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2016 Graham Studios Showreel

Motion graphics and 3D animations in After Effects and Maya created for Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Educational applications.

Keywords: Animation, Technical, Film/Entertainment, CGI, Motion, Apps/Mobile, Education, Historical, Medical, Scientific

© William Graham

3D Animation of Invisalign Tooth Aligner

3D model, texturing and animation created in Maya for Invisalign sales campaign.

Keywords: Animation, Technical, 3-D Rendering, CGI, Health, Medical, Scientific, Technology

© William Graham

Glucose Meter with Blood Droplet on Finger

An editorial image of a glucose meter sampling a blood droplet for insulin testing.

Keywords: Digital, Technical, Explainer Video, Editorial, Education, Health, Medical, People, Product

© William Graham

Transport of Zika virus blood and urine samples.

From a series of illustrations depicting Zika virus specimen collection and shipping instructions.

Keywords: Digital, Figurative, Technical, Explainer Video, Editorial, Information Graphics, Medical, People, Scientific

© William Graham

Hurricane formation

An editorial image depicting how warm ocean water evaporates which makes clouds and provides the energy that fuels a hurricane.

Keywords: Photoillustration, Editorial, Education, Scientific, Web Illustration, Environmental

© William Graham

The McLeod Plantation Historic Site: Transition to

GRAHAM STUDIOS WINS NAI AWARD FOR McLEOD PLANTATION APP As part of the renewal of the McLeod Plantation Historic Site in Charleston, South Carolina, William Graham of Graham Studios was commissioned to create, “The McLeod Plantation Historic Site: Transition to Freedom app,” a self guided iPhone tour of pre-Civil War cotton production.”

Keywords: Animation, Digital, Figurative, Interactive, Motion, Historical, People, Travel, Americana, Agriculture

© William Graham

Flu Infographic

One of about 20 infographics created this year for WebMD and other clients. See my Infographics portfolio here:

Keywords: Digital, Graphic, Editorial, Education, Health, Icons, Information Graphics, Medical, Scientific

© William Graham

A Mailer for a Medical Product

A mailer for a powdered medical product featuring a cell phone, packets of medicine in a leather case. The cell phone has an app that shows patients how to self administer the drug.

Keywords: Digital, Graphic, Line with Color, Realism, Health, Medical, Packaging, Product

© William Graham

Self Administering Insulin Delivery Device

Part of a series of 30 patient education images illustrating how a diabetic patient can easily re-fill her self-administering insulin delivery device.

Keywords: Digital, Figurative, Technical, Education, Health, Medical, Product, Scientific, Technology

© William Graham

Hand Removing Aranesp Syringe from Packaging

One of a series of patient instruction images explaining how to remove the Aranesp syringe from its packaging and use the syringe.

Keywords: Graphic, Line with Color, Technical, Education, Health, Information Graphics, Medical, Packaging, People, Scientific

© William Graham

Hand with IV

A hand with an IV drip attached.

Keywords: Realism, Technical, Editorial, Education, Health, Medical, People, Scientific, Technology

© William Graham

Downtown Golf Course

Cover for Golf Course Magazine of a fanciful downtown golf course.

Keywords: Digital, Architecture, Editorial, Landscape, Leisure, Sports, Environmental, Urban

© William Graham

Presentation Comp of Family playing Croquet

Part of my work as an illustrator is to produce detailed presentation comps. In this instance, the creative team wanted a cellular receptor to turn into a tree that then shades a cancer survivor and her family playing croquet. The time frame was short, but we were able to cast and costume the actors, shoot and composit the image in a little over 2 weeks – including several rounds of revisions.

Keywords: Comps, Digital, Photoillustration, Concept Art, Family, Health, Medical, People, Scientific, Lifestyle

© William Graham

Blueprint House

A house under construction sitting on its blueprints with the prospective buyers standing in front. Created as concept art for presentation.

Keywords: Technical, Architecture, Editorial, People, Technology, Web Illustration, Financial

© William Graham

Clutch Cutaway

Cutaway illustration of a clutch.

Keywords: Digital, Line with Color, Realism, Technical, Vector, Industrial, Scientific, Technology

© William Graham

Vector Art of Compact Car

Vector art of a compact car for a textbook.

Keywords: Graphic, Line with Color, Technical, Vector, Editorial, Education, Scientific, Technology, Transportation

© William Graham

Illustration of a Modern Kitchen

Illustration of a modern kitchen at night.

Keywords: Digital, Realism, Technical, e-Learning, Architecture, Editorial, Education, Health, Technology, Web Illustration

© William Graham

Automotive Intercooler

Vector illustration of an automotive intercooler.

Keywords: Line with Color, Technical, Vector, Industrial, Technology, Transportation

© William Graham

Piano Cutaway Illustration

Cutaway Illustration of a piano.

Keywords: Digital, Realism, Technical, Editorial, Education, Licensing, Product

© William Graham

Helicopter with Searchlight on Diseased Heart

Helicopter with searchlight on a diseased heart. Key art for "The Search for Selectivity in the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation" series of monographs for Astellas.

Keywords: Photoillustration, Technical, 3-D Rendering, Editorial, Health, Medical, Scientific, Technology, Transportation

© William Graham

Spiral of Respiratry Failure Infographic

Infographic of pulmonary inflammation leading to respiratory failure.

Keywords: Digital, Technical, Editorial, Education, Health, Information Graphics, Medical, Scientific, Technology, Web Illustration

© William Graham

Mucinex Infographic

Infographic of how Mucinex helps end the common cold, relieves sinus pressure, combats nagging cough, and get you a better night's sleep.

Keywords: Digital, Figurative, Education, Health, Information Graphics, Medical, Packaging, People, Product, Web Illustration

© William Graham

Cholesterol Infographic

Infographic illustrating facts about high cholesterol including a genetic form, HDL LDL and Triglycerides.

Keywords: Graphic, Line with Color, Vector, Health, Information Graphics, Medical, Lifestyle

© William Graham

Park City Snowboarder

Poster illustration of a female snowboarder customizable with your favorite resort available for licensing.

Keywords: Figurative, Graphic, Action, Adventure, Editorial, People, Posters, Product, Sports, Travel

© William Graham

Male Snowboarder Resortware

Poster illustration of a male snowboarder customizable with your favorite resort - available for licensing.

Keywords: Graphic, Adventure, Holidays, Licensing, People, Posters, Sports, Textiles, Travel

© William Graham

A Selection of Icons

A selection if Icons created for various clients, including moon icon, sun icon, tape measure icon, mailbox icon, calendar icon, Scale icon,phone center icon, envelope icon.

Keywords: Graphic, Stylized, Vector, Icons, Information Graphics

© William Graham

Vespa Presentation Comp

Photography and chalk illustration of man on a Vespa. Presentation comp.

Keywords: Comps, Mixed Media, Photoillustration, Concept Art, People, Transportation, Lifestyle

© William Graham

Open Heart

Stock image of a tattoo style heart with a scalpel stuck in it.

Keywords: Line with Color, Greeting Cards, Health, Licensing, Medical, Posters, Edgy

© William Graham

Hot Rod with Cat & Dog

A pro bono job for a local car club charity for stray animals featuring a Model T Ford hot rod and a mom & pop cat & dog inside.

Keywords: Figurative, Graphic, Humor, Animals, Landscape, Licensing, Nature, Posters, Transportation, Vintage / Retro

© William Graham

Mattress Cutaway View

Illustration of a woman sleeping on a mattress and a cutaway of the mattress.

Keywords: Realism, Technical, People, Product, Technology

© William Graham

Blue Swan Press

Logo for a small press.

Keywords: Graphic, Line with Color, Animals, Book Covers, Children's Books, Editorial

© William Graham

Graham Studios


Give me your scribbled cocktail napkins, your pencil sketches, your fabulous ideas and I will transform them into final art, presentation comps, motion graphics & animations that will bring them to life. I enjoy, and am very good at, taking a complex medical or technical process and rendering it in a crisp and understandable graphic style. I work in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Maya mainly for Fortune 500 companies.


Animation, Comps, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Photoillustration, Realism, Stylized, Technical, 3-D Rendering, Interactive, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment, CGI, Motion, Vector, Apps/Mobile, e-Learning, Explainer Video


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Children's Books, Editorial, Education, Family, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Holidays, Icons, Industrial, Information Graphics, Landscape, Leisure, Licensing, Medical, Nature, Packaging, People, Posters, Product, Scientific, Sports, Technology, Textiles, Transportation, Travel, Web Illustration, Americana, Agriculture, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Edgy, Environmental, Financial, Urban