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Chris Mitchell was recommended by design firm Otherway to create two illustrative brand icons of a powerful and confident ram to feature as part of the Cad & The Dandy new brand identity. Given this Saville Row bespoke tailors and shirt makers endorse craft expectations in everything they do, the illustrative brand logos were required to project the same attention to high craft, especially with regard to the drawing and style execution.

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illustration of Global brand icon Guinness® Foreign Extra Stout. Incorporating the existing Guinness harp logo, this strong iconic beer brand illustration by Chris Mitchell, brings dynamic focus to the launch of a new bottle shape by Guinness. Looking up at the bottle, the low perspective angle helps project a larger than life, hero status feel. With thanks to Chris Weir for his crafted lettering.
illustration of A craft refresh for Stella Artois. Working closely with brand consultancy JKR, Chris Mitchell was commissioned to re-craft the previous Stella Artois illustrative brand cartouche. The previous illustration was lacking a coherent, contemporary style. It was over complex in some areas, whilst too simplistic in others. Given a single colour version was required, it was an excellent opportunity to redraw and refine the cartouche to the next level of craft, for all colour versions.
illustration of The famous brand KETTLE® chips are regarded at the forefront of premium hand cooked all natural potato crisps. Chris Mitchell was commissioned by the Swedish design group Identity Works to produce this dramatic period-style crest illustration for one of the KETTLE® crisps, new product sub-brands. The brand communicates the high quality of English classic crisps, endorsed by the illustration of a lion wearing a gentleman's hat.
illustration of Design Bridge - Netherlands, commissioned Chris Mitchell to work with their creative team to take their initial mountain freeze concept to the next level of craft for their Kenco Coffee brand refresh. A simple one colour yet iconic line version was also provided by Chris as part of the required brand assets. The illustrative mountain range is suggestive of the rich fertile land where the coffee is grown.
illustration of A brand refresh of the world famous coconut-flavored rum MALIBU, by The Brand Union. To replace the old MALIBU logo, Chris Mitchell was commissioned to create a modern and beautifully crafted, jewel-like brand icon, to better project the free and easy spirit of MALIBU. It captures that special moment when the setting sun meets the beach, for even better times ahead. The beautiful new bottle shape and brand label design by The Brand Union promises more shelf impact, quality and style.
illustration of Bonsey Design Partnership commissioned Chris to create an illustrative brand identity icon of a Malaysian tiger head for Maybank. The new design had to appear as a modern marque, whilst the tiger character viewed side on had to appear approachable, confident and noble in order to engage with their market base. The previous brand marque appeared too old fashioned and aggressive. Maybank is Malaysia's most valuable bank brand.
illustration of Specializing in building leadership skills, Tiger Teams required a very dynamic leaping Tiger to host their new visual identity. The positive leap of Chris Mitchell's iconic tiger from dark to the light helps illustrate the Tiger Teams message clues. Designer Mark Eastern worked with Chris to provide a full identity package.
illustration of In line with the brand identity and packaging refresh by The Brand Union, Chris Mitchell was commissioned to redraw LO Smith, the founder of Absolute Vodka. Referred to as 'the King of Vodka' he features on the bottle providing an air of authority and vision whilst appearing more modern in style. Building on its creative heritage Absolut Vodka is now established as one of the worlds best premium spirit brands.
illustration of Chris Mitchell was commissioned by Department to develop and craft their brand identity idea for Scottish Golf. An inspiring yet simple idea of bringing the Scottish flag and a golf ball together worked beautifully. The light detail gives dimension, whilst the slight twist in the ball shadowing provides a sense of flight and drama. Scottish Golf is the governing body for amateur golf in Scotland.
illustration of Fluid commissioned Chris Mitchell to create a dramatic and iconic illustration of the Bass Strait coastline, of South Eastern Australia for a new beef brand. Perfect conditions are found there for grazing pure, tender beef. The illustration features centre stage with clear clarity at all sizes across various brand assets, from packaging to promotion, for the launch of this premium beef brand.
