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Latitude 38 Holiday Card, 2018

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Holiday card for Latitude 38, an American West Coast sailing publication.

Erik Chipchase,


illustration of In 1940, RAF Fighter Command was engaged in a desperate fight against the Luftwaffe.
No. 303 Squadron RAF was one of 16 Polish squadrons in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.
It was the highest scoring of the Hurricane squadrons during the Battle of Britain. hawker hurricane, royal air force, battle of britain, world war two, wwii,
illustration of Hunter Pence The spiritual center of the San Francisco Giants for parts of seven seasons — including two World Series titles. sf giants, baseball, sports, world series, batter, center field,
illustration of A piece done for Latitiude 38 magazine. Schooner Sailing in the Golden Gate. schooner. sailing ship. gaff rigged. two masted sailing ship. sail. wooden boat. wooden ship. golden gate. golden gate bridge. san francisco. san francisco bay.
illustration of Red Army Screaming. All Glory to the Russian Army Choir! red army. russian army choir. russian chorus. choir. chorus. red army. male chorus.
illustration of EXPLORIANA.
Packaging illustration for Tabletop RPG Exploriana from Triple Ace Games. board game. travel. age of exploration. africa. asia. south america. triple ace games. explortion discovery. discovery. khaki clothes. dr livingston.
illustration of Artwork is for an upcoming album cover for Allyson Paige. Featuring an image of Gibson Dove guitar, reflecting the American Songbook flavor of the album. Gibson guitar. Musician. Singer. guitar. dove.
illustration of Gee Bee Racer acquired by US Army Air Corps. gee bee model r. gee bee. racer airplane. aviation art. aircraft. travel. racer. interceptor. airplane. grainville. desert. air travel. thompson trophy race. jimmy doolittle.
illustration of During the Pacific War, the Imperial Japanese Navy had its first contact with Gojiro, who would be very bothersome in the years to come. gojiro. Godzilla. kaiju. monster. navy. japanese navy. fuji. mount fuji. japan. monster. waves. hiroshige. destroyer. imperial japan. waves. sea monster.
illustration of Aviation art from World War II.
The Raid was a total secret to all involved and the members of the raid were chosen by volunteering for a
illustration of After serving his term as People's Commissar of Military and Naval Affairs, Leon Trotsky decided in 1929, to immigrate to the United States. In 1930 he established a Fried Chicken establishment, COMINTERN FRIED CHICKEN. While successful, it was later overshadowed by it's Stalinist competition from Kentucky. comintern fried chicken. kfc. kentucky fried chicken. comintern. communist party. trotsky. leon trotsky. red background. chicken.
illustration of HVAC Man! With the power of Forced Air, theree are few environments his powers cannot control! hvac. HVAC. hvac man.
forced air. central heat. natural gas. heat source. super hero. superman. comic book hero. captain marvel. flame. blue flame.
illustration of The bright moon keeps our brave & bold Batgirl company. batgirl. batman. barbara gordon. commissioner gordan. gotham city. gotham city sirens. gotham city skyline. moon  light. red head. dc comics. dc universe. comic book. women of comic books. strong women.
illustration of The Batman roars into action behind the wheel of the Batmobile. batmobile. batman. the batman. bruce wayne. batcave. deco car. artdeco car. deco automobile. bat signal. batman's arsenal. commissioner gordan. gotham city. gotham city sirens. gotham city skyline. moon  light. red head. dc comics. dc universe.
illustration of My homage to the
illustration of Jolly Trooper. A mix of Imperial Storm Troopers & Pirates of the Caribbean. A jolly roger for the Star Wars enthusiasts.
illustration of Ray Charles now has a Death-Ray! Ray Charles cameo in Forbidden Planet. ray charles. ray charles songs. ray gun. ray. forbidden planet. sci fi. forbidden planet movie. death ray charles. death ray. sci fi. musician. jazz music. phaser. laser gun.
