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Intramuscular Injection 

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Explainers: It's All About the Story

Next illustration of Explainers, Infographics, How-Tos:  All descriptions of graphics that include a large majority of the illustration, motion graphics and animations created today. What these graphics have in common is that they are all about story. So take the time to learn the story and tell it in your own way, whether its a new product from a trucker in Texas or an experimental biological protocol that could alter the future of the human race in unknown ways – forever.


Explainer motion graphics videos Winner of two Rx Club Awards of Excellence for Educational Animation and Physician Education . #grahamstudios, #medicalillustration, #explainers, #medicalexplainer, #medicalinfographics, #infographics, #howto, #biotech, #medicaldevice, #cancertreatment, #rxclub, #motiongraphics, #medicalmotiongraphics, #medicalanimation

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