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Giant Hogweed Heracleum mantegazzianum

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Illustration of Giant Hogweed Heracleum mantegazzianum cut to white, one of a series of illustrations of Umbellifer / Apiaceae species used in an identification feature in BBC Countryfile Magazine, March 2023

© Lizzie Harper 2023
illustration of Series of eight pen and ink stippled illustrations to accompany David Attenborough's
illustration of Anopheles gambiae feeding, showing the mouthparts at work, and abdomen swollen with blood

Part of a larger illustration showing all the stages of the Anopheles gambiae life cycle

For more detail on this project, check out my blog:
illustration of Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta illustrated for the V&A Museum in London to promote their Beatrix Potter exhibition.
illustration of Bluebell flower Hyancinthoides non-scripta.  Single flower in close up, focuing on anatomy and colour.

one of a series of 12 flower portraits for a client in the homeware industry
illustration of Series of pen and ink stippled illustrations for packaging.  Subject include Peach, Blackberry, Apple, Fern, Bouquet.
illustration of Buddleja sketchbook style watercolour & graphite illustration.  Commissioned by FOR Sweden, a horticultural association, and used in species identification.  In Sweden this is an invasive species, so needs to be identified easily.
illustration of Sandhill Screwmoss Syntrichia ruraliformis ssp ruraliformis

This moss is one of 12 completed for a new wildflower identification chart for an area of sand dunes in Devon, UK.

Painted from life in watercolour, it required constant monitoring as I illustrated it as the moss looks very different when dry.
illustration of Cover of
illustration of Landscape illustration showing wading birds at the RSPB site in Snettisham, Norfolk.  Birds illustreated are Oystercatcher,, Avocet, Bar-tailed Godwit, and Knot.  Pants include Sea kale, Sea holly, Yellow horned poppy and Marram grass

Private commission
illustration of Life cycle of the African Malaria mosquito, Anopheles gambiae, showing developmental stages and an unfed female and a feeding female. 

For an accompanying blog please see below 

Self initiated project
illustration of Emperor dragonfly Anax imperator male, cut to white.

Completed for the Canals and Rivers Waterways Trust, UK

illustration of Illustration showing the Carbon cycle.  Includes vignettes of root tip growth, leaf litter, detritivores, photosynthesis, respiration, soil micro-organisms, fossil fuels, the role of decay and the role of fungus.  Watercolour.  Completed for RST Sweden
illustration of Illustration completed for a Swedish horticultural client, showing tactics which help nature and are regarded as
illustration of Redwing Turdus iliacus with a berry in its beak.

Illustration completed for an information board on the wildlife and nature of Cusop Churchyard, Wales
illustration of Tulip illustrations, focusing on the flower.  (Image shows completed illustration with reference tulip)

One of a series of 12 flower portraits for a client in the homeware industry

illustration of Landscape illustration of wild flowers and animals with Hay festival of literature bunting and tents.

Design for celebratory mug for Hay Festival 2022

illustration of Bighorn sheep Ovis canadensis.  

One of a series of stippled pen and ink illustrations used in a paper on Biomimetics.  Examples from nature being imitated in human technological applications.  In this case, the concept was
illustration of Foxglove flower Digitaria purpurea, portrait of a single flower showing detailed anatomy and patterning of inner corolla.

One of a series of 12 flower portraits for a clinet in the homeware industry
illustration of One of a pair of ornithological illustrations commissioned by a private client; both of swallows flying
illustration of Illustration for Bantham Hay Meadows Interpretation Board

Idealised landscape including numerous animals and plant species
illustration of Natural science watercolor illustration of the Field vole with grass behind, for use on an interpretation panel welcoming visitors to a new wildlife reserve in Gloucestershire, England.
illustration of Monocot diversity showing variety of monocots, flanking a typical monocot seedling.

Plants range from sedges to orchids, bluebell to jointed rushes, and grasses to crocus.

Completed for the Flora of Brecknockshire, published 2023

Watercolour botanical illustration
illustration of One of a series of illustrations of ants for the UK Guide to Wood Ants (produced by National Parks)

The guide also includes detailed illustrations of the life cycle stages, and species specific close ups of diagnostic features.
illustration of British earthstar Geastrum britannicum.  

This rare fungus can be distinguished form other earthstars by the pale halo below the beak.

Botanical illustraion for an interpretation board on the wildlife of a nature reserve in a churchyard

illustration of Blue morpho butterfly

Cover illustration from
illustration of Blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum.  Illustration of an over-burdened sprig of blueberries

One of a series of botanical illustrations used in packaging by a client in the leisure industry

Pen and ink
illustration of Illustration of breast feather of a cockerel, focusing on the texture and irridescence of the greens.


Completed for a client in the homeware market
illustration of Nootka lupin Lupinus nootkatensis sketchbook study

One of a series of invasive plants illustrated for FOR Sweden as an online guide, and appearing on posters and other educational materials.

