this week. It was a cool concept based on the second TRON movie and features some Star Wars style type. I replaced the cycles with cars because it is Detroit after all.
illustration of I got a chance to design and illustrate the poster for the 2016 GM RENCEN
illustration of This is the next in my series of Michigan travel posters I am marketing. The original concept was Rise Detroit but that ideas was already taken by an awesome foundation that raised money for Detroit area causes. So I renamed it Deco Detroit since it features the famous indian freeze on the side of the Penobscot Building.
illustration of Sometimes an old idea resurfaces years later. I created a series of tiny thumbnail sketches for a series of Michigan Travel Posters titled
illustration of Number seven in my series of botanical graphics of beneficial invasive species. Trifolium repens or common white clover is planted by farmers to restore nitrogen to fields.
illustration of Miami Nights is a full painting in gouache designed as a self promotional poster.
illustration of With this Coltrane illustration for portrait an album cover, I am engaging in a bit of reductivism, finding more minimalist ways to portray the subject here. Jazz suggests a more abstract approach, especially Coltrane's music causing me to limit my color palette and reduce the forms to geometric shapes.
illustration of This Lupe Fiasco Album Cover is part of a series of concept works using type and design to create graphic flat color portraits of music stars.
illustration of This was a commissioned digital painting celebrating employee diversity at Johns Hopkins Health System. The request was for a children's story book style event illustration for Johns Hopkins Health System annual employee appreciation event.
illustration of I built this illustration of Robert De Niro in Adobe Illustrator. The concept is for a book cover illustration.
illustration of My evolution as a painter relies on spending time on personal projects like this portrait where I can explore techniques and develop a deeper range of tones and a dimensional quality in my work.
illustration of I created this portrait with a quill pen and India ink this week for a book cover. I am experimenting with adding paint and texture. It's nice to get back to traditional media.
illustration of A demonstration concept for a minimalistic  movie poster design.
illustration of These posters are a continuing series for the original Star Trek series. The approach is completely graphic using only flat color. All the color illustrations have been produced in Adobe Illustrator so far.
illustration of Vector portrait project.
illustration of Marvel concept series
illustration of A poster concept for Marvel.
illustration of A concept project for Marvel.
illustration of Montage illustration for FCA Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM
illustration of I was was commissioned in 2015 to create a retro style rocket man in the style of
illustration of I put a little
illustration of Detroit Jazz Poster for the annual festival.
illustration of This 1967 model had an unusual grill. The look is more refined. I like the idea of placing cars in a surreal environment. The car catalogues from the 1960s and 1970s often used exotic locations shots.
illustration of This is the second painting in my American Muscle Cars series. I am exploring different levels of simplicity in the backgrounds. This painting is the first to include actual textures made by me with gesso and modeling paste.
illustration of Not exactly a muscle car but definitely a popular street model in the 1960s, this Ford Galaxy pops up at Classic Car shows every so often.
illustration of Collectible print art for a painterly interpretation of hood ornament.
illustration of New York, New York in a 1962 Pontiac Grande Prix Special Edition.  Nothing says American romance with cars and the city more this comb.
illustration of An example of mixed media with watercolor and digital manipulation.
illustration of This commission was for a Art Deco menu cover design for an upscale catered event sponsored by the Lincoln brand.
illustration of This was a commission to create a LEAR Art Wall Mural 8'X8' in a clean ink style for a company event.
illustration of Design, Graphic, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Type Design, Icons, Information Graphics, Game, Grunge
illustration of Commission for OnStar
illustration of Commissioned art for Dodge Dealer Auto Parts Poster
illustration of Caricature, Design, Digital, Lettering, Line with Color, Vector, Celebrities, Music, Packaging, Portrait
illustration of A commissioned cover illustration for Jeep.
illustration of Detroit Motown Sound Poster
My latest artwork has gone psychedelic. So much musical talent has come out of Detroit I wanted celebrate it with a poster design inspired by the psychedelic posters of the late 1960s.