illustration of A major new look for global beer brand Tiger. Chris Mitchell developed the previous Tiger brand icon with Design Bridge 10 years earlier. This new dynamic design by Chris appeals to a younger, more modern and cosmopolitan Asia. A powerful, massively identifiable illustrative icon that is designed to be effective as a stand alone, at all sizes where required.
illustration of Illustrated in a bold contemporary iconic style by Chris Mitchell the JELEN stag was commissioned by Cocoon to work in dynamic harmony with the JELEN lettering design. The previous stag looked rather dated and having served its time on the old label design, a new proud, powerful stance for the stag was required, to host the new label design. JELEN Pivo is a leading core lager brand in Serbia-Montenegro.
illustration of Brand illustration for the Cidrerie STASSEN brand, a super-premium range of ciders. To capture the STASSEN spirit, Bulletproof commissioned Chris Mitchell to develop and craft a line style fruit tree illustration to help bring to life the passion, artistry and craftsmanship that is synonymous with the Famille Stassen. Craft refinement of the 'Stassen' lettering was completed by associate lettering specialist Chris Weir.
illustration of Dragon Rouge commissioned Chris Mitchell to develop and craft a new elephant brand illustration for the classic Carlsberg Elephant beer brand. The new dramatic and engaging elephant illustration plays a key role in helping to reinforce the Carlsberg brand by projecting a meaningful, real brand icon rather than a simple graphic element. Elephant beer is a refreshing lager with high levels of taste, offering a unique and exotic experience.
illustration of The firm of Gordon & McPhail has a reputation around the world as the worlds leading malt whisky specialists. Historically an illustrative stags head has hosted the brand identity. In order for the re-brand of Gordon & McPhail to reach its full potential Chris Mitchell was commissioned by UK agency Navy Blue to provide a new, iconic, crafted illustration of a majestic stags head. Custom lettering design by trusted associate and specialist, Chris Weir.
illustration of Society Studios commissioned Chris Mitchell to develop and illustrate a proud majestic lion to feature as the new Stonelux brand marque. The confident flowing style captured in the craft of the lion helps to project the expectation that by using Stonelux paint products you can be ensured of a beautiful finish. Stonelux is the leading UK manufacturer of stone effect paints.
illustration of Chris Mitchell was commissioned by Landor to give Lucy (or Girl in the Moon) a much needed update. Miller High Life, the champion of beers is one of America's most well known beer brands. Over the years, various illustrations of Lucy took many forms. Whilst respecting the brand equity of the vintage Lucy, Chris' brief was to provide a new crafted illustration. The brand identity refresh by Landor was honoured by Brand New, placing 2nd in the category 'Best Identity' of 2010.
illustration of A redraw of the goat mascot for the KOZEL beer brand, crafted to also provide extra print clarity especially for light on dark versions. Commissioned by Purple Creative, who required a subtle enough evolution from the old, that would sit comfortably alongside the goat on the packaging brand flag. KOZEL is a Czech lager produced since 1874. Each beer from the Velke Popovice was known as a Kozel. A goat has featured on the beer labels for almost a hundred years.
illustration of Regarded as world's oldest golf club, in 2008 the Royal Blackheath golf club celebrated 400 years of the Blackheath Goffer. In line with the club's major identity overhaul by John Nash Design, Chris Mitchell was commissioned to redraw and craft a new identity crest. Over recent years many adaptations of the crest were produced however most were not successful in endorsing the club's craft heritage. Custom lettering by trusted associate Chris Weir.
illustration of As the Chartered Society of Designers has evolved and continues to embrace new challenges, it was time to revitalise the logo to fully align the CSD with it's brand vision and values. Peta Miller of Miller & Team Design invited Chris Mitchell to develop and craft the new illustrative identity icon to help take the CSD into the future. Now forward looking and majestic, the new Minerva logo resonates leadership and inspiration.
