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Central Illustration Agency

illustration of Tiger Leopard Flower Pattern Design Childish Kid Dark Night Playful Leafy Leaves Plants Handmade Painted Decorated Detailed Intricate Sky Stars Bird
illustration of Textural, graphic, digital, illustration, musician, painterly, style vintage, golden era, retro, collage,, blues, music, people, John lee hooker, guitarist.
illustration of Jan Bielecki, Retro, Vintage, Children, Texture, Character, Narrative, People, Child, Cartoon, Brain, Brainstorming
illustration of Flower Petals Leaves Green Plant Detail Colourful Bold Strong Statement
illustration of Lino Cut, Character, Historical, Narrative, Book, Illustration, Hand Crafted, Hand Drawn, Drawing, Printmaking, Lino, Relief.
illustration of Parfum Retro Classic Vintage Woman Paris Elegant
illustration of Painted Hand Pretty Girly Feminine Delicate Beautiful Plate Flower Botanical
illustration of Aretha Franklin Singer Black and White Portrait Feminine Women Woman Vector Digital
illustration of Celebrating women’s day with this worldwide campaign by one of our very own, the amazing Margaux Carpentier.
illustration of Beautiful, Organic, Whimsical Illustration, H&M, Kids, Fashion, Sustainable, Clothe, Clothes, Children, Child, Animals, Nature, Landscape
illustration of Bold Simple Effective Fun College Education Learn Study Student Broccoli Mixed Media Collage
illustration of Stefano Colferai created a campaign for the release that playfully celebrates Converse's world of pack-inspired references, with aliens and flying saucers among Nevada cacti and rocks.
illustration of Painterly narrative illustration PIMM'S o'clock Drink Campaign Advertising Fruits Humour
animation of As the build-up to the Commonwealth Games 2022 continues, say hello to Curtis Marrs' eye-popping campaign!
This epic campaign, powered by mixed media genius Curtis Marrs and ad agency McCann, brings together an amazing selection of Olympic athletes and rapper Lady Leshurr to celebrate greatness.
illustration of Adele, vibrant, profile, graphic, poster, digital, music, portrait.
illustration of Botanical Painterly Cosmetic Product Flower Floral Delicate Packaging Bee Bees
illustration of Painterly Illustration Graphic Paint Painting Portrait People Botanical Woman Flowers Forest Charming
illustration of Data Datainformation Datavisualisation Infographic Twitter Information Graphic Dandillion Statistic
animation of Dog and Rabbit made this big train table logo for Channel 5, and six short promos to promote The Great Model Railway Challenge.

