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this bold caricature of composer Frank Zappa was used on posters to promote a concert of 20th Century American music which included Zappa's orchestral work 'The Perfect Stranger' and Charles Ives' 'New England Holidays'

Neale Osborne (October, 2018)
illustration of portrait of the 20th Century American writer, with a ‘view’ of the New York city skyline
illustration of cover illustration for the Times Literary Supplement, depicting one of the lesser-known members of the Inklings (the literary group that included CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien).
The portrait required the inclusion of various masonic and religious symbols associated with Williams’ mystical writings, while also reflecting his connection to Rosacrucianism.
illustration of I couldn’t resist incorporating all those lovely Art Deco designs - the winged throne, exotic headdress and saucy costume - from the 1934 movie ‘Cleopatra’ - into this caricature of the Oscar-winning actress (for Bridgeman Images, 2018)
illustration of caricature of the English ballerina - on pointe (and in a puddle) - as Odette from Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’
illustration of James Stewart (as Scottie Ferguson) with Kim Novak (depicted as Madeleine Elster) from Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 movie 'Vertigo' - for Bridgeman Arts, December 2018
illustration of portrait of the great 20th Century Russian composer depicted with a hint of a Soviet poster. Originally drawn in black-and-white for my ‘Mariinsky’ exhibition (at Symphony Hall, Birmingham), this re-vamped digital version has also been used on the cover of a CD of Shostakovich concertos.
illustration of caricature of the jazz clarinettist - in something of a jazz-age cartoon style
illustration of portrait of the Mexican artist - one of my first pieces for Bridgeman Arts, 2018
illustration of stylized caricature of the jazz-age singer and dancer (for Lebrecht Music + Arts)
illustration of stylized caricatures of the four stars of Billy Wilder’s 1950 movie ‘Sunset Blvd.’
From left to right: Erich Von Stroheim as Max Von Mayerling, William Holden as Jon Gillis, Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond, and Nancy Olson as Betty Schaefer.
illustration of How to portray the great Hollywood director? Well, aside from the addition of a film reel tie, the hat that I gave him made him look a little like one of the gangsters from ‘Some Like it Hot’!
(It was also the first piece I did for Bridgeman Arts in 2018.)
illustration of Beardsley’s Art Nouveau illustration work was such an influence on my own black-and-white style that I couldn’t resist this stylized depiction of him
illustration of ‘70s style’ caricature of the British rock band (from left: drummer Roger Taylor, bassist John Deacon, singer Freddie Mercury and guitarist Brian May)
illustration of caricature of the Polish composer and pianist - as a piano
illustration of caricature of the great Russian-born composer - for my ‘Mariinsky’ exhibition at Symphony Hall, Birmingham
illustration of caricature of the French actor-director, depicted as his famous comic persona Monsieur Hulot
illustration of stylized portrait of the German actress; from a series of early cinema stars
illustration of caricatures of Chico, Groucho and Harpo Marx - from a series of (fairly) early Hollywood stars
illustration of caricature of the ‘silent’ Hollywood vamp
illustration of caricature of the Swedish actress, from a series of early Hollywood stars
illustration of Ms Colbert had such a distinctive face - and starred in such a diverse range of movies - that I just had to depict her two or three ways - with a different hairstyle each time. Here, in a second image from Cecil B de Mille's 'Cleopatra', I added a feathered fan design to go with her jewel-laden 'Egyptian bikini'
illustration of caricature of the American composer, somewhat in the spirit of cartoonist Al Hirschfeld (a jazz-age contemporary of Gershwin)
illustration of the flamboyant American pianist caricatured as a candelabrum (for Bridgeman Images, in time for Liberace’s centenary year 2019)
illustration of caricature of actor Albert Dieudonné as Bonaparte from the classic 1927 silent epic 'Napoleon' (directed by Abel Gance). The triptych nature of the picture - with its background of eagle, cannon (with its 'wheel of destiny' motif), Lady Liberty and battlefield - refers to the famous final sequence of the film which is split into three screens, like the French tricolore flag.
