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Rip Wheeler from "Yellowstone."  

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EMR Magazine Cover Illustration

illustration of Rip Wheeler from
Next illustration of This illustration for the Lenten Art Project explores the challenge of being homeless at night on the streets or in the hills and fields. The sense of being lost and betrayed by the world while still searching for hope fills these figures with visual and emotional tension. Homelessness so often can mean being exposed and alone at night as Peter was The sky, clouds, and hard stones of the American West are used as a visual metaphor for the turbulent emotional landscape.

Peter is Awakened and Admonished

Rip Wheeler from "Yellowstone." As one of the bad guys from the show, Riphas a great face for expressing emotions. This monotone color study was created as a preliminary work indicating a loose painterly style and approach to a portrait.

Keywords: Figurative, Painterly, Pencil, Action, Adventure, Character Development, Mystery, Portrait, Masculine, Game

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