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Crystal Island

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Hand drawn and digitally colored ink illustration made to fill a two page spread in the October 2020 issue of the printed science fiction magazine, "Infinite Worlds Magazine"

Sam Fontaine

Samuel Fontaine

illustration of Hand drawn and digitally colored ink illustration. Drawn as an imagination exercise, it was also inspired by the art of Moebius. I wanted to give this scifi drawing a little bit of a spiritual feeling by having a large desert environment and the swirling whimsical look of the lady in the crystal. 
psychedelic yellow machine technology book illustration album cover game art brand product.
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illustration of A private digital commission based on the mega space structures called GSVs in the scifi book series,
illustration of A hand drawn and digitally colored commission for the scifi novel,
illustration of Hand drawn and digitally colored illustration that was published in the 5th issue of the scifi print publication, Infinite Worlds Magazine. This picture was deeply inspired by the work of Jean Giraud (Moebius) which is why the editor contacted me asking if they could use this illustration in an issue of their printed magazine. I've always loved psychedelic art and scifi art and in this picture I sought to reconcile to two styles to create a wonderous and evocative scene.
illustration of A graphite skull and chrome study, inspired by the work of graphite artist Allen Williams. This piece of macabre dark art was initially a life drawing study of a skull. As I drew the image, it seemed to become more and more visually alive which inspired me to take the drawing and turn it into a study of chrome as well as a horror themed scifi drawing. The chrome on the neck is set up to emulate the musculature of the human neck. This was done to make it more scary looking.
illustration of Digital album cover art for the Dadson's newest album
illustration of A digital illustration commissioned for the scifi novel,
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illustration of A personal hand drawn and digitally colored illustration. The story depicted in the image is post-apocalyptic world and this robot has stumbled upon an old computer that still works and is exploring the past of human history. This was my first attempt at using a fountain pen and ink well.

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illustration of Hand drawn and digitally colored illustration commissioned for the scifi novel,
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illustration of A personal digital illustration, inspired by the art of Moebius. This was one of my early experiments with using the perspective grid tool in procreate which allowed for greater ease in depicting 
expansiveness. Before this picture my depictions of technology would look a little bit blocky. For this piece I tried not to over-think the details of the technology and just let my intuitive creativity fill in the details. The color scheme was chosen to show a cold and harsh environment of a tundra.
illustration of An 11
illustration of Hand drawn and digitally colored personal illustration. This is the first drawing I've done in the Solar Punk genre. A genre that depicts a future where humanity co-exists in an ecologically synergistic manner with the planet. In order to show the health and vibrancy of the city, I decided to make it clean and lively using white, grey and various blues and greens. My goal is to convey a sense of optimism about a green and healthy future on this planet.
illustration of A digitally commissioned musical profile illustration. The music was calm etheric scifi instrumentals. For this piece I digitally drew over a photograph of the musician and drew in the grey and black background in order to use the contrast with the orange to make the musician stand out more. I also wanted to give the feeling that the musician is a type of rebellious hero in a dystopian society by having him be the only thing in the picture with bright lively colors.
illustration of A colored pencil illustration commissioned for the scifi novel,
illustration of Hand drawn and digitally colored commissioned illustration for the scifi novel,
illustration of The album cover and poster design for the Asheville, NC sludge metal band, SQUIDLORD. This piece was inspired by the scrimshaw drawings that were drawn by whalers in the 1800s. The piece depicts the actual squid lord fighting with a fleet of naval ships and a group of stone golems. The goal was to portray the squid lord as the form of chaos by having him fighting humans and the forces of nature themselves as represented by the golems.
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illustration of This is an alternate color scheme for my hand drawn and digitally colored original illustration,
illustration of Hand drawn ink illustration for the Greensboro, NC thrash metal group, Leather Grave. The band hired me to create this album cover for their self-titled 2020 debut album. They gave me almost total creative freedom on this piece and I had a fun time designing it. The band asked for a logo using their band initials and asked me if I could incorporate a raven to add to the macabre design since their music is classic horror movie themed.
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Sam Fontaine has been freelancing, professionally designing and illustrating since 2009. As a well rounded artist, He uses a variety of media including ink, colored pencil, graphite and digital design/painting tools. He has worked on a wide variety of project types including t-shirts, album covers, book illustrations and promotional posters. Being an adventurous creator, he is always taking on new project commissions that challenge and stretch his knowledge of the design and artistic worlds.


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