Graphite and watercolour
illustration of Natural science illustration of Spotted flycatcher Muscicapa striata insta perched on a gravestone.  Completed for an information board for a churchyard.
animation of Lizzie explains how to complete a watercolour botanical illustration of a pink Zinnia flower.  Commissioned by the New England Society of Botanical Artists.
illustration of Montage of some of the 20 sketchbook illustrations created for the FOR Swedish Gardening society.  This is an online resource with information about invasive plants for gardeners to look out for.
illustration of Illustration of Deer for packaging of
illustration of Venus's Flower basket Euplectella aspergillum with spicules detail

One of a series of pen and ink illustrations for
illustration of Botanical illustrations for identification guide of seaside flowers.

Over 40 full colour watercolour illustrations.
illustration of Entomological illustration of the Seven spot ladybird Coccinella septempunctata
animation of Botanical illustration of white flowers in real time: Lizzie demonstrates and explains how to paint white flowers using watercolour, showcasing four different approaches.
illustration of Pen and ink illustration of cherries for
illustration of Hereford bull natural history illustrations used on packaging for
illustration of Japanese rose Rosa rugosa with flower and rosehip.

One of 35 UK Invasive plant species illustrated for a fold-out chart produced by the Field Studies Council, UK
illustration of Clover illustrations used on Flora Sweden packaging products - licensed re-use of existing illustrations
illustration of Rowan berries and blossom Sorbus aucuparia botanical illustration

Illustrated for wedding stationary
illustration of Hen Salmon Salmo salar natural science illustration

Used on food packaging in Scandanavia
illustration of Botanical illustrations of blackberry, dandelion, and seaweed used on the cover art of
illustration of Botanical illustration of the gentian flower Gentiana acaulis.
illustration of Botanical illustration of the Monkey puzzle Tree.

Book cover art of
illustration of One of 37 botanical illustrations for an identification chart of Coastal flowers of UK
illustration of Series of botanical illustrations for six postage stamps,, Jersey Post's
illustration of Natural history illustration of the Red headed or common cardinal beetle.  Watercolor on paper.  For Gloucester county council's new wildlife nature reserve.
animation of Brief synopsis of some of the botanical, natural history, natural science, and sciart illustrations I've done over the years for clients in the publishing industry
illustration of Natural science entomology illustration of the worker bee, sciart drawing, natural history illustration of a hymenoptera insect zoological specimen
illustration of House sparrow Passer domesticus with rose hips and foliage
illustration of White Admiral butterfly showing top and underside of wings, resting on a blackberry or bramble bearing flowers and blackberry fruit.

For Norfolk County Council, Uk, 2018
illustration of Sciart naturalhistory naturalscience landscape illustration of Woodstock Water meadow habitat featuring animals, wildlife, and botanicalillustrations of plants in that environment.  

Bat, Crayfish, Moorhen, Kingfisher, Heron, Pondskaters, mayfly, perch, divingbeetle, himalayanbalsam, invasives, yellow flag, iris, otter, dragonfly, swallow, willow, alder, aquatic, birds, fish, insects, bugs, mammals, botany, wildflowers, European, British, countryside
illustration of Blue bonnet Lupin Lupinus polyphyllus sketchbook illustration for FOR Sweden.  

One of 12 invasive speices illustrated in this sketchbook botanical illustration style.

To be used for display on invasive species at the Horticultural society
illustration of This is a sketchbook botanical illustration study of the Fox and Cubs wildflower Pilosella aurantiaca.  Once I've completed these drawing studies and partial paintings I can recreate the plant out of season if required to do so for a commission.
illustration of Fold out identification chart produced by the Field Studies Council of 25 common plants which can be foraged and eaten or cooked with from the British hedgerows and countryside
illustration of Hottentot fig Carpobrotus edulis

One of a series of 42 botanical illustration for use on an identification chart of Invasive species to the UK
illustration of Natural History science sciart entomology illustration of the leidoptera moth species on clover trifolium.  For an identification interpretation panel on a nature reserve, Wildlife Trusts environmental charity UK
illustration of Persian hogweed Heracleum persicaria

One of a series of 12 botanical illustrations, completed in a sketchbook style.  Used by FOR Sweden for their exhibit at the Swedish horticultural Society.
illustration of Botanical illustration natural history of the early bulbous iris growing in gravel.  For
illustration of Sciart natural history entomological illustration of the Chironomid diptera insect Micropsceptra radialis, adult, larva, head capsule and mentum details of fossilized specimen.

Nature insects flies animals microscopic fossils
illustration of Botanical illustration of the Jersey bramble, Rubus caesaria for a postage stamp.