illustration of Blue Marlin commission Chris Mitchell to create a contemporary, masculine rhinoceros to feature as an illustrative brand icon for Hornsby's Hard Crisp Cider. Blue Marlin's revolutionary label design did not feature the full charging rhino but focused on the head to achieve maximum impact on shelves.
illustration of Working closely with UK agency Tuffield, brand illustrator Chris Mitchell and custom lettering designer Chris Weir combined their specialist skills to revolutionise the Fox Barrel label design. Chris Mitchell's new Fox is now looking proud and protective over America's first, truly 100% pear juice cider line. The dramatic backlight changes colour to give clarity to varieties.
illustration of Chris Mitchell was commissioned by the design group Navy Blue to work on the new brand identity for Tottenham Hotspur FC, one of the UK's premier football clubs. Projecting stature and pride, this beautifully simple yet crafted brand icon won the day for the club's loyal supporters. By example, this icon has helped set new standards in the delivery of craft in premier league football branding.
illustration of Commissioned by brand agency Simplicity, for the Charles Wells brand refresh. The aim was to create a fresh, versatile and dynamic iconic illustration of an eagle head for the business groups new brand logo. The eagle projects a strong, self confident presence.
illustration of Chris Mitchell was commissioned by Design Bridge Asia to illustrate a dramatic bird of paradise to help reinforce the brands premium status in the international beer market. The canned South Pacific Export Lager is the pride of Papua New Guinea, having won a Grand Gold international beer award.
illustration of CLIVE CHRISTIAN is a British luxury interiors and perfume company. Identica commissioned Chris Mitchell to redraw their client's much loved, historic Coat of Arms. In order to feature on the CLIVE CHRISTIAN perfume packaging to best advantage, Chris redrew the original Coat of Arms as a hand crafted beautiful vector illustration, in full colour and single colour. Craft diligence was rewarded as shown in the majestic gold fleck embossed printing on packaging.
illustration of Airline Flyglinjen Kristianstad AB now operate under a new trademark, Sparrow Aviation. Design group Super Tuesday commissioned brand illustrator Chris Mitchell and associate custom lettering designer Chris Weir to develop and craft the new brand identity mark. The company’s new name and graphic design better reflects the airlines offering. A crafted, clean and fresh design which projects a warm and personal touch to its customers.
illustration of Illustrative brand icon for STOWELLS. The illustration style proved very effective on and off the label for the STOWELLS range of quality wines from around the world. Chris was commissioned by Drink Works - UK.
illustration of Millfield School, a leading independent school in the UK, had difficulty in utilising their original crest across all their required publicity platforms. UK agency Mytton Williams commissioned Chris Mitchell to illustrate a hand crafted digital version for ease of use. The drawing was refined and simplified to help clarity at all reproduction sizes. Custom lettering was crafted by associate Chris Weir.
illustration of Corporate identity icon for Glynde Place - a beautiful, historic Elizabethan manor in East Sussex England. Chris MItchell was commissioned by Mosaic - UK.
illustration of Iconic character logo illustrated by Chris Mitchell for the Morland beer brand. The brand marque features on the beer labels of
illustration of A cheeky hero Merman character identity icon, for entertainment and communications production company MERMAN. Whilst a Merman character had previously featured as the companies identity logo, it desperately required a redraw. Matt Burke @ Burkes Works commissioned Chris Mitchell to completely redraw the old illustrative Merman character in order to project drama, craft, engagement, presence and importantly wit. The 'Merman' word mark was crafted by lettering specialist and associate Chris Weir.
illustration of In line with the refresh of the TONI&GUY brand identity, JDO commissioned Chris Mitchell to develop and craft the TONI&GUY brand crest. Now featured on all forms of packaging, the crest acts as an identity hallmark, endorsing quality in its product range. In order to be viewed with clarity at all sizes, careful and considered execution of craft detail was key. TONI&GUY are a global brand in hairdressing.