Camerawork by Nich. Sound by Nigel Manington.
illustration of Laurent Garnier - Off The Records
Poster created by Elzo Durt. Illustrator-collagist Elzo Durt creates psychedelic and occasionally unsettling imagery, adorning both album covers and gallery walls.
illustration of Bold Colourful Cool Fashion
illustration of Apple Packaging Man Men Beard Axe Tree Trees Flower Botanical
animation of Feed the Eyeball - The Black Eyed Peas, Sound Bites
animation of Animation, Sports, Motion, Design, NBA, Character Design, Playful, Cartoon, People, Motion Design, Storytelling, Basketball, Stylised, Line, Digital.
illustration of Wine, Label, Design, Printmaking, Vintage, Crafted, Handmade, Linocut, Woodcut, Black and White, Detailed, Branding, Drinks, Wine Bottle, Sustainable, Detailed, Craft, Care, Packaging.
illustration of Series of illustrations for WaxWork Records Deluxe 3xLP for Netflix's The Fear Street Films. Realistic, Digital Art, Horror, Comedy, Painterly, Style, Retro, Old School.
illustration of Hand Painted Shirt
illustration of Beefeater Packaging Product Decorative Orange Pattern Botanical Flowers Fruits Delicate
illustration of Classical Illustration Traditional Painted Strokes Fluid Movement Bold Colourful Fresh Bull Ride Horse Man Male Guy
illustration of Bold, Vector, Graphic, Digital, Lavazza, Ad, Advertising, Animal, Animals, Jungle, Botanical, Birds, Flowers, Plants
illustration of Realistic Ball-point Biro Pen Monochrome Album Cover Music Bath Man Photorealistic
illustration of Heron Night Nocturnal Nocture Spooky Moody
illustration of Painterly, nature, jungle, atmospheric, wildlife, girl swimming, river, animals, childrens, illustration, story
illustration of Window Display, Illustration, Picnic, 3D, Characters, Playful, Food, Naive, Linework, Installation Art, Picnic, Summer
illustration of Cute, Kawai, Characters, Bold, Colourful, Sweet, Cheerful
illustration of Installation, line drawing, sculpture, music, grammar phone, surrealism, house, retro.
illustration of The Pirates of Penzance, Poster, Screenprint, Limited Edition, Bright, Shapes, Bold, Design, Pirate, Character, Puppet, Storytelling, Poster, Theatre, Play, Colourful.
illustration of Flower Field Knight Horse Riding Metal Castle Collage Photo Sword Funny Humour
illustration of Bold and graphic digital illustration
illustration of Relax, Illustration, Humour, Playful, Quirky, Botanicals, Vintage, Retro, Character, Bold, Board Plants, Smoking, Exaggerated Proportion, Line Drawn, Digital.
illustration of digital, hand sketch, illustrations, illustrator, collage, layers, painterly, architecture, landscape, brand, advertising, scenery, hand marks
illustration of Studio Morales, portraiture, charcoal, sketch, naturalistic, illustration, illustrator, detail, depth, skilful, fine art, shoes, fashion
illustration of Cartoon, Conceptual, Digital, Graphic, Storyboards, Stylized, Character Development, Comic Book, Fantasy, Mystery
illustration of Dysmorphia Body Fragment Mind Physical Shape Form Dysmorphic Geometric Sculpture Illustration CGI 3Drendering Photorealistic
illustration of illustrator illustration light digital narrative adventure poster graphic posterart comic film movie pottermore harrypotter
illustration of Fishing Village port sea seafront sea sight houses boat boats
animation of Stop Motion Pop Up Blue Moon Wish Tree Advert. Branding, Motion, Playful, Tree, Drinks, Alcohol, Punchy.
illustration of John Lennon Beatles Flower Car Flowers Vintage Retro Music Details Decorative
illustration of Digital, Line, Product
illustration of Printed Hand Made Intricate Detail Delicate Beautiful Wood Block Fishing Fish Currants Cake Baking Cooking Kitchen Wife Woman Girl Cats Flowers Tea Pot Crackers Sewing Thread Ornaments Window Boats Sea Side Shore Dough Whisk Spoon
illustration of campaign, infographic, bold, vector, illustration
illustration of Illustration of 2 ladies playing croquet. Realistic style, energetic pose.
illustration of Characters Cartoon Playful Fun Cool Colourful Bright Bold
illustration of Spider Man Super Hero Comic Book Movement Flight Fly Strength Fight High Rise Sky Scraper
illustration of Line with Color, Painterly, Stylized, Woodcut, Adventure, Landscape, Nature, Wildlife, Agriculture, Environmental
illustration of Paper Papersculpture Sculpture Playful three-dimensional Mask Emotion
illustration of Caricature, Cartoon, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Humor, Animals, Posters, Wildlife
illustration of illustration, characters, drawn, colour, stickers, typography, painterly, pattern, playful, children, products, Tiger
illustration of screen-print, screen printing, traditional, texture, textural Hipsters
illustration of Design, Digital, Graphic, Stylized
illustration of Realistic, Painterly, Family, Mother, Jelly, Food, Retro, Propaganda, Vintage, Comic Book, Kitchen, 1950's, Style, Portrait, Face, Expression
illustration of Infographic, Humour, Humoristic, Lineart, Minimalist, Witty, Conceptual, Instructional Infographic, Step by step, Diagram, Diagramatic
Isometric, User manual, Ikea
illustration of Panda Bear Elephant Tiger Rhinoceros Owl Bird Lizard Parrot Dingy Life Boat Save Rescue Sink Swim Industrial Environmental Effects Extinction Life Buoy City Smoke Sky Line Realistic Life Like Detail
illustration of Abstract, Acrylic, Oil, Painterly, Stylized, Animals, Fantasy, Medical, Sci-Fi, Wildlife
animation of Based on a poem and inspired by the work of Italian designer Ettore Sottsass, Some is a short film that explores the spectrum of emotions in everyday life.
illustration of Tactile illustration, papiermaché, papier mache, papercraft, papersculpture, sculpture, playful, setdesign, material, brain, snack, food


Abstract, Acrylic, Airbrush, Animation, Black & White, Calligraphy, Caricature, Cartoon, Charcoal, Clay Sculpture, Collage, Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Cut Paper, Design, Digital, Engraving, Figurative, Fine Art, Gouache, Graphic, Impressionistic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Montage, Oil, Painterly, Paper Sculpture, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Photoillustration, Realism, Scratchboard, Silhouette, Storyboards, Stylized, Technical, Texture, 3-D Collage, 3-D Rendering, Type Design, Watercolor, Woodcut, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical, Interactive, Concept Art, Installations, Film/Entertainment, Monoprints, Silk Prints, CGI, Crayon, Motion, Vector, Anime, Apps/Mobile, e-Learning, Chalkboard, Explainer Video, Pop-Up, Live Scribing


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Annual Report, Architecture, Book Covers, Botanical, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Computers, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Futuristic, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Holidays, Icons, Industrial, Information Graphics, Landscape, Leisure, Licensing, Maps, Medical, Mural, Music, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Product, Religious, Romance, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Sports, Still Life, Technology, Textiles, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Web Design, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Game, Edgy, Environmental, Financial, Grunge, Urban, Branding, Surface Design, Logos


CIA REPRESENTS A DIVERSE STABLE OF COMMERCIAL ARTISTS AND ANIMATION STUDIOS BASED ALL OVER THE WORLD With every medium from 3D rendering and motion graphics to wood engraving and sculptural installation, we offer an incomparable range of visual languages.


17b Perseverance Works
38 Kingsland Road
London, E2 8DD
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