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Richard Solomon Artists Representative

illustration of Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Stylized, Action, Editorial, Food, Drinks, Beverage, Alcohol, Martini, Waiter, Restaurant, Accident, Glasses, Bottles, People, Bar,
illustration of CGI, design, digital, 3D rendering, cards, card game, hearts, fantasy, futuristic, game, romance
illustration of Digital, Realism, Action, Editorial, Education, Historical, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Wildlife, Environmental
illustration of Animation, Conceptual, Digital, Vector, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Historical, Political, Financial
illustration of Animation, Conceptual, Digital, Humor, Animals, Children's Books, Editorial, People, Lifestyle, Feminine


Conceptual, Graphic, Lettering, Motion, Decorative, Digital, CGI, Whimsical, 3-D Rendering, Vector, Stylized, Realism, Floral, Concept Art, Design, e-Learning, Figurative, Digital Sculpture, Animation


Nature, Corporate, Charts, Food, Adventure, Product, Technology, Lifestyle, Financial, Family, Information Graphics, Transportation, Political, Wildlife, Landscape, Surface Design, Spiritual, Sports, Travel, Edgy, Editorial, Children, Humor, Health, Architecture, Science, Children's Books, Medical, Environmental, Fantasy, Feminine, Book Covers, Portrait, Ethnic, Scientific, Agriculture, Leisure, Futuristic, Animals, Youth, Historical, Religious, Food/Beverage, People, Education, Greeting Cards, Holidays, Romance, Mystery, Fashion/Cosmetics, Branding, Sci-Fi, Botanical, Posters, Game, Action


Richard Solomon Artists Representative was created in 1981. Since then our mission has been to present an international group of award-winning illustrators whose unique visual vocabularies can solve any problem. Our clients often have preliminary ideas that need the creative hand of an illustrator to bring them to fruition. With our expertise, we take the mundane and ordinary and conceptualize it into something compelling and extraordinary.


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