illustration of Corporate identity for John Dewar & Sons, commissioned by EMG Communications - UK. This famous Scottish Whisky Distillery featured an original Victorian 3D casting for their identity signage. The client expressed that whilst the feel of the original should not be lost, it was accepted that a re-draw was required in order to best bring, greater simplification of style and clarity of line, to the new mark.
illustration of The British Association of Tax Technicians had a traditionally drawn historical coat of arms. They approached Epic Icons so Chris could create a modern high craft digital vector version. This redraw provided the opportunity to refine the design in all areas whilst retaining content. The new version enhances the beauty and craft. Print clarity of the intricate illustrative work is paramount at small reproduction sizes.
illustration of The beautifully crafted crest illustrated by Chris Mitchell reflects the Hankey Bannister partnership formed in 1757 between Messrs Hankey and Bannister. The world famous blended scotch whisky was as a favorite drink of many historical figures. These included Prince Regent, William IV, the Duke of Norfolk & Queensberry and by war time prime minister Winston Churchill. Chris was commissioned by UK agency - Navy Blue.
illustration of Illustrative brand icon by Chris Mitchell for DORMEN's nut product. DORMEN's made its mark supplying the Dorchester Hotel, Fortnum & Mason's and numerous cruise line companies so the style and theme behind this illustration is inspired by vintage travel posters.
illustration of Chris Mitchell was commissioned by the Imperial College, London to create a hand-crafted, digital version of their historic Coat of Arms. Whilst content could not change, the drawing did require major refining in all areas in order to reach a high standard of craft for beautiful print reproduction. This was especially important when featured at a small print size, where clarity is critical. Custom lettering by associate Chris Weir.
illustration of Chris Mitchell was commissioned by design group Creator to create a dramatic and stylish frieze illustration for the London Underground initiative, 'Let the Music Transport You'. The initiative provided space for musicians where they can perform legally in the hope of being discovered. The illustration was used in a poster format and importantly featured as a floor design in designated safe areas though-out the London Underground, on which a musician could perform.
illustration of Elmwood UK commissioned Chris Mitchell to develop and craft an illustrative, highly personal, decorative wrought iron gate, to be used as a brand mark for the new Sacred Gin label design. Designed to project 'regal ' London and to hark back to its Highgate heritage. The leaves, birds and snakes etc, allude to the Highgate woods suggesting a sacred feeling. Integrated custom lettering created by lettering associate Chris Weir.
illustration of The West Berkshire Brewery required a more premium brand feel, to reflect the quality of their award winning ales. Design agency Colt commissioned Chris Mitchell to develop and craft an illustrative brand icon of a farmer character, to feature across the range of WBB quality beers. The Brewery had used a 'Gobbin Quaffer' icon over the years but it was not produced to a standard that would allow them to operate as a bigger player in the beer market.
illustration of UK agency Brand Me commissioned Chris to create a brand icon of a cockerel for the MAISON MAU wine label. This quality French wine is sold in the UK offering five variants by the company's distributor Freixenet. The cockerel and weathervane symbolizes the French countryside and its heritage values. It was imperative that the illustration was crafted with a key sense of clarity and style.
illustration of Stromme Throndsen Design commission Chris to create a brand illustration of the Den Lille Nøttefabrikken, (The Little Nut Factory). A simple graphic style of illstration was required for the Norwegian nut and dried fruit company. Slight adjustments to colour palette were made to Chris's version for final artwork use.
illustration of Brand agency Good commissioned Chris Mitchell to illustrate a nautical map for their Bunnahabhain Whisky brand refresh project. Hand crafted with a digital pen the illustrated map is used as a scalable graphic device that is used across all brand assets, displayed in some cases at wall size. The map depicts the Island of Islay and the Sound, where specific details ties back to the brand heritage. The Bunnahabhain is a traditional Whisky distilled on the Island of Islay.