One of six illustrations for Jersey Stamps Post and Go postage issue
illustration of Ornithological bird natural history sciart illustration of the African wading bird for a client in Saudi Arabia, a species representative of the sub saharan habitat and fauna and flora of the area to appear on greetings cards
illustration of Cover art for
illustration of Biological entomological sciart illustration of the Large Red Damselfly Pyrrhosoma nymphula for one of six postage stamps of Dragonflies and Odonata, completed  for Jersey Post in 2014
illustration of Botanical illustration of the grassland plant/weed the Marsh thistle for an i.d. chart of British grassland plants
illustration of Botanical illustration of the Hazel Corylus

Sketchbook style botanical illustration for a private commission
illustration of Bison natural science illustration for use on
illustration of Botanical illustration of Russula fungus species
illustration of Beetle natural history sciart illustration for postage stamp mail issue by Jersey Post 2016.  Entomology insect biology painting of a beetle species in its environment
illustration of Botanical drawing diagram of different types of fruit and seed for Rodales'
illustration of Portrait of Camel for greetings card
illustration of Sexton beetle Nicrophorus vespilloides

Natural history illustration of the Sexton beetle; one of a series of six natural science illustrations for Jersey Post's Post and Go
illustration of Botanical sketchbook illustration of a garden geranium plant including leaves, flowers, and habit sketch. 

One of 62 botanical illustrations for
illustration of Mallard Drake ornithological natural science illustration for use on
illustration of Botanical sciart sketchbook illustration of the waterways and river invasive species for
illustration of Natural history sciart illustration portrait of the Patagonian Mara or cavy, a south American rodent in the guinea pig family.  Commissioned by Whipsnade Zoo for an interpretation and identification panel on grazing mammals (Zoological Society of London)
illustration of Natural science sciart entomological illustration of Heterorrhina elegans, an Indian flower chafer scarab beetle.
illustration of Pencil sciart natural history illustration of the tiny mammal, the common shrew Sorex araneus.  

Chapter opener (one of 12) used in
illustration of Ruby Throated Hummingbird Archilochus colubris

Ornithological illustration of this beautiful tiny bird sucking nectar from a flower.

Private commission
illustration of Sciart natural science illustration of a reed bed habitat and environment including the wildlife and plants found there.  Cross section of water shows micro-organisms, other species shown include insects, mammals, fish, amphibians, and birds.  Used as a double page spread in a Conservation Magazine
illustration of Fly agaric Amanita muscaria

Botanical illustration of this iconic fungus species
illustration of Scientific Illustration of blue bottle fly Calliphora entomological illustration from biological specimen found on the windowsill
illustration of Botanical illustration of Somerset Red-streak apples.

Completed for box presented to HRH Queen Elizabeth II on the ocassion of her Golden Jubilee
illustration of Botanical sciart natural history science illustration of the edible wild plant Wild plum showing flower and blossom, fruit, twig.  For use on a fold out identification i.d. chart for botanists and amateurs to take into the field to find edible wild plants to forage from the countryside.  Field Studies Council, environmental publishiers
illustration of Natural history illustration of the Hog deer, used for an identification and interpretation board at Whipsnade Zoo (Zoological Society of London)
illustration of Botanical and decorative illustration of the Saudi Arabia plant for a greetings card of typical horticulture subjects
illustration of Natural history botanical illustration of the Male scaly fern Drytopteris affinis for an identification guide and interpreation board on ancient woodland habitat and environments.  Plants, pterophyte, fern. fronds, decorative, flower art
illustration of Scientific illustration sciart natural science graphic showing three of the main types of fresh water micro organisms; euglenoid, ameoba, and cilliate microscopic organisms, including their organelles
illustration of Botanical illustration of the Nostalgia rose.

One of a series of six postage stamps for a
illustration of Natural history illustration of a domestic pet tabby cat in a kitchen interior for a greetings card
illustration of Botanical pencil graphite illustration of the bruseels sprout plant to grow in a vegetable or salad garden.  Commissioned by Rodale Publishing for the
illustration of Botanical illustration of the edible field mushroom fungus Agaricus campestris showing gills, cap, stipe, and young and old specimens.  Used for identification on a chart on foraging for wild plants.
illustration of Infographic natural science sciart illustration of a wildlife pond and how to build one, in cross section.  Illustrations includes pond wildlife and plant species.  Used as a how-to step-by-step spot illustration in a magazine article on wildlife and sustainable living.
illustration of Baobab Adansonia oen and ink illustration.

Botanical illustration from
illustration of Natural history entomological illustration of the Small Tortoiseshell butterfly Aglais urticae
illustration of Sciart natural history science illustration of the European  reptile legless lizard the slow worm Anguis fragilis.  Commissioned by Random House Publishing for


I'm a free-lance natural science/ botanical illustrator working for publishers, environmental bodies, charities, packaging companies, ad agencies, and postage stamp publishers. I work traditionally, by hand, in watercolour, pen and ink, and graphite. I'm always open to new clients and fresh commissions, and would love to hear from you if you have a project you feel my work would be appropriate for. I have an online library of over 1900 illustrations available for licensed re-use, please go to to browse. My work appears in books ranging from David Attenborough's "Life on Our Planet" and Streeters "HarperCollins Flower Guide" to Adele Nozedar's "Hedgerow Handbook" Alex Antonelli's "The Hidden Universe" all the way through to adult colouring in books. I also work for packaging and homeware companies, and in advertising. I live happily in the beautiful Welsh border town of Hay on Wye with a long-suffering husband, two children, and a wide assortment of skulls, sketchbooks, and dead bugs.


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