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RodRiders of Big Bear

"Cool Run in the Mountains" 2019 Antique & Hot Rod Car Show

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Poster art of 2019 Antique & Hot Rod Car Show featuring last years Best of Show. Pro bono project benefiting women's shelter and animal rescue.

Graham Studios

Graham Studios

animation of Connect A Strategic Solutions Group guides midsized agencies in building successful Pharma and Medical Device product launches. 

They reached out to us for an eye catching graphic to introduce their new podcast interviews  with Pharma marketers and managers. After considering many graphic approaches, it was agreed that a brief animation was the best solution.
illustration of Easy phone access for busy professionals looking for coursework to upgrade their skills.

More and more, these overworked folks get their information over their phones during lunch, the commute, or at bedtime. We can craft your message to stand out as a quick and informative explainer to get your message to where it will be viewed. 

Get in touch to explore some ideas!
animation of Make sure no candy corn was left in that incision...
animation of 2022 Motion Graphics & Animation Reel
animation of A one minute motion graphics video for phones providing a quick and fun overview of the Supervision180 Botox training program for nurses.
animation of A short video featuring some of the Explainers and How-tos we have produced in the last year.
animation of Explainer motion graphics videos 
Winner of two Rx Club Awards of Excellence for  Educational Animation and Physician Education

#grahamstudios, #medicalillustration, #explainers, #medicalexplainer, #medicalinfographics, #infographics, #howto, #biotech, #medicaldevice, #cancertreatment, #rxclub, #motiongraphics, #medicalmotiongraphics, #medicalanimation
illustration of Explainers, Infographics, How-Tos:  All descriptions of graphics that include a large majority of the illustration, motion graphics and animations created today. What these graphics have in common is that they are all about story. So take the time to learn the story and tell it in your own way, whether its a new product from a trucker in Texas or an experimental biological protocol that could alter the future of the human race in unknown ways – forever.
illustration of I just finished a project to create a 20 illustration sequence of Explainers to show Health Care Professionals how to work with a product in sterile conditions. After showing the client a variety of graphic approaches to the task, they choose to use this simple, easily understandable vector art that works in any number of technical applications. (I hope to soon have permission to show the actual project.)
animation of Proof of concept 3D animation for furniture manufacturer.  Modeled, lit, and rendered in 3d Studio Max.
illustration of A device for large vehicles to detect low bridges before they get stuck.
illustration of Poster illustration of antique and hot rod car show winning 1940 Ford custom woodie hot rod.
Tailgating, Cat and dog characters, Mountains, Lake, Vacation, Landscape, Nostalgia, Chip Foose wheels
illustration of Poster illustration of 1957 Custom Chevy Bel Air convertible Hot Rod.  Dog and Cat characters, snow scene, Vacation, Snow boarding, Landscape,
illustration of Poster illustration of 1957 Cadillac for vintage and hot rod car show.  Cartoon cat character, lake scene, hot rod, vacation, landscape, tail fins, pink Cadillac, nostalgia, girl power.
illustration of Poster illustration of a female snowboarder customizable with your favorite resort available for licensing.
illustration of Vector art of compact car for McGraw-Hill Educational Textbook.
illustration of Vector graphic of a swan for a small press.
illustration of Vector art of an orchid flower.
illustration of Part of a series of 30 patient education images illustrating how a diabetic patient can easily re-fill her self-administering insulin delivery device.
illustration of From a series of illustrations depicting Zika virus specimen collection and shipping instructions.
illustration of One of a series of patient instruction images explaining how to remove the Aranesp syringe from its packaging and use the syringe.
illustration of A selection of Icons created for various clients, including moon icon, sun icon, tape measure icon, mailbox icon, calendar icon, Scale icon, phone center icon, envelope icon.
illustration of Part of a series of pediatric educational graphics for the Nemours Foundation.
illustration of Bear graphic concept art for treatment of kidney disease.  Can you find the kidney?
illustration of An Infographic on what diabetes does to your body.  Sickness, Health, woman graphic, female graphic, doctor, complications, heart disease, vision loss, nerve damage, ask your doctor, explainer.
illustration of Lactoferrin is an iron-binding component that helps inhibit bacterial growth.
illustration of One of about 20 infographics created this year for WebMD and other clients.  See my Infographics portfolio here:
illustration of A house under construction sitting on its blueprints with the new buyers standing in front. Created as concept art for presentation.
illustration of Cover for Golf Course Magazine of a fanciful downtown golf course.
illustration of Part of my work as an illustrator is to produce detailed presentation comps.  

In this instance, the creative team wanted a cellular receptor to turn into a tree that then shades a cancer survivor and her family playing croquet. 

The time frame was short, but we were able to cast and costume the actors, shoot and composit the image in a little over 2 weeks – including several rounds of revisions.
illustration of A mailer for a powdered medical product featuring a cell phone, packets of medicine in a leather case.  The cell phone has an app that shows patients how to self administer the drug.
illustration of An editorial image of a glucose meter sampling a blood droplet for insulin testing.
illustration of A hand with an IV drip attached.
illustration of An over the weekend rush job to create a presentation comp to the client's specs.
illustration of Infographic of pulmonary inflammation leading to respiratory failure.
illustration of An editorial image depicting how warm ocean water evaporates which makes clouds and provides the energy that fuels a hurricane.
illustration of Stock image of a tattoo style heart with a scalpel stuck in it.
illustration of Photo collage Presentation comp of a man on a Vespa with pastel drawing background.
illustration of Helicopter with searchlight on a diseased heart.  Key art for
illustration of Motion graphic showing Catabolism (Breakdown) and Anabolism (Synthesis) of Proteins.  Created for Purina Probiotic animal foods.
illustration of How Microflora in the gut protects you form pathogens.  For Purina probiotic animal foods.
illustration of Proteins breakdown into Free Amino Acids, Dipeptides and Tripeptides so that they can be taken up by the Intestinal Villus.  Created for Purina Probiotic animal foods.
illustration of Text book art for a chapter on electricity for McGraw-Hill education.
illustration of Fine art poster of an artichoke,
illustration of
illustration of Book Cover for
illustration of
illustration of Graphs showing Malignancy as Serious Infection rates in groups of patients.
illustration of Illustration of a modern kitchen at night.  Rollovers highlight kitchen health hazards.
illustration of Cutaway illustration of a clutch.
illustration of A cutaway illustration of a small cotton gin for a McGraw-Hill school textbook.

As part of the renewal of the McLeod Plantation Historic Site in Charleston, South Carolina, William Graham of Graham Studios was commissioned to create, “The McLeod Plantation Historic Site: Transition to Freedom app,” a self guided iPhone app tour of pre-Civil War cotton production.”
illustration of Vector art of an automotive engine Intercooler.
illustration of Cutaway illustration of a mattress with a woman sleeping.


GRAHAM STUDIOS has provided image visualization and creative services for advertising, editorial and educational uses for over 20 years. In the last year Explainers and Infographics, in a variety of formats, have provided an increasing amount of our business and we see that as a continuing trend. Our experience in project management and can provide fresh thinking and additionally relieve workload for your in-house creative team. Give us a call to kick around a few ideas.


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