illustration of 
Coleman Hawkins Portrait in cool violet tones with hot notes of red and gold. A continuation of my jazz art series of illustrations featuring classic bebop and vintage jazz greats. This stylized graphic art portrait is a vector graphic in a retro vintage style.
illustration of An illustration for Lincoln Center, Thelonius Monk was the first in my jazz series and still remains a favorite.
illustration of This was a self promotional illustration built on the concept of an old style full service gas station from the 1940s and styled after road maps of the period.
illustration of The is a fold out page for my vintage 1940s style Gas Station promotion project.
illustration of A Fitness and Health illustration for magazine editorial.
illustration of Ford Motor Web Icons were commissioned by Ford Motor Company to be used on mobile devices and websites guiding customers to services and products.
illustration of I was commissioned to create icons representing Lyrica's capabilities.
illustration of This beach scene is a digital vector illustration created for Bill Pay to promote their new online banking app.
illustration of Agent 47 was a commissioned illustration for the release of the updated game and was used as a T-shirt and poster promotion.
illustration of This was a full page illustration in Johns Hopkins magazine for an article on how well doctors maintain their own health.
illustration of Part of my jazz series, this was an interesting switch in style. Dizzy's face is more angular than Ella Fitzgerald's and the light broke across the skin in a broken pattern. The effect is a bit more impressionistic.
illustration of This illustration was the second in a series of 5 advertisements for Celebrity Hotels.
illustration of Celebrity Hotels commmissioned me to create a series of illustrtations in the style of vintage travel postcards and posters. The Poconos is the location of one of their hotels.
illustration of The commissioned art for the ABA in LA Magazine Cover was created in gouache and enhanced in Photoshop.
illustration of The illustration is part of my series for game covers.
illustration of The Happy Cow is part of my retro style poster series of highly detailed digital paintings created for video game covers.
illustration of The Pioneers was a promotional illustration created as a cover for the video game industry.
illustration of ONSTAR-Human-Diagnostic was a commissioned illustration for General Motors that used the human body as a metaphor for OnStar's capabilities.
illustration of Travel Montage was a commissioned project for Chevrolet.
illustration of This Jeep Wrangler Logo was commissioned  for the Wrangler Mountain Guild.
illustration of This Lupe Fiasco Album Cover is part of a series of concept works using type and design to create graphic flat color portraits of music stars.
illustration of John Mayer was a natural subject and resulted in a portrait with a easy going feel.
illustration of This was a commissioned Point of Purchase project for Miller Beer.
illustration of This was a commissioned illustrated poster for the play Honor Bound. The goal was to create a painterly glowing environment that evoked a sense of memory.
illustration of Hermione Granger was a great subject for a painterly illustration. The mood was meant to be dark and magical with a ray of hop represented by the doves.
illustration of This Ron Weasley Illustration for Harry Potter was an experiment in creating the traditional look of an oil painting in a digital environment.
illustration of This painterly montage was a concept work in which I developed a looser more intuitive style.
illustration of Another in my series of botanical graphics. Botanical number 10 developed quickly. Echinacea is thought to stimulate the immune system and is used to speed the passage of the common cold. I just like the flower. It has to be the longest lasting in the garden-about three weeks if the weather is right.
illustration of I am creating a series of posters and print patterns for fabric using common invasive weeds & wildflowers by illustrating their inherent beauty. Also known as Wild Carrot, the root is edible when young. Queen Anne's Lace is considered a beneficial plant in pastures helping to aid digestion of horses and cows.
illustration of I was commissioned to do a portrait of Obama and Romney for Crain's Business Cover in October 2012.
illustration of This was a commissioned illustration for a box cover.


I have 30 years experience as a graphic artist and 11 years as a college art educator. My career goal has always been to make work fun and meaningful. As a member of the "creative class," I think you should ask yourself every day whether you are advancing your creative abilities and contributing to your knowledge and professional goals.


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