illustration of complementary cover designs for my pair of food-themed children’s novels: the  sweetie world of ‘Lydia’s Tin Lid Drum’ and the spicy, Arabian Nights-inspired sequel ‘Lydia’s Golden Drum’ (Oxford University Press, 2009 / 2013)
illustration of the original black-and-white jacket illustrations (before coloring) from my debut children’s novel ‘Lydia’s Tin Lid Drum’ - for Oxford University Press, 2008 - showing the various confectionery themes, the truffle forest, biscuit strata, pear drops, ice-cream and jelly mountains, the tea set city and sweet-trees and fauna of the Mixakoko jungle - oh, and Lydia in her hooded cloak
illustration of Dorothy and Toto on the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City; self-promotional piece depicting characters from 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' by L Frank Baum
illustration of self-promotional image of a character from L Frank Baum’s ‘Oz’ books
illustration of self-promotional illustration on the theme of L Frank Baum’s ‘Oz’ books
illustration of created as part of a set of self-promotional images called ‘The Land of Oz’
illustration of from a set of self-promotional images called ‘The Land of Oz’ - based on characters created by L. Frank Baum
illustration of cover design for the first of the ‘Seasonal Dreams’ - a series of self-penned fantasy chapter books, this one with an evolutionary theme, featuring prehistoric mammals (including a wooly rhinoceros and megatherium), woodland creatures, and dinosaurs galore.
illustration of front and back cover designs for my own children’s chapter book - the second in the series ‘The Seasonal Dreams’. This particular story fuses classic video computer games (and a villain in the shape of a virus bug) with seaside imagery (sandcastle teleport posts, and a holographic Punch and Judy), desert creatures (scorpions, tarantulas, eagles) and various summer sports.
illustration of cover design for a children’s book with a Hallowe’en theme - the third in my series ‘The Seasonal Dreams’, full of giant insects (moths, mantids, spiders, grasshoppers), black magic pumpkins and lots of black humor (!)
illustration of a quarter-page illustration from my sweet-themed children’s novel ‘Lydia’s Tin Lid Drum’ (published by Oxford University Press)
illustration of vignette illustration from my own prehistoric-themed children’s book ‘Jason Rascal’s Spring in Time’
illustration of portfolio image - later given a colorful digital ‘makeover’
illustration of portfolio image of a white swan (and pattern of reeds) by moonlight, with its reflection depicting the dual character of the enchanted swan maiden Odette / Odile from the 19th Century ballet 'Swan Lake' (with music by Tchaikovsky) - for Bridgeman Arts Picture Library, 2019
illustration of Oola-Lula was a fun flapper character that I created along the lines of Betty Boop. She even came with a Felix-like cat called Monsieur Prrr.
illustration of a ‘retro-modern / vintage-digital' image of a woman with a bobbed haircut wearing jewelry
illustration of dancer from Alexander Borodin’s opera ‘Prince Igor’ (for the Lebrecht Music + Arts picture library)
illustration of British soldiers at the battle of the Somme - from a series of picture library images created for the centenary of the First World War; here the idea was to portray the 'doomed' infantry men, and depict them almost as spirits walking through a mustard gas cloud, or even a ghostly cemetery of crosses
illustration of from Igor Stravinsky's ballet / based on the costume design by Leon Bakst. Color version of the original black-and-white image that was part of my ‘Mariinsky’ exhibition. I also used this picture on the cover of ‘Sweet Art’, a self-published paperback, from 2015, collecting twenty years of my illustration work
illustration of character from Stravinsky's ballet 'The Firebird' - decorative image created for my ‘Mariinsky’ exhibition at Birmingham Symphony Hall
illustration of image from Stravinsky’s ballet ‘The Firebird’, used in a concert program for the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
illustration of An illustration for ‘The Golden Cockerel’, the satirical opera by Rimsky-Korsakov (to a story by Alexander Pushkin). The image formed part of my month-long ‘Mariinsky’ exhibition, created as a celebration of Russian music to coincide with a series of concerts (at Symphony Hall, Birmingham) by the Mariinsky Orchestra and Opera under the direction of maestro Valery Gergiev
illustration of decorative, almost abstract poster image for my ‘Mariinsky’ exhibition, a celebration of Russian music, at Birmingham Symphony Hall, in 2006
illustration of the title character from ‘Eugene Onegin’, the opera by Tchaikovsky (to a text by Pushkin) - here shown facing a quartet of female admirers with suitably aristocratic airs, not to mention eccentric hair. The complete image is three times as tall, and goes right up to a decorative chandelier; it was created for my ‘Mariinsky’ exhibition at Symphony Hall, Birmingham, in 2006
illustration of another ‘Mariinsky’ exhibition piece depicting the ‘star-crossed lovers’ in their famous balcony scene from Prokofiev’s ballet (and William Shakespeare’s play)
illustration of Art Nouveau-style design depicting the infamous Biblical dancer holding the head of John the Baptist
illustration of illustration in a classical Greek style of the half-bird, half-women sirens from mythology; originally drawn for a book idea that grew into my children’s novel ‘Lydia’s Tin Lid Drum’
illustration of 2005 poster commission from UK design company the Taxi Studio depicting their many achievements and awards. Amazingly, no computer was used in the making of this image, as it would be at least a couple of years before I got into the ‘laptop habit’ - so, it was just me and my little dip pen and paintbrush (!)