illustration of Global brand agency Bulletproof commissioned Chris Mitchell to create a strong iconic illustration of the Aztec emperor Cuauhtemoc to feature as the key figurehead for Heineken's INDIO beer brand refresh. Talking inspiration from the Aztec calendars, Bulletproof's Sunstone identity theme required Cuauhtemoc to stand central in a bold, confident hero stance within their sunstone holding device, captured in strong light contrast, in the colours of the Mexican flag.
illustration of Commissioned by British agency Brand Me to illustrate a festive frieze pattern for British supermarket chain - Sainsbury's, Christmas range of food and gift products. Printed as a dramatic backdrop to support overlays of text, photographs of products and cutaways across a huge range of different packaging formats. The illustration was printed in a number of colour palettes.
illustration of Landor commissioned Chris Mitchell to create an illustrative brand icon for the Brancott Estate, a major New Zealand vineyard, best known for its award wining Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. The brand icon depicts a notable red shed, which has been part of the Brancott Vineyard since its very beginning. The iconic red shed provides a sense of place in the mind of the consumers and helps to build Brancott estate as an iconic New Zealand brand globally .
illustration of Crafted illustrative pigs head holding an apple for the exciting Blind Pig cider brand. Chris Mitchell was commissioned by Bulletproof to craft a pigs head in an illustrative style inspired by the 1920's American speakeasies. The result firmly aligns with the brand's visual identity story. Historically in prohibition-era America, underground drinking haunts came to be known as 'blind pigs'.
illustration of Chris Mitchell was commissioned by Design Bridge to help with the redesign of Mexican beer brand Bohemia. The illustrative icon of Cuauhtemoc the Aztec leader with eagle head-dress now appears stronger, majestic and prouder to truly portray the national identity of the brand. Chris' crafted version seen large here, was adjusted further by Design Bridge, to feature as a more simplified mark, as seen on pack above.
illustration of The beautiful island of Bequia lies nestled amongst the St Vincent and Grenadine Islands in the Caribbean. Just seven miles across it hosts 'The Limings', a luxuary hotel. Sectorlight commissioned Chris to create a brand identity logo of a turtle character for the Hotel. The Turtle character had to endorse their marketing phrase; 'discover the art of doing nothing'. Enjoy!
illustration of Chris Mitchell was chosen by Bulletproof to help in their assignment to reinvigorate the passion for football in Wales through providing a clear goal and focus for the FAW brand. The new illustrative 'Welsh dragon' and shield holding device has been developed and illustrated by Chris to project passion and purpose which is at the heart of the new brand vision.
illustration of Advertising campaign illustration for IRWINS breads.
illustration of Mike Holmes of UK agency Society Studio commissioned Chris to develop and craft an eternity snake crest for well respected British construction company Berkeley DeVeer. The three arrows represent the three brothers involved with the company who specialise in large residential developments.
illustration of Chris Mitchell worked closely with designer Andy A'court to create an illustrative embelishment for the Savourists brand word marque. Full of savoury character, the healthy expectation of eating this tasty snack bar is enhanced by the illustrative swirls of herbs and seeds interacting with the lettering design.
illustration of Sydney based, creative and design agency Loop Brands, commissioned Chris to redraw the well established Lady Jane illustrative brand identity icon. Lady Jane are Australasia's leading hair tools and accessories brand. The new illustrative icon had to project a level of modernity and sophistication not seen in the old marque. The brand now reaches out to younger consumers without alienating the existing customer base.
illustration of Advertising campaign illustration for IRWINS breads.
illustration of Elm House Creative approached Chris Mitchell to craft this beautiful illustrative stag, who hosts a set of majestic plant antlers. The design features as a brand logo for McKinneys Estate Agents.
