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"I like to use the Directory when I'm looking for fresh talent. The online site is particularly useful because the work is updated all the time"

Manny Velez

Art Director / 
The Wall Street Journal

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Commercial projects & campaigns

Cuckoos Club, Mayfair /American Halloween

Dave Franks

Dave Franks for Cuckoos Club, Mayfair /American Halloween


A Equipa

Ana Seixas

Ana Seixas for A Equipa

© Ana Seixas

Trends Quarterly

Rocco Baviera

Rocco Baviera for Trends Quarterly

© 2017 Rocco Baviera

The Progressive

Mike Tofanelli

Mike Tofanelli for The Progressive

© Mike Tofanelli


Joe Kandra

Joe Kandra for BladeLogic

© Joe Kandra


Fausto Montanari

Fausto Montanari for KNOCK KNOCK


Bloomsbury Publishing

Michael Terry

Michael Terry for Bloomsbury Publishing

© Michael Terry

Greenman Festival

Aart-Jan Venema

Aart-Jan Venema for Greenman Festival

© Aart-Jan Venema

Walthamstow Wetlands

Hennie Haworth

Hennie Haworth for Walthamstow Wetlands

© Hennie Haworth

Aisle 5 Publishing

Stephen Hornyak

Stephen Hornyak for Aisle 5 Publishing

© Stephen Hornyak


Shawn Finley

Shawn Finley for IKEA


The Wall Street Journal

Barbara Kelley

Barbara Kelley for The Wall Street Journal


Golf Digest

Carolyn Ridsdale

Carolyn Ridsdale for Golf Digest


MediaAria CDM Ltd

Ciara McAvoy

Ciara McAvoy for MediaAria CDM Ltd

© Ciara McAvoy

Shrub Soda

Amy Frazer

Amy Frazer for Shrub Soda

© Shrub

You & Your Wedding

Vari Telleria

Vari Telleria for You & Your Wedding

© Vari Telleria

Christian Louboutin

Tracy Fennell

Tracy Fennell for Christian Louboutin

© Tracy Fennell

Property Spot Real Estate Agency

Julia Weston

Julia Weston for Property Spot Real Estate Agency

© Property Spot


Peter Greenwood

Peter Greenwood for Apple

© Peter Greenwood

The Pharmacist

Vince McIndoe aka VincePatiche

Vince McIndoe aka VincePatiche for The Pharmacist

© vincemcindoe

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