illustration of my own stylistic re-working of an archive image of ‘two midinettes dancing on the beach, to the music of a gramophone’, a 1929 French illustration by 'La Vie Parisienne' artist Georges Pavis; I greatly exaggerated the gramophone horn and the elegance of the figures, giving the illustration a more Art Nouveau look, while stressing the attractive patterns of the parasol, the ladies' hairstyles and swimming costumes, plus the stave-like waves of the sea.
illustration of These were two of four images commissioned by the Birmingham Royal Ballet that were used as back projections for performances of Sir Frederick Ashton’s ‘Divertissements’, a quartet of short ballets that included ‘Tweedledum and Tweedledee’ - hence the ‘Alice’ imagery. The heraldic crest was for a ballet set to the Habsburg-era music of Johannes Brahms.
illustration of Father Christmas on a gift-laden sleigh, with an elf holding a lantern as he flies over the moonlit rooftops delivering presents - Christmas card commission from the UK employment agency Pertemps People Development Group
illustration of 'Executioner card' from Lewis Carroll's ‘Alice's Adventures in Wonderland’ - a digital version of an image I originally drew for ‘Whittard of Chelsea’ (where the card was holding a butter knife instead of an ax)
illustration of illustration of Alice in the Queen of Hearts’ rose garden; one of a quartet of mugwrap designs for Whittard of Chelsea, for their ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ range
illustration of composite illustration, commissioned by Whittard of Chelsea, depicting a whole host of characters (the cook, frog footman, the hatter and march hare, the dodo, white rabbit, knave of hearts, flamingo, parrot, Bill the lizard, the caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, the dormouse in a teapot) from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ - for use on biscuit tins, tea trays etc.
illustration of one of many illustrations, for Whittard of Chelsea, on the theme of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party; this image of the White Rabbit went on the side of a mug (with Alice chasing him on the other side)
illustration of one of dozens of images for ‘Whittard of Chelsea’ on the theme of ‘Alice in Wonderland’; this was one of my favorite illustrations of the set, yet I did so many extra images for the client that I don’t think this one was ever used.
illustration of decorative vignette illustration, originally for my children’s novel ‘Lydia’s Golden Drum’
illustration of portfolio piece from a series I called the ‘Neale O zodiac’ - fashion-themed images depicting the twelve star signs
illustration of Behemoth is the giant, gun-wielding, gluttonous cat character from Mikhail Bulgakov’s satirical 1930s novel
illustration of Wagnerian opera character Brunnhilde - complete with winged helmet, shield, spear and big brass bosom - ‘singing’ her aria out on a storm-swept, lightning-lashed mountaintop
illustration of caricature of the 19th Century German composer - portrayed as Wotan, King of the Gods, from his famous ‘Ring’ cycle of operas
illustration of caricature of the English composer, most famous for his orchestral suite ‘The Planets’. This image was used in a concert program for the NDR Sinfonie Orchester, Germany
illustration of caricature of the maverick American composer - with reference to Ives’ New England background, plus his stylistic innovations fusing marching band music, church hymns etc - commissioned by ‘The Gramophone’ magazine
illustration of caricature of the avant-garde Franco-American composer - famous for his dissonant music
illustration of caricature of the Greek-born soprano (for Lebrecht Music + Arts)
illustration of caricature of the Danish composer for a CD of his symphonies on the Chandos label
illustration of caricature of the lovely American singer and actress Julie London - ‘Fly me to the Moon’!
illustration of caricature of the British actress - from the 1935 movie ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ directed by James Whale
illustration of caricature of the Welsh-born actor - as Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus in the film by Julie Taymor (which happens to be my all-time favorite movie)
illustration of caricature of the tough guy American actor
illustration of caricature of the American actress Sigourney Weaver, as Ellen Ripley in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror movie ‘Alien’ - looking ominously at the ‘HR Giger spaceship’ in the background
illustration of caricature of the ‘Monty Python’ animator and director - depicted as a hot-air balloon, off on another flight of fantasy, with reference to his fabulous movie ‘The Adventures of Baron Munchausen’
illustration of caricature of the American jazz singer (drawn for Lebrecht Music + Arts, in the 2017 centenary of her birth)
illustration of portrait of the Chilean-American author (for Lebrecht Music + Arts)
illustration of caricature of the Russian ballerina (for Lebrecht Music + Arts)
illustration of caricature of Hollywood actor Errol Flynn (for Lebrecht Music + Arts)
illustration of caricature of the American comedy actor and writer, creator of ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’
illustration of caricature of the American writer (for Lebrecht Music + Arts)
illustration of caricature of the English writer - published in the Daily Mail
illustration of caricature of English writer Charles Dickens for his bicentenary - and my momentous first cover for the Times Literary Supplement!
illustration of caricature of the great Finnish composer, depicted as younger man, with a woodland backdrop, in reference to his orchestral masterpiece 'Tapiola' (for Lebrecht Music + Arts)
illustration of caricature of the Soviet leader (for Lebrecht Music + Arts)
illustration of caricature for the Times Literary Supplement, to accompany an article about Calvino’s wartime memoirs and his time as a guard in the Italian army
illustration of caricature of the American horror writer, with ‘Cthuhlu’ tentacles writhing round his shoulders - published in the Times Literary Supplement
illustration of caricature of the British Field Marshall, in army uniform - from a series of First World War leaders to commemorate the recent centenary
illustration of caricature of the singer and member of heavy metal band Black Sabbath - Ozzy is not only my namesake, but he also hails from my home city of Birmingham!
illustration of caricature of the Australian rock musician, for the premier issue of Mojo ‘the Rock n Roll magazine’ - first published about a quarter of a century ago!
illustration of caricature of the great American film producer - with his cartoon creations Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit - with Dumbo and Mary Poppins flying in for good measure
illustration of caricature of the 20th Century British writer, published in the Mail on Sunday
illustration of caricature of the English comedian, depicted as his character EL Wisty (for Lebrecht Music + Arts)
illustration of caricature of the Nobel-prize-winning German author, with reference to his books 'The Flounder’, 'From the Diary of a Snail’ and, of course, 'The Tin Drum’. It was this 1957 book that was to be the initial inspiration for my own children’s novel ‘Lydia’s Tin Lid Drum’.
illustration of caricature of the author of ‘The Jungle Book’ - complete with snakeskin tie
illustration of a suitably austere caricature of the Italian poet and author of the concentration camp memoir ‘If This is a Man’
illustration of caricature of the English writer, commissioned by the Times Literary Supplement. I did prepare another version of this image with Ms T Warner holding a pen - but, I guess the TLS were happy to keep the cigarette (!)
illustration of caricature / portrait of the English war poet
illustration of caricature of the famous English playwright with a ‘background’ of Elizabethan London and the Globe Theatre (for Lebrecht Music + Arts)


Neale Osborne is perhaps best known for his lively pen-and-ink work, in the expressive manner of fellow English cartoonists Ralph Steadman and Gerald Scarfe - though he also has a distinctive graphic style which in recent years has developed into a crisp, colorful - and very adaptable - digital technique. Over the past two decades, Neale's pictures have appeared in such publications as Country Life, the Times, the Gramophone, the Daily Mail, TLS and Mojo, as well as in concert programs for the BBC Proms and the Mariinsky Opera. His single largest commission, thus far, was for a series of 'Alice in Wonderland’ illustrations to go on a range of 'tea party' packaging - yet there are many years’ worth of work to be found in his various book projects, most notably his illustrated children's novel 'Lydia's Tin Lid Drum', published in 2009 by Oxford University Press. Neale's portfolio often reflects a love of early cinema and classical music, and his images can now be licensed from the prestigious Bridgeman Arts picture library.


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