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Karen Arneson

Art Buyer Lead, Image Services
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Commercial projects & campaigns


Carrie May

Carrie May for Avon

© Carrie May


Ben Scruton

Ben Scruton for OUP

© Ben Scruton


Marie-Christine Gervais

Marie-Christine Gervais for Waze

© Marie-Christine Gervais

Woman's Weekly

Anna Hymas

Anna Hymas for Woman's Weekly

© Anna Hymas

Random House Books

Andrew Farley

Andrew Farley for Random House Books

© Andrew Farley


Eyewash for

© 2017 Eyewash

Aveksa, Inc.

Joe Kandra

Joe Kandra for Aveksa, Inc.

© Aveksa, Inc.

Mad Over Sport

Simeon Elson

Simeon Elson for Mad Over Sport

© Simeon Elson/Mad Over Sport


Bryan Holland

Bryan Holland for Cuckuu


Edmonton Poetry Festival

Marc Nipp

Marc Nipp for Edmonton Poetry Festival

© marc nipp 2017

ANORAK publishing

Adam Graff

Adam Graff for ANORAK publishing

© Adam Graff

Aladdin Paperbacks

Lucy Truman

Lucy Truman for Aladdin Paperbacks

© Lucy Truman

Simon & Schuster

Rich Wake

Rich Wake for Simon & Schuster

© Rich Wake


Garry Walton

Garry Walton for Goodwood

© Garry Walton


Cristina Guitian

Cristina Guitian for Tandem

© Cristina Guitian


Robyn Neild

Robyn Neild for Sphere

© Robyn Neild

Dogs Trust

Sarah Dennis

Sarah Dennis for Dogs Trust

© Sarah Dennis

Walkers Sunbites

Ashley Percival Illustration

Ashley Percival Illustration for Walkers Sunbites

© Ashley Percival

ESPN Magazine

Sergio Ingravalle

Sergio Ingravalle for ESPN Magazine

© Sergio Ingravalle

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

John Mantha

John Mantha for Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

© 2017 John Mantha

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