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Lufthansa Travel Poster 

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Type-F Shuttlecraft Split Window

illustration of Lufthansa poster, featuring the Heinkel He 70
Next illustration of Etrich Taube, also known by the names of the various later manufacturers who build versions of the type, such as the Rumpler Taube, was a pre-World War I monoplane aircraft. It was the first mass-produced military plane in Germany. etrich taube, rumpler taube, taube airplane. german air force. german army. great war. world war one. world war one airplane. great war aviation. airplane art. aviation art. 1914. great war.

Etrich Taube aircraft

Lufthansa poster, featuring the Heinkel He 70 "Blitz". lufthansa poster. heinkel He 70. he 70 blitz. lufthansa airliner. aircraft. airplane art. airplane. aviation art. german airplane. europe map. map world. travel poster. propeller.

Keywords: Graphic, Realism, Technical, Vector, Historical, Science, Technology, Transportation, Travel, Vintage / Retro

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