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2021 Hair Trends

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2021 hair trends for Dyson. We’ve got 90's space buns, bob with bangs, textured locks, refined grunge, sleek and straight, and the influence of masks

Jason Raish

Jason Raish

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Central Illustration Agency
17b Perseverance Works
38 Kingsland Road
London, E2 8DD
United Kingdom

illustration of Illustration of 2 ladies playing croquet. Realistic style, energetic pose.
illustration of Croquet and Ink illustration of a lady in a long yellow coat. Painterly, realistic approach.
illustration of Limited Edition, Elegant, Print, Croquet, Man, Hat, Dapper, Fashion, Fundraiser, Black Artists, Donation, Musician, Pink, Suit, Pin Stripes, Strength.
illustration of Painterly illustrated portrait of Jrue Holiday, the older veteran on a team of younger players (New Orleans Pelicans) For
illustration of Editorial illustration for Immigrant Heritage Week 2021. Painterly, portrait feel, digital illustration. Characters from New York City.
illustration of Illustration of 4 characters, with bikes behind them. Jerry is a selvedge denim type hipster, Elaine is a Doc Martins feminist hipster. George is a track fixie enthusiast hipster. Painterly, portrait feel.
illustration of Album EP cover art for Akira Matsumura pianist under the stars.
illustration of Digital, Figurative, Painterly, Realism, Stylized, Fashion/Cosmetics, People, Portrait
illustration of Illustration of a man in a mint suit holding a cane. Fashion, editorial, illustrative style.
illustration of Illustration of a woman and dog in a car driving. Yellow and bright trees in the background. Editorial.
illustration of Illustration editorial for Golf Magazine showcasing a man sat in a chair with a notepad and pen. He is surrounded by frames on the wall and theres a golfball on the seat next to him. Digital, realistic approach.
illustration of Painterly illustration of a girls face with an Amazon parcel in front of her mouth. Amazon warehouse injuries in a joint investigation by The Atlantic and Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting. Reveal has a podcast episode on this as well. All our convenient packages come at a human price, and I'm guilty as well.
illustration of Special Edition of L'Obs about 2,000 years of Chinese power up to the current president Xi Jinping. Digital illustration, detailed, painterly, portrait style, gold, red, Chinese.
illustration of Illustrated cards for the MTA Metropolitan Transit Authority. Explores a variety of different people on the subway, the crowds. Digital, painterly feel.
illustration of Editorial illustration for the Washington Post depicting the Oscars 2019. All 8 lead actors in the best picture nominated movies were illustrated. celebrities including Olivia Coleman.
illustration of Paris in the age of the Super Rich. Full and quarter page for L’Obs in Paris. There are apps for in home chefs, concierges, dog walkers, car parkers, massage therapists, and just about anything else a rich person could want.
illustration of Portrait of Bill Murray with a beaver on his shoulder. Portrait, painterly, realistic style, with a landscape and lighthouse in the background.
illustration of Illustration of a crowd in Central Park in Winter, all walking their dogs. Sunglasses featured throughout. Jason Raish Illustration - “30 Years of Signature Style”, Luxury eyewear brand Morgenthal Frederics’ 30th anniversary fall advertising campaign.
illustration of There aren't many 10 out of 10 star records but N.W.A.'s 1988 album Straight Outta Compton is one of them. For a group show in Singapore at Kult Gallery. MC Ren, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Easy-E, DJ Yella. Painterly illustration of the band members from N.W.A.
illustration of Illustrated poster of Wes Anderson inspired objects and props including a tie, headphones, a ladder, binoculars, a beret, an apple and a mouse. Digital, painterly, realistic style.
illustration of Cover Illustration for Muse by Robb Report. It’s full of fashion and other luxury market stuff. Illustration of a lady with a bike standing in front of a series of houses, autumn leaves surrounding her. Colourful, realistic style.
illustration of In the Mood for Love Movie Poster was selected for the American Illustration Winners Annual Book. Painterly illustration of a man and woman.
illustration of Digital, Figurative, Painterly, Realism, Stylized, Fashion/Cosmetics, People, Portrait
illustration of 24 x 36
illustration of Illustrated beer cans featuring a series of different tourist based characters. Humorous and playful approach.
illustration of Illustrated postcard depicting 2018 as the year of the dog. This dog is based on an Inu Hariko (lucky dog toys that are the protectors of children and pregnant women). The bottom left says 2018 (in a special year numbering system) and the character below it is the special character for dog used only for year of the dog. On the top left it basically says Happy New Year.
illustration of Illustrated poster for the French comic Asterix and the Asterix Parc. Playful style.
illustration of Full page for Los Angeles Magazine on Grindr's Red Scare. Painterly, editorial approach.
illustration of Illustration of a crab boil vs steam.
illustration of “For Alexandra, study and meditation were good. Mountains so big they could humble Alexander the Great into silence were better.” Parisian Opera singer turned Buddhist lama Alexandra David-Néel for LongReads.


Jason Raish was born in South Korea and grew up in forests of western New York state. He went on a 6 year adventure living and freelancing with old and new clients around the world including places such as Beijing, Tokyo, Barcelona, Seoul, London, and Paris. Now he lives and works in Park Slope, Brooklyn and you can find him jogging around the park with their rescue Husky Dubuchim. He’s received recognition and honours from The Society of Illustrators NY and LA, Communication Arts, American Illustration, 3x3, and Spectrum. Clients include: New York Times, Saatchi and Saatchi, Leo Burnett, The Times, Radio Times, and more


Design, Digital, Figurative, Painterly, Realism, Stylized, Decorative


Celebrities, Character Development, Editorial, Fashion/Cosmetics, Music, People, Portrait, Posters, Travel, Americana, Youth, Urban, Branding