illustration of The Maiden Factor is a charity established by inspirational yachtswoman Tracy Edwards MBE. In 1989, Tracy captained Maiden, the first yacht to sail around the world by an all girl crew. Given the task of developing a brand identity logo for the charity, Taxi Studio commissioned Chris Mitchell to develop and craft Taxi's inspired concept idea which came from Maiden's helm. Another successful collaboration between brand illustrator, Chris Mitchell and custom lettering designer Chris Weir.
illustration of A dramatic illustrative concept by Chris Mitchell for an ADNAMS beer poster and livery design. This was one of a few illustrative subject themes, createdt to demonstrate the merit of using an illustrative seascape drawn in the 1930s travel poster style.
illustration of Brand icon for Premier League Hall of Fame. 'The home of legends'.
illustration of Chris Mitchell was commissioned by Design Bridge to work with them to develop and create the major brand icon for The FA Cup. Seen across all materials, the cup evokes the passion and status associated with winning such a prestigious football award. The high reflective craft detail within the style of the illustration, helps to endorse the cup's beauty and symbolism.
illustration of The Virgin Blue Group, a low cost budget airline re-launched as 'Virgin Australia' as part of a strategy to give the brand a more premium feel and appeal to both corporate and leisure customers. Design agency Hulsbosch engaged the services of brand illustrator Chris Mitchell to create a new illustrative iconic flying lady, to feature as part of the brands new identity and aircraft livery design.
illustration of New illustrative brand icon, designed to refresh and modernise the established and historic 1884 Scott's cod liver oil fisherman illustration. The Brand Union commissioned Chris Mitchell to illustrate a new characterful fisherman icon, loosely based on the original pose to feature within a roundel holding device and banner. Crafted lettering by associate Chris Weir. Single colour versions were also designed.
illustration of Global design group Landor commissioned Chris Mitchell to develop and craft an illustrative cheeky crest - of a turtle sunbathing in a hammock, slung between two palm trees as part of 'The Naked Turtle' branding. With a motto of 'Drink Naked', this brand is clearly aimed at casual enjoyment. The turtle icon was carried though on points of sale and promotional merchandise products. The Naked Turtle is a delicious, premium white rum from the U.S Virgin Islands.
illustration of Illustrative brand icon commissioned by Lauren Tutssel, on behalf of her client; Penderyn Distillery. The Welsh dragon needed to look and feel like its from Wales, but less static. When on pack it had to project movement as it features wrapped around the packaging carton. Penderyn is a single mart whiskey, distilled in Wales.
illustration of A most exciting illustration to work on, for the Asian drinks brand Sabai. A label design which was very well received within the design community for its innovative and impactful visual effect on the drinks market. The crafted use of combining negative and positive space provides for a visual journey of discovery, as animal and plant features reveal themselves.
illustration of A dramatic and illustratively dynamic eagle head icon by Chris Mitchell for one of Poland's major beer brands, OKOCIM. A strong beer, known as the jewel in 'Calsberg's Polska Crown'. The eagle is given a hero statue feel by its very stance, lighting and head perspective. The effective use of white and gold on a black background helps suggest strong dimensional form.
illustration of Neck label illustration for SABAI wine spritzer, with pomegranate. SABAI is a major drink brand of Thailand. Commissioned by Cook Chick Design, this is one series of illustrations by Chris Mitchell, a follow-on design in the range from an earlier commission by Design Bridge, the original account holders. The crafted use of combining negative and positive space provides for a visual journey of discovery, as animal and plant features reveal themselves.
illustration of Major food brand icon for Dutch company VERKADE, a leading manufacturer of biscuits and snacks in Western Europe. This powerful icon, a flagship for the brand was designed in order to work at all sizes across a range of products.
illustration of A whisky brand icon of a Cougar illustrated by Chris Mitchell for the Cougar Bourbon Whisky brand. Commercially available in Australia, made famous by the advertisement which had legendary status;
illustration of Bobby Moore is an English sporting hero, having captained the English football team to victory in the 1966 World Cup. Vibrandt commissioned Chris Mitchell to develop the illustrative brand identity for 'The Bobby Moore Fund'. Stephanie Moore MBE established the charity organization for cancer research in 1993 in memory of her late husband.