illustration of If your going to be cold, drunk & bored, why not get paid for it? We are your Tsar & we approve this message. russian navy. sailors. imperial russia. recruiting. recruit poster. russian sailors. cruiser aurora. cruiser. warship. navies. 1904. russo japanese war. smoke stack. anchor. anchors aweigh. russian flag. flag. poster art. cold, drunk & bored?.
illustration of René Fonck was a French aviator who ended the First World War as the top Allied fighter ace. rené fonck. paul rené fonck. pilot. fighter ace. world war one. the great war. spad xiii. spad 13. spad airplane. airplane. great war ace. french army. army air force. air force. aviation art. aviation. ace pilot. poster art. aviation poster.
illustration of Havilder 87th Punjabi’s 1914.
87th Punjabi’s were an infantry regiment of the British Indian Army in 1914. 87th punjabi. indian army. great war. world war one. infantry. soldier. lee enfield. soldier of the great war. british colonial. western front. historical. sikh. lee enfield. enfield rifle.
illustration of The tirailleurs sénégalais (Senegalese riflemen) figured prominently among the many indigenous peoples who served in the French army during the First World War. french army. colonial soldiers. great war. world war one. western front. trench warfare. Senegalese. senegal. african soldier. soldier of the great war. berthier rifle.
illustration of Art work commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War.
Armistice of 11 November 1918 was the armistice that ended fighting on land, sea and air in World War I between the Allies and their opponent, Germany.
illustration of Frida Nagel. Portrait of Frida Khalo rendered in the style of Patrick Nagel.frida khalo. patrick nagel. frida. khalo. portrait. woman portrait. nagel. mexican woman. artist. blue. pink.
illustration of TGIFrida. Thank God It's Frida! frida khalo. frida. tgifriday. khalo. portrait. woman portrait. golden. flowers in hair. eyebrows. lips. face silhouette. golden glow. diego rivera.
illustration of Don't be without Big Brother, and his protective gaze, EVER!
Now with VICTORY GOGGLES, you can take and be Big Brother wherever you go! victory goggles. 1984. nineteen eighty four. george orwell. orwell 1984. google glasses. woman in red. goggles. eye wear. police state. big brother. bb speech. oceania.
illustration of Homage to Oakland the brave, the iconic Tribune Tower, and the Doggiest of Dinerheads. doggy diner. dog head. hot dogs. oakland tribune building. oakland. tribune building. tribune. cacophony society. john law.  building poster. building portrait. architecture.
illustration of Bad Spock! The sinister portrait of Spock was inspired by the classic Star Trek episode Mirror, Mirror. spock. bad spock. star trek episode. mirror, mirror. uss enterprise. ncc-1701. leonard nimoy. transporter malfunction. dilithium crystals. Halkan homeworld. spock portrait. phaser barrage.
illustration of Portrait dedicated to our National Park Service Rangers. AltUSNatParkService. us park rangers. us parks. us park service. department of interior, national park service. park ranger. park ranger uniform. yellow sky. forests. yellowstone. yosemite.
illustration of As a Major League Baseball player, Willie McCovey held many accolades, including induction into the Hall of Fame. The fearsome left-handed slugger was also known for 
his generosity of spirit. Willie McCovey. african-american baseball players. american sportsmen. baseball players. major league baseball. all-star game. mvps. major league baseball first basemen. major league baseball rookie of the year. national baseball hall of fame. national league all-stars.
illustration of Willie Mays, the quintessential San Francisco Giant. Willie Mays. Say Hey! San Francisco Giants. sf giants. san francisco, baseball. baseball player. sports. athlete. baseball card. sports portrait. celebrity.
illustration of Drafted in 2007 right after high school as the tenth overall pick by the San Francisco Giants, this left-handed pitcher has an impressive amount of accolades, including three World Series championships and four National League
All-Star teams. San Francisco Giants. sf giants. san francisco, baseball. baseball player. major league baseball pitchers. world series most valuable player. silver slugger award.
illustration of After attending the University of Washington, Tim Lincecum was drafted tenth overall by the San Francisco Giants in 2006, where he played until 2015. Lincecum is one of only two pitchers in MLB history to win multiple World Series championships, multiple Cy Young Awards and be elected to multiple All-Star Games. cy young award winners. golden spikes award. los angeles angels. major league baseball pitcher. national league all-stars. san francisco giants. filipino descent.
illustration of Charles Dickens, one of the most famous Victorian authors, wrote over 15 novels including Oliver Twist, Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens. dickens. author. bw portait. tale of two cities. a christmas carole. oliver twist. little dora. dickension. english author. social critic. victorian writer. victorian era.
illustration of The 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint & Spider are iconic Italian cars hand built by both Pininfarina and Bertone that continue to inspire new car design to this day. 1959 alfa romeo giulietta.  alfa romeo. alfa romeo sprint. alfa romeo spider. italian cars. pininfarina and bertone. sports car. italian red. auto poster. car art. mountain road. fast car.
illustration of Popularly called the
illustration of Alec Issigonis’s tiny Mini sedan can lay claim to being one of the most significant automobile design of the 20th Century. The simple design broke all the rules, what with its transverse-mounted, four-cylinder engine, front-wheel drive, transmission in the sump, a wheel at each corner, and suspension by simple rubber cones. mini cooper. austin mini cooper. morris mini cooper. mini. british auto. british car. the italian job. little car. red car. blue background. auto poster. car art.
illustration of 1955 Packard Clipper - The Packard Clipper name was reintroduced and applied to the company's entry-level models, previously known as the Packard 200, beginning in 1953. 1955 Packard Clipper. Packard Clipper. Packard. automobile. car. car art. chrome. chrome bumper. car poster. detroit steel. big american car. american car.
illustration of Everybody’s still waiting for a flying car, but floating cars have been around for a long time. The Amphicar 770 was the first mass-produced amphibious vehicle available. Between 1961 and 1968, the Quandt Group built about 4,000 Amphicars. amphibicar 770. amphibicar. water car. boat car. amphibious vehicle. german car. chrome bumper. headlights. auto poster. car art. automobile. classic car. schwimagen. red car.
illustration of The legendary 1965 Pontiac GTO kicked off the wild 1960s muscle car market with a roar and made Detroit the world center for affordable high-performance cars. GTO. Pontiac. 1964 to 1974. american muscle cars. automobile. car. car art. chrome. chrome bumper. car poster. detroit steel. big american car. american car.
illustration of The 1934-1957 Citroën “Traction avant” was the product of the French mass-production pioneer of front drive and all-steel unit construction. In Diva, Jean-Jacques Beineix's cult 1981 film, Gorodish drives a Traction Avant.  citroën traction avant. traction avant. citroen. classic cars. french cars. front-wheel drive. gorodish. jean-jacques beineix. diva. diva car.shiny black car.
illustration of Pierre Jules Boulanger took charge of Citroën in 1935 and had the idea to create a car for social classes with low income. He wanted something simple and practical that could transport people and their goods on any terrain in an economical way. Citroen 2CV. 2CV. citroen. classic cars. deux chevaux. french cars. red car. car art. car poster. automobile. auto. bumper art. tires. air cooled engine.
illustration of Mercedes-Benz 300SL Hovercraft. Mercedes Benz have unveiled their first successful production HOVER-AUTO.
They also took the opportunity to combine the styling with the classic lines of the 300 SL body, modeled here with the lovely Ann Francis. Mercedes-Benz 300SL. Hovercraft - Mercedes Benz. hover car. flying car. classic car. floating car. ann francis. chrome bumper. dress by chanel.
illustration of Marking the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. jfk assassination. dealey plaza. jfk. president kennedy. assaination. lee harvey oswald. conspiracy theory. mannlicher carcano. 1961 lincoln continental. lincoln continental. convertible. chrome bumper. classic car. limousine. dallas texas. kennedy conspiracy.
illustration of Wreath of Khan. Holiday Greetings from the galactic outlaw, Khan Noonien Singh. wreath of khan. wrath of khan. star trek ii. star trek movie. ricardo montalbán. khan. khan noonien singh. christmas card. holiday greeting. eugenics wars. ceti alpha V. khaaaan!.
illustration of santa's air fleet. santa helpers. santa claus. air delivery. airship. air fleet. zeppelin. north pole. christmas. holidays. happy holidays. merry christmas. happy new year. woman pilot. aviatrix. aircrew. red suit. diesel punk.
illustration of An adaptation of a VW Kombi body and the F Class Shuttlecraft.
During the mid-2260s Class-F shuttles were based at Starbases and aboard
Constitution Class Starships. shuttle craft. star fleet shuttle craft. class f shuttle. star trek. vw kombi. volkswagen. volkswagen van. constitution class starships. star ship shuttle. starship star trek.uss lexington. uss enterprise.
illustration of Lufthansa poster, featuring the Heinkel He 70
illustration of Etrich Taube, also known by the names of the various later manufacturers who build versions of the type, such as the Rumpler Taube, was a pre-World War I monoplane aircraft. It was the first mass-produced military plane in Germany. etrich taube, rumpler taube, taube airplane. german air force. german army. great war. world war one. world war one airplane. great war aviation. airplane art. aviation art. 1914. great war.
illustration of Zeppelin L4 (LZ-27). Zeppelin L4 dropped the first bomb to fall on Britain soil at Sheringham, on the north Norfolk coast. zeppelin l4. zeppelin. lighter than air craft. world war one. world war one airplane. airship. german army. german navy. imperial german zeppelin. air raid. air raid london.
illustration of The USS OLYMPIA was the flagship of the Asiatic Squadron. OLYMPIA is one of the most significant vessels in United States history as she was the flagship of Commodore Dewey in his victory over the Spanish Squadron at Manilla Bay. uss olympia. Asiatic fleet. spanish american war. admiral dewey. battle of manilla bay. phillipines. cruiser olympia. independence seaport museum. us navy. usn. us cruiser. navy cruiser, you may fire when ready.
illustration of This piece is part of my series of the 100th anniversary of the Great War. 
The Renault FT light tank design of 1917. Renault ft. french tank. great war. world war one tank. French army.
illustration of French Dragoon as he would appear in 1914.
The only concession to campaigning is the cloth cover for the M¡1872/1874 Helmet.
He is armed with lance, sabre & Berthier Carbine. french dragoon. french army. great war. world war one. 1914. the great war. soldier of the great war. cavalryman. french cavalryman. 8mm lebel. lebel rifle. saber. cavalry saber. cavalry carbine. yellow background. red trousers. cavalry helmet. helmet cover. horse. war horse. blue tunic.
illustration of Poster of the film Sahara, staring  Humphrey Bogart (1943). sahara. humphrey bogart. dan akroyd. us tank. m3 lee tank. lulu bell tank. us afv. us tank. tank track. m3 lee. 75mm. 37mm. .30 caliber machine gun. sahara desert. tank warfare. world war two. north africa campaign. desert war.
illustration of Defend Against the Monster Menace!
Inspired by the original 1954 Gojira, I illustrated an M-24 Chaffee of the Japanese Self Defense Force circa 1954, ready to meet the monster menace. 1954 gojira. m24 chaffee. m24 tank. kaiju. monster menace. godzilla. jsdf. japanese army. japaneseself defence force. japan. japan monsters. toho studio. destroy all monsters.


MercenaryGraphics is the vision of illustrator and graphic designer Erik Chipchase, and is the best kept secret of the international design world. Sources such as history, geography, technology, modernism, socio-realism, and pop-culture are evident in his use of bold lines and evocative typography. Deftly balancing the juxtaposition of real and surreal, Erik weaves color and technique for subtle and effective results.


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