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Lizzie Harper

Cover of "30 Animals that made us smarter"  

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Sandhill Screwmoss Syntrichia ruraliformis

illustration of Cover of
Next illustration of Landscape illustration showing wading birds at the RSPB site in Snettisham, Norfolk.  Birds illustreated are Oystercatcher,, Avocet, Bar-tailed Godwit, and Knot.  Pants include Sea kale, Sea holly, Yellow horned poppy and Marram grass

Private commission

Oystercatchers at Snettisham

Cover of "30 Animals that made us smarter" by Patrick Ayree. Pen and ink illustrations with colour wash of a variety of animals. 40 internal illustrations in black and white were also completed for this book, ranging from snow fleas to whales.

Keywords: Black & White, Line with Color, Pen & Ink, Stipple, Technical, Watercolor, Book Covers, Nature, Scientific, Wildlife

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