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“The Directory of Illustration Blog is very useful in that it shows what illustrators are doing lately, and collects a variety of artists in one spot.”

Pam Li

Senior Graphic Designer / JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY

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Commercial projects & campaigns

Eleventh Hour Brewing

Charlie Wagers

Charlie Wagers for Eleventh Hour Brewing


EMME Edizioni

Angelo Ruta

Angelo Ruta for EMME Edizioni

© EMME Edizioni

IDW Publishing

David DeGrand

David DeGrand for IDW Publishing

© IDW Publishing

Belle Isle Books

Scott DuBar

Scott DuBar for Belle Isle Books

© Scott DuBar

Usborne Publishing

Marcelo Badari

Marcelo Badari for Usborne Publishing

© Marcelo Badari


Giaufret - Rusina

Giaufret - Rusina for USBORNE


FOCUS Magazine

Valeria Salandin

Valeria Salandin for FOCUS Magazine


Stonelux Limited

Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell for Stonelux Limited

© Chris Mitchell All Rights Reserved


Juan Travieso

Juan Travieso for Perrier

© JuanTravieso

Cricket Media

Sue Todd

Sue Todd for Cricket Media

© Sue Todd Illustration


James Dawe

James Dawe for Glenfiddich

© James Dawe


Kelly Anna

Kelly Anna for Bloomingdales

© Kelly Anna

UN Women

Marylou Faure

Marylou Faure for UN Women

© Marylou Faure


Alex Tait

Alex Tait for ParkyLife

© Alex Tait


Joe Waldron

Joe Waldron for ParkyLife

© Joe Waldron

High Five Magazine

Gary LaCoste

Gary LaCoste for High Five Magazine


Phoenix New Times

Simeon Elson

Simeon Elson for Phoenix New Times

© Simeon Elson

Planet Medien GmbH

Elisabetta Ferrero

Elisabetta Ferrero for Planet Medien GmbH



Simona Bursi

Simona Bursi for Usborne


Peaceable Kingdom


Alistar for Peaceable Kingdom


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