illustration of JKR commissioned brand illustrator Chris Mitchell to produce a dramatic and crafted illustrative brand icon of a leopard for the premium lager beer, SERENGETI. With greater stand-out the new leopard sits proudly centre stage on the bottle label as if surveying its natural domain - the Serengeti plains. The brand refresh by JKR has helped raise the profile of this award winning larger.
illustration of Wall display for the Knights Lounge - Manchester United Stadium.
illustration of Corporate identity icon for the Culloden hotel located in Northern Ireland commissioned by AV Browne. Chris created illustrative identities icons for most of premier hotels owned by Hasting Hotels.
illustration of The British Academy of Film and Television Arts new visual identity. The bronze mask was originally created for the BAFTA's awards in 1955. Chris Mitchell was commissioned by the design company Rose to create an illustrative icon that is both practical to print in one colour and memorable. At the same time it had to convey the wonder and craft associated with the prestige of winning a BAFTA.
illustration of Advertising campaign illustration for IRWINS breads.
illustration of A refresh of the legendary Bundaberg Rum illustrative polar bear was required to tie in with new brand packaging design by Barker Gray. This was a character refresh of Chris Mitchell's previous illustrative polar bear icon. Chris Mitchell's new, iconic polar bear now projects greater stature, pride and character with the required legendary twist. First distilled in 1888, Bundaberg Rum has gained recognition as one of Australia's most famous spirits.
illustration of Illustrative brand logo concept by Chris Mitchell, commissioned by KHJ Brand Activation for Down East Coffee. A brave captain in a hero pose is depicted at the wheel of his ship which imports premium ingredients across oceans. All elements contribute to project the nautical heritage of the company. The vintage travel poster style of the illustration is also in keeping with the historic theme.
illustration of Chris Mitchell was commissioned by Voltage to create an illustrative frieze for Historic Scotland's new packaging update. Designed to work as a repeated pattern across a wide range of material, the iconic illustration reflects the history that Scotland is so famous for.
illustration of Elmwood Design - UK, revolutionised the label of the famous drink brand, Lamb's Spiced Rum in order for it to appeal to a younger, trendier audience. Chris Mitchell was commissioned to illustrate this beautifully crafted, brand emblem of a gecko. Printed in shimmering silver it suggests a chilled gecko, for an exotic, blended summer drink. The illustrative style captures the spirit of the Caribbean, the home of Rum.
illustration of A big step ahead in the style stakes for the Carling brand. Chris Mitchell was commissioned by Landor to develop and illustrate a new iconic lion for their redesign of the Carling brand. Inspired by heritage car emblems the revolutionary lion marque occupied a more dominate position on the Carling can and bottle packaging.
illustration of Tooheys New is one of Australia's most popular mainstream beers, founded in 1869 by the brothers, John and James Tooheys. The famous, iconic brand hosts an illustrated stags head which was desperately in need of an update. In order to inject new life, status and pride to the stag icon, DiDonato commissioned Chris Mitchell to provide a new, crafted, iconic illustration for Tooheys New.
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Chris Mitchell FCSD is recognised internationally by the leading design and branding houses as a major contributor in the development and execution of some of the world‘s most familiar Illustrative brand and corporate identity icons. Many have become global classics of our time. Whether it's working closely with international brand design houses, smaller regional design groups or creative individuals, Epic Icons goals are the same. To produce memorable individually crafted illustrative logos that work hard for their owners year after year. Having lived in London for a good part of his career Chris now works successfully from Chichester, West Sussex, UK. London is 1.5 hrs by rail. The rest of the world, seconds by fibre. Do visit D&AD award winner. Elected fellowship of the Chartered Society of Designers 2011. © All images featured are owned by Chris Mitchell, its licensers, copyright and trademark owners. They must not be used for